Results: Ciclos Uno Hoggenberg Classic

Results from the veterans racing at Redbridge in the “Hoggenberg Classic” on Sunday, the 16th of September

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RESULTS (thanks Knocker)

A/B/C/D Race

With 40 riders starting, Antony Wallis (PVT) rode in his normal way by trying to break away right from the gun but the bunch were wise to his tactics and it took him five more laps before Antony and Tim Costello (G.S. Vecchi) finally the elastic broke and away they rode. After many attempts by the bunch to bring the two escapees back it never materialised, and the two sprinted out the finish with the bunch sprinting for third place at 40 seconds.

1st Anthony Wallis PVT A
2nd Tim Costello G.S. Vecchi B
3rd Robin Parker East Grinstead CC B
4th Douglas Allen Schils Interbike A
5th Martin Meades Ciclos Uno B
6th Bob Downs Glendene CC D
7th Mark Daly ColourTech RT A
8th Andy Pollintine Dulwich Paragon B
9th Marin O’Grady Team Toachim C
10th Simon Williams Hillingdon CC B
11th Trevor Bradbury AW C
12th Angelo Christides PVT C
13th Costa Pierides Finchley RT C
14th Julian Cunnington Condor Cycles C
15th Tom Meader Eagle RC C
16th Andy Defrates Braintree Velo B
17th Barry Neal Ciclos Uno B
18th Carlito Rendora Eagle RC C
19th John Alderman G.S. Vecchi C
20th Steve Smith Redbridge CC D
21st Robin Osborne London Dynamo D
22nd Johnny Hall Verulam CC D
23rd Mark Allen Finchley RT A
24th Chris Baldwin Eagle RC C
25th Trevor Whittock Lea Valley CC C
26th Mark Field Addiscombe CC C
27th Mark Waller Southend Whlrs A
28th James Conway Met Police CC B
29th David Farrow Eagle RC A
30th Malcolm Jeffries ColourTech RT A
31st David Crowe ColourTech C
32nd Mark Harris Braintree Velo C
33rd Darren Maruna RG Active B

Result of “A” race
1st Anthony Wallis PVT
2nd Douglas Allen Schils Interbike
3rd Mark Daly ColourTech RT
4th Mark Allen Finchley RT
5th Mark Waller Southend Whlrs
6th David Farrow Eagle RC
7th Malcolm Jeffries ColourTech RT

Result of “B” race
1st Tim Costello G.S. Vecchi
2nd Robin Parker East Grinstead CC
3rd Martin Meades Ciclos Uno
4th Andy Pollintine Dulwich Paragon
5th Simon Williams Hillingdon CC
6th Andy Defrates Braintree Velo
7th Barry Neal Ciclos Uno
8th James Conway Met Police CC
9th Darren Magond RG Active

Result of “C” race
1st Marin O’Grady Team Toachim
2nd Trevor Bradbury AW
3rd Angelo Christides PVT
4th Costa Pierides Finchley RT
5th Julian Cunnington Condor Cycles
6th Tom Meader Eagle RC
7th Carlito Rendora Eagle RC
8th John Alderman G.S. Vecchi
9th Chris Baldwin Eagle RC
10th Trevor Whittock Lea Valley CC
11th Mark Field Addiscombe CC
12th David Crowe ColourTech
13th Mark Harris Braintree Velo

Result of “D” race
1st Bob Downs Glendene CC
2nd Steve Smith Redbridge CC
3rd Robin Osborne London Dynamo
4th Johnny Hall Verulam CC

E/F/G/H Race
1st Colin Mannakee Glendene CC F
2nd Andy Hicks South Western RC F
3rd Roger McGlynn London Dynamo F
4th Dave Brown PVT
5th Richard Turner Pearson Cycles E
6th 4T + Velo Club E
7th Pete Constable Schils Interbike E
8th Dave Dickie Fincley RT E
9th John Duckworth Kingsnorth Int F
10th David Reed Imperial RT F
11th Stuart Walters Kettering CC G
12th Peter Jones Hillingdon CC F
13th Wayne Thomas G.S. Henley E
14th Barry Jones Cycles Dauphine F
15th Roly Crayford SFA – RT G
16th Chris Glithero North Road CC E
17th Eric Sharpen SFA – RT F
18th Richard Fraczek Essex Roads CC E
19th Chaz Wilde Eagle RC H
20th Stuart Andrews Wyndymilla E
21st Roy Godbeeer Southend Whlrs H
22nd Charles Wild Highams Park CC OOC

Result of “E” race
1st Dave Brown PVT
2nd Richard Turner Pearson Cycles
3rd 4T + Velo Club
4th Pete Constable Schils Interbike
5th Dave Dickie Fincley RT
6th Wayne Thomas G.S. Henley
7th Chris Glithero North Road CC
8th Richard Fraczek Essex Roads CC
9th Stuart Andrews Wyndymilla

Result of “F” race
1st Colin Mannakee Glendene CC
2nd Andy Hicks South Western RC
3rd Roger McGlynn London Dynamo
4th John Duckworth Kingsnorth Int
5th David Reed Imperial RT
6th Peter Jones Hillingdon CC
7th Barry Jones Cycles Dauphine
8th Eric Sharpen SFA – RT

Result of “G” race
1st Stuart Walters Kettering CC
2nd Roly Crayford SFA – RT

Result of “H” race
1st Chaz Wilde Eagle RC
2nd Roy Godbeer Southend Whlrs
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