Result: Welland Valley CC Bruntingthorpe Race Series

Another fine evening of racing with 68 riders benefitting from the tailwind down Bruntingthorpe runway.

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It was not until the riders were enjoying well earned tea and cake that the heavens opened and before that the green jersey for the King of Bruntingthorpe passed from Paul Hudson to Jonathon Unwin. The white jersey for leading U18 rider being passed from Amy Garner to Josh van Nierop. The races are open to first claim members of Welland Valley CC only. The next race (race 3 of 4) is scheduled for Tues 4th Sept.

Bruntingthorpe Races 2012 Series - Round 2 – 28th August 2012

Race A – 5 Lap Time
1st Phil Rayner 0:44:31
2nd Jonathon Unwin +0
3rd Stephen Bunn +0
4th Steve Sayers +0
5th Chris Begley +0
6th Mike Drča +0
7th Jake Hubbard U18 +0
8th Adrian Killworth +0
9th Martin Webster +0
10th Nick Horder +0

Race B – 4 Lap Time
1st Rob Jacks 0:37:51
2nd Louis Killworth U18
3rd Michael Burke
4th Jonathan Durnin
5th Richard Parr
6th Simon Ward
7th David Wilson
8th Mitchell James
9th Paul White
10th John Davidson

Race C – 3 Lap Time
1st Josh van Nierop U18 0:33:47
2nd Richard Griffiths
3rd Max Lewis-Clarke U18
4th Amy Garner U18
5th Jack Roginski U18
6th Andrew Ayears
7th Paul Howard
8th Fraser Ayears
9th Grant Warwick
10th Andy Moyes
11th Ross Barnett U18
12th Vanessa Pride



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