Time Trial: Bottrill wins 30 in 57.44

Riding to victory in the Mercia CC 30 mile time trial, Matt Bottrill clocked a time of 57.44, the 4th fastest time ever recorded in the UK.

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Last weekend, Matthew Bottrill announced that after being unable to ride the British time trial championships due to a suffering from tonsillitis, he would be finishing racing for the season. But after a 5 day lay off and a course of antibiotics to treat the infection, Bottrill decided to tackle one more event and finish the season on a high! Racing to victory in the Mercia CC 30 mile time trial in a course record breaking 57.44, an average speed of 31mph!

On a warm still afternoon Matthew Bottrill took part in Mercia CC 30mile time trail, based at Etwall in Derbyshire. With warm, dry conditions, it was a great day to be riding a bike. With disappointment of not being able to ride last weekends British National time trial Championships due to tonsillitis, Bottrill, cleared the virus and decided to ride one last event and try to finish the season on a high note.

Setting the Giant Trinity advanced SL time trail machine back to its wind tunnel tested position, Bottrill knew he could produce a sub one hour ride selecting the Enve 8.9 ses wheels and smart aero suit, Bont Crono time trial shoes (so aero the uci banned them!) adding a recent few changes to saddle height and crank length with a recent visit to refine his biomechanics velomotion. Bottrill knew the equipment would be up to the test but the biggest question on everybody’s mind would the rider??

Leaving the start at 3.20pm, Bottrill was in a nervous frame of mind, not knowing what his body could take. But pushing down on the pedals the first few pedals revs felt good and Bottrill was soon hitting speeds in excess of 30mph. The first time check came at 10 miles and it was clear Bottrill was clear of his rivals going through the check at 10miles in 19.37.

It was looking promising, but then the lack of being unable to train came into play, and Bottrill was even thinking could he make it to the finish?. The numbers coming from the power meter where not looking good, so knowing the power was poor, Bottrill adapted his most aero position set in the drag2zero windtunnel and just pushed through the pain barrier to stop the clock in a astonishing 47.44, the 4th fastest time ever recorded in the uk and a new course record.

Asked about his winning performance Bottrill replied “this win is for everybody that has stood by me this season, family, friends and sponsors. I was so gutted after last weekend, but started to feel better on Tuesday so my wife Kate said “You have had an amazing season you can’t end it on a bad note, so why don’t you just go and race and see what you can do?”

“And that is what I did! Thanks to everybody that has kindly supported me this season, I can now go into the off season knowing I did everything I could in 2012, and I have so much to look forward to with the arrival of are twins, this week. I look forward to seeing you all in 2013!!”

1st Matthew Bottrill, www.drag2zero.com 57.44 ( course record)

2. Charles Taylor South Pennine RC 1.00.33
3. David Watson Coventry RC 1.02.08
4. John Morgan Preston Wheelers 1.02.20
5. Peter Greenwood Clayton Velo 1.02.39
6. Paul Fleming Preston Wheelers 1.03.31
7. Stuart Walker Walsall Roads CC 1.03.48
8. Jason Seabridge Mercia HBM CC 1.04.02
9. Jon Surtees Team Swift 1.04.08
10. Steve Daintith Warrington RC 1.04.18
11. Anthony Nash Scunthorpe Polytechnic 1.04.30
12. Mark Mullender Walsall Roads CC 1.04.50
13. Simon Wix Evesham Wheelers 1.05.36
14. Tony Harvey Mid Shropshire Whlrs 1.05.36
15. Duncan Mullier Harrogate Nova 1.05.45
16. Philip Brown Walsall Roads CC 1.07.16
17. Jack Hugill Mercia HBM CC 1.07.40
18. Peter Lavine Coalville Wheelers 1.09.17
19. Andy Day Worcester Tri club 1.09.19
20. Matthew Simons Mercia HBM CC 1.09.21
21. Barrie Whitaker Lyme RC 1.09.32
22. Dave Bates South Pennine RC 1.09.42
23. Nick Hanson Seacroft Wheelers 1.10.22
24. Ben Startin Mercia HBM CC 1.11.53
25. Graham Green MG-Decor-Team 1.12.09
26. David Gostelow Wrekinsport 1.12.20
27. Chris Hall Lyme RC 1.13.28
28. Gary Shuker Walsall Roads CC 1.13.46
29. Susan Semple Stafford RC 1.14.16
30. Dave York Mid Shropshire Whlrs 1.15.13
31. Lynn Hanson Seacroft Wheelers 1.16.06
32. Michael Church 45 Road Club 1.16.34
33. Jenny York Mid Shropshire Whlrs 1.16.50
34. Lisa Costa Kidsgrove Wheelers 1.18.52
35. Anne Staley Mercia HBM CC 1.20.10
36. Anthony Marlow Mercia HBM CC 1.20.11
37. Ken Stevens South Pennine RC 1.20.35
38. Mick Ward Mid Shropshire Whlrs 1.20.56
39. Tracy Rowlinson Lyme RC 1.21.10
40. Bob Awcock Coventry RC 1.22.00
41. John Baddeley Stone Wheelers 1.22.16
42. Neil Howarth Sheffield Pheonix 1.24.14
43. Gill Henshaw V C Long Eaton 1.26.03
44. Ramon Hill Stone Wheelers 1.27.23


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