Report: Royal London 360 Youth League Finale

Despite the nearby road closures for the Manx Grand Prix motorcycle races, there was a good turnout of 250 competitors at the NSC last Tuesday night for the 20th and final round of the 2012 Royal London 360 youth cycling league. 

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In the novices class Jessica Rich rode clear of the field to pick up her third win of the series. Fearne Bregazzi was a comfortable second ahead of Sydney-Ella Patterson, with Colby Newbold edging out Summer Peters and Chloe Hampson in the dash for fourth. Caitlyn Hampson pipped Leah Prentice for seventh and Molly Hinds led Samuel Clarke and Ella Hurt over the line for ninth. Sam Burrows rounded off the top twelve leader board.

Sam Cowin notched up his ninth victory in the born 2007 & later category, taking the chequered flag well clear of Charlie Morris, who outsprinted Orry Lund and Myles Le Geyt for the runners-up spot. Joel Long was a lonely fifth and Lennon Moore came from behind to beat Rio Kelly, Ellana Skillan, T.J.Teare and Florence Griffin in the battle for sixth.

Ivan Sorby dropped breakaway companion Zachary Dowson on the final lap for a clear win in the born 2006 event. Kazu Senior snatched third from Samuel Devereau and Harry Corkish outgunned Corey Peters, Owen Collins and Logan Glover in the rush for fifth. James Moore was ninth and Sophie Smith held off the fast finishing Rebecca Cooil to earn the girls’ prize in tenth place.

An injection of pace on the last lap gave Niall Colquitt an emphatic victory in the born 2005 age group. Harry Kneen and Oliver Sykes were second and third, with Oliver Corkish getting the better of Harry Boyle in the tussle for fourth. Leading girl Chloe Dillon was sixth and Ella Griffin overcame Cormac Ewan, Tyler Annis and Rory Teare in the sprint for seventh. Relative newcomer Bradley Calvert did well to take eighth in front of the main chasing group.

Attacking from the gun, a determined Cameron Dudley time trialed to an impressive maiden win in the born 2004 race. Top girl Kiera Prentice led Billy Kennedy home for a very good second place and Nathan Slack beat Joshua Dudley in the battle for fourth. James Devereau ousted Nancy Wheeler and Ben Boyle in the gallop for sixth, while Annabel Corkill kept Megan Boardman at bay to secure ninth.

Jonty Bregazzi escaped from a leading group of nine riders to claim his fourth success in the born 2003 class. Jake Wilson took the hotly contested sprint for second, closely followed by Dillon Dowson, Matthew Cooil, Tyler Hannay, Chad Magill and Thomas Young. Ballamodha’s Joshua Glover grabbed eighth ahead of Jack Christian and Thomas Skillicorn overtook Matthew Black in the final few metres to snatch tenth. Emily Kinley was the best girl in 15th spot.

In the born 2002 three lapper winner Aaron Lund set a fast pace with only runner-up Corrin Leeming able to stay with him all the way to the finish. Will Corkill had the edge on Shellan Leeming and Percy Hampton in the dash for the final place on the podium. In the subsequent born 2001 & earlier grouping Lucas Mudie made a solo bid for glory on the penultimate lap and stayed clear for a well deserved victory. Kaitlin Slack held off Adam Kelly, Tara Ferguson, Ben Christian and Joseph Corkish in the gallop for second, with Alex Cain just behind in seventh spot. Callum Bratty, Ben Cunningham and Chloe Crellin wrapped up the top ten.

Percy Hampton got away from a nine-strong group of frontrunners to take a comfortable win in the under 10 racing bikes. Eight year old Zac Walker was an excellent second ahead of Will Corkill, Charlie Moss, Aaron Lund, Jonty Bregazzi, Dillon Dowson and Corrin Leeming. In the under 12’s race William Draper beat breakaway partner Thomas Bostock in the final dash for the line, with Max Walker leading the chasing pack in for third. Emily Bridson was the first girl in eighth place.

In the under 16’s event Jamie Dudley outsprinted Leon Mazzone, Matthew Bostock and Nathan Draper for the victory. Matthew Davies lost contact with the leading quartet at half distance, maintaining a safe fifth position ahead of Owen Dudley, Conor Davies and Nathan Hinks. Daniel Scarffe was a good ninth and Eleanor Davies the best girl in tenth spot.

* Please note that the final overall positions in the league will be revealed at the prize presentation in the Villa Marina on Sunday, 16th September. E-mail to reserve your places.


1. Jessica Rich – 1st girl
2. Fearne Bregazzi
3. Sydney-Ella Patterson
4. Colby Newbold
5. Summer Peters
6. Chloe Hampson
7. Caitlyn Hampson
8. Leah Prentice
9. Molly Hinds
10. Samuel Clarke
11. Ella Hurt
12. Sam Burrows
13. Sophie Hindson
14. Lewis Quirk
15. Ryan Batty
16. Megan Callin
17. Reuben Russell-Dunn
18. Beth Young
19. William Lomas
20. Faye Wilson
21. Zoe Bridson
22. Anna Boardman
23. Oliver Townell
24. Lily-Ann Scott
25. Liam Barker
26. Matilda Watson
27. Macauley Teare
28. Mian Watterson
29. Jacob Kennedy
30. Harry Wilson
31. Jole Kennaugh
32. Isla Palmer
33. Maria Moore
34. Josie Quirk
35. Brad Le Geyt
36. Taylor Moore
37. Robbie Valerga
38. Kelly Domingo
39. Deena Barker
40. Charlie Valerga
41. Niamh Smith
42, Herbie Hampton
43. Jake Sheridan

1. Sam Cowin
2. Charlie Morris
3. Orry Lund
4. Myles Le Geyt
5. Joel Long
6. Lennon Moore
7. Rio Kelly
8. Ellana Skillan – 1st girl
9. T.J.Teare
10. Florence Griffin
11. Zack Bellhouse
12. Edward Field
13. Jemma Quayle
14. Eddy Dillon
15. Regan Corrin
16. Lewin Scarffe
17. Ollie Eyres
18. Freddie Griffin
19. Max Convery
20. Ruby Palmer
21. Joseph Devereau
22. Jarno Davidson
23. Matty Valerga
24. Liam Bedford
25. Alec Sorby
26. Daniel Sutherland
27. Owen Pilley
28. Sophie Callow
29. Tadgh Hall
30. Lewis Caine
31. Dylan Larrosa
32. Robert Tomlinson
33. Ava Duncan
34. Ryan Geekie
35. Jasmine Dillon
36. Ryan Sheridan

BORN 2006
1. Ivan Sorby
2. Zachary Dowson
3. Kazu Senior
4. Samuel Devereau
5. Harry Corkish
6. Corey Peters
7. Owen Collins
8. Logan Glover
9. James Moore
10. Sophie Smith – 1st girl
11. Rebecca Cooil
12. Tomas Flowers
13. Harry Eyres
14. Jenson Artus
15. Harry Callin
16. Spencer Baker
17. Callum Larkin
18. Lucy Field
19, Morgan Russell-Dunn
20. Orry Purcell
21. Joseph Clarke
22. Aaron Rielly
23. Ethan Bratty
24. Hayden Freestone
25. Joseph Corlett
26. James Hennessy
27. Sarah Bridson
28. Orry Wilson
29. Charlie Shimmin
30. Kyle Geekie
31. Leo Young
32. Molly Larkin

BORN 2005
1. Niall Colquitt
2. Harry Kneen
3. Oliver Sykes
4. Oliver Corkish
5. Harry Boyle
6. Chloe Dillon – 1st girl
7. Ella Griffin
8. Cormac Ewan
9. Tyler Annis
10. Rory Teare
11. Bradley Calvert
12. Joseph Quinn
13. Ben Clarke
14. Luca Moretta
15. Chloe Comaish
16. Josh Holden
17. Callum Salisbury
18. James Scott
19. Joshua Clarke
20. Tommy Ralston
21. Charlie Cowin
22. Harvey Coole
23. Ryan Corrin
24. Thomas Sutherland
25. George Killip
26. Ben Shimmin
27. Joey Magee
28. Callum Freestone
29. Juan Domingo
30. Eimear Boyle
31. Jack Barry
32. Tiger France
33. Luca Warren
34. Shannon Moore
35. Nathan Kennaugh

BORN 2004
1. Cameron Dudley
2. Kiera Prentice – 1st girl
3. Billy Kennedy
4. Nathan Slack
5. Joshua Dudley
6. James Devereau
7. Nancy Wheeler
8. Ben Boyle
9. Annabel Corkill
10. Megan Boardman
11. Nathan O’Connor
12. Philip Bridson
13. Mia Warren
14. Lucy Callow
15. Amy Quayle
16. Millie Corlett
17. David De Weert
18. Jessica Doyle
19. Jason Doyle

BORN 2003
1. Jonty Bregazzi
2. Jake Wilson
3. Dillon Dowson
4. Matthew Cooil
5. Tyler Hannay
6. Chad Magill
7. Thomas Young
8. Joshua Glover
9. Jack Christian
10. Thomas Skillicorn
11. Matthew Black
12. Freddie Ralston
13. Ryan Quirk
14. Ryan Colquitt
15. Emily Kinley – 1st girl
16. Neill Maxwell
17. Seth Coole
18. Kieran Bratty
19. Sam Cunningham
20. Amy Ratcliffe
21. Reece Freestone
22. Josh Gilordoni

BORN 2002
1. Aaron Lund
2. Corrin Leeming
3. Will Corkill
4. Shellan Leeming – 1st girl
5. Percy Hampton
6. Nicholas Kissack
7. Owen Hurt
8. James Teare
9. Anna Kelly
10. Kyle Batty
11. Lucy Corkish
12. Ellie Warren
13. Sophie Macdonald

1. Lucas Mudie
2. Kaitlin Slack – 1st girl
3. Adam Kelly
4. Tara Ferguson
5. Ben Christian
6. Joseph Corkish
7. Alex Cain
8. Callum Bratty
9. Ben Cunningham
10. Chloe Crellin
11. Ciara Sowerby
12. George Ratcliffe
13. Dan Sowerby
14. Jamie Comaish
15. Conor Goodall

1. Percy Hampton
2. Zac Walker
3. Will Corkill
4. Charlie Moss – 1st girl
5. Aaron Lund
6. Jonty Bregazzi
7. Dillon Dowson
8. Corrin Leeming
9. Angus Wheeler
10. Niall Colquitt
11. Nathan Slack
12. Matthew Black
13. Darcy Cain
14. Shellan Leeming
15. Blae Cain
16. Cameron Dudley
17. Harry Kneen
18. Thomas Skillicorn
19. Joshua Kelly
20. Jack Sowerby
21. Chloe Comaish
22. Anna Kelly
23. Oliver Corkish
24. Seth Coole
25. Jake Black
26. Harvey Coole

1. William Draper
2. Thomas Bostock
3. Max Walker
4. Juan Kneen
5. Ben Christian
6. Cameron Wheeler
7. Adam Scarffe
8. Emily Bridson – 1st girl
9. Corey Hill
10. Chloe Crellin
11. Joseph Corkish
12. Lucas Mudie
13. Daniel Sowerby
14. Callum Bratty
15. Ciara Sowerby
16. Samuel Gordon
17. Adam Kelly

1. Jamie Dudley
2. Leon Mazzone
3. Matthew Bostock
4. Nathan Draper
5. Matthew Davies
6. Owen Dudley
7. Conor Davies
8. Nathan Hinks
9. Daniel Scarffe
10. Eleanor Davies – 1st girl
11. Callum Clague
12. Phoebe Ferguson
13. Breeshey Cain
14. Holly Black
15. Kaitlin Slack
16. Tara Ferguson
17. Daniel De Weert
18. Ben Cunningham


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