Results: Welwyn Track League

Results from the final Welwyn Track League Meeting on FRiday, September 21st at the Gosling Stadium

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Peter Waghorn (organiser) reports … At 6.00pm the final meeting of this years Track League looked to be impossible as the track was damp and clouds were threatening to dump more rain any minute. However riders appeared , the track started to dry and by 6-45 it was decided to go for it and the meeting got under way as normal at 7-15 on schedule. Senior numbers were at an all time low but the 26 youth riders were raring to go particularly in the BC group where Mitchell Powell led Connor Woodford by one point for the overall series trophy.

The senior were combined in a number of races with Mike Broadwith and Jose Fry fighting it out for honours – Joe Fry coming out on top in three of the four events.
In the AB Block Handicap the six B Group riders rode really well and held the chasing A riders at bay until the final lap. Barry Neal won the B Group Devil from Simon Best and Glen O’Brien.

The Youth A events were dominated by series winner Luke Morgan but the BC series proved to be an interesting battle between Mitchell Powell, Connor Woodford, Frank Longstaff and Cameron Gutteridge. Conner tried his hardest to make up the one point deficit on series leader Mitchell Powell but the latter was determined to maintain his lead overall and this is the way it ended after four close fought races competitive races
Tom Durkin strengthened his lead in the youth CDE series which once again saw 10 riders competing in a series of handicap races where hard work paid off for the limit riders often leaving the scratch group well adrift as they were too busy watching each other.

Overall the season was badly affected by the awful and unpredictable weather but we can hope to get back to normal conditions and senior rider number in 2013. Youth numbers were excellent and a good omen for the future. It was also good to see so many clubs sending riders to the youth series.


Senior A
10 lap scr – Mike Broadwith (Shorter Rochford) Joseph Fry (Welwyn) Roger Woodford (Willesden)
Devil – Joseph Fry (Welwyn Whs) Mike Broadwith (Shorter Rochford) Neil Fraser (Stevenage)
10 mile – Joseph Fry (Welwyn) Mike Broadwith (Shorter Rochford) Luke Morgan (Welwyn Whs)

Senior B
Devil – Barry Neal (ciclos Uno) Simon Best (North Road) Glen O’Brien (CC Luton)
AB Block Handicap – Joseph Fry (Welwyn), Mike Broadwith (Shorter Rochford) Dave Scott (Welwyn)
Youth A
6 lap scr – Luke Morgan, Dan Maynard , Jordan Mooney (all Welwyn)
Devil – Luke Morgan, Dan Maynard ,Bethany Hayward (all Welwyn)
Points – Luke Morgan, Bethany Hayward, Dan Maynard (all Welwyn)

Youth B
5 lap SCr – Mitchell Powell (Chelmer) Frank Longstaffe (Colchester) Connor Woodford (Willesden)
Devil- Frank Longstaff (Colchester) Cameron Gutteridge (Welwyn) Mitchell Powell (Chelemer)
Points – Cameron Gutteridge, Mitchell Powell, Frank Longstaff
6 lap AB Handicap – Glen Dossett (Welwyn) James Jackson (Colchester) Michael Parry (Welwyn)

Youth CDE
3 lap Scr –Bob Longstaff (Colchester) Tom Durkin (Welwyn) Alexi Edwards (Welwyn)
3 lap H’cap – Sam Gage , Millie Gage, Josie Griffin (all Welwyn)
3 lap H’Cp – Tom Durkin (Welwyn) Bob Longstaff (Colchester) Alexi Edwards (Welwyn)
4 lap H’cap – Mille Gage, Kathryn Anderson, Josie Griffen (all Welwyn)



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