Report: Win number 10 for Hoy at Mountbatten

Justin Hoy (Felt Colbornes) wins race number ten for the season on a damp evening at the Portsmouth track (Wednesday 4th July)

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Graham Robins report and pictures 

Along with three other riders, he managed to almost get a lap on the rest of the field. The Hampshire track had seen a lot of rain leading up to the start of the racing but it soon passed and the sun came out, it was chilly and there was little to no wind as the evening’s proceedings started.

After the initial attacks Justin set about pulling the race back together, which he did with the help of Jon Canning ( Once the race settled down both Justin and Jon stayed at the front and along with Ian Legg (Primera Specialized) and Al Murison (Performance Cycles) they started to ease out a gap. Soon Toby Neave (Primera Specialized) got across but it was Jon that cracked first slipping back into the bunch. Jon was returning to racing after taking a couple of weeks of to nurse two broken ribs which were causing him breathing difficulties.

The four riders at the front soon opened up half a lap lead and managed to hold station for ten minutes while the bunch tried to get themselves organised. Both Oliver Hitchings (Peter Hansford Racing) and Jay Eastwood (Primera Specialized) came to the front but with two Primera riders away Jay was not going to do much other then attack as policeman.

As the race ticked down the leaders picked up the speed and at one point were going to catch the back of the bunch but the bell came out just in time. With half a lap to go Justin made his move leaving the other three to follow in behind him. Second was Al, Ian third and Toby fourth. The remainder of the bunch all came in together being lead by Jon Canning who managed to salvage something from a tough evening in the saddle.

Provisional Result
1 Justin Hoy Felt Colbornes
2 Al Murison Performance Cycles @st
3 Ian Legg Primera Specialized @st
4 Toby Neave Primera Specialized @st
5 Jon Cannings @1Lap
6h Jay Eastwood Primera Specialized

The earlier 3rd cat race was won by Poole Wheelers junior riders Harrison Fielding. Along with Gary Brind (Southdown Bikes) they opened a gap and between them worked hard towards the end of the race they caught the back of the field. Once they made the junction Harrison made his way to the front and crossed the line one lap up on the field, along with Gary.

Provisional Result
1 Harrison Fielding Poole Wheelers
2 Gary Brind Southdown Bikes
3 David Billings Supanova Cycles @1lap
4 Nigel Powell VC St Raphael @1lap




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