Result: Wigmore CC Hill Climb

Joe Harris outclimbs Node4 star James Moss in Wigmore CC Hill Climb on Sunday

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Joe Harris on his way to winning the Wigmore CC Hill Climb. Photo Dave Hayward.

The event was Wigmore Cycling Club’s 37thAnnual Hill Climb on Hollingbourne Hill, Maidstone Kent (QHC/11) where Joe Harris from Reading improved on his second placing from 2011 to take the title this year.  The event also promotes the Medway Towns Trophy which goes to the fastest rider from either the Medway Velo Club or Wigmore Cycling Club. This year, Keith Walker took the trophy with his time of 3:43.5.  Fastest Team went to the following riders from Rye & District Wheelers: Nick Wilson, Steve Gooch, Alan Thynne – 11:17.8


1st Joe Harris G.S. Henley 03:12.3
2nd James Moss Node 4 – Giordana Racing 03:16.1
3rd Sebastian Dickson THANET RC 03:26.9
4th Josh Lawless Aprire Bicycles 03:27.0
5th Alan Thynne Rye & District Wheelers 03:27.3
6th Nick Collins Team Toachim 03:32.8
7th Jack Edwards PMRacing 03:34.1
8th Rory Hopcraft Abellio – SFA RT 03:34.4
9th Seth Kay DataTeamAllstars 03:43.0
10th Keith Walker Wigmore CC 03:43.5
11th Andrew Meilak DataTeamAllstars 03:45.6
12th Nick Wilson Rye & District Wheelers 03:53.5
13th Jacob Kennison Medway Velo 03:54.2
14th Jack Heather Wigmore CC 03:56.0
15th Steve Gooch Rye & District Wheelers 03:57.0
16th Steven Hopkins Ashford Wheelers CC 03:59.1
17th Adam Mumford Medway Velo 03:59.5
18th Richard McVey Adalta Cycling Club 04:03.3
19th Sydney Hawes Medway Velo 04:03.5
20th Monty Wilson Rye & District Wheelers 04:03.9
21st Tyler Lemmon Medway Velo 04:08.4
22nd Matthew Reuter West Kent RC 04:10.4
23rd Bronwen Ewing PMRacing 04:10.7
24th Duncan Edwards San Fairy Ann CC 04:11.8
25th Sean Beattie Medway Velo 04:12.0
26th Deborah Percival 34 Nomads Gem Hygiene 04:14.9
27th Stewart King Ashford Wheelers CC 04:16.1
28th Gemma Collins PMRacing 04:16.8
29th Jacob Nicholson Medway Velo 04:20.4
30th Tim Christian Southborough & District Wheelers 04:24.4
31st Andrew Macey Ashford Wheelers CC 04:25.1
32nd Oliver Dickson THANET RC 04:26.0
33rd Colin Woollard Ashford Wheelers CC 04:26.9
34th Louise Mason Medway Velo 04:35.3
35th Andy Robinson Ashford Wheelers CC 04:42.2
36th Mike Newman Ashford Tri 04:47.9
37th Matt Barlow Velo Schils – Interbike RT 04:53.8
38th Mick Claydon Ashford Wheelers CC 04:55.4
39th David Bishop Wigmore CC 04:55.9
40th Vlad Sologub Wigmore CC 04:56.5
41st Eddie Lovell Wigmore CC 05:00.5
42nd Franco Della Mura Wigmore CC 05:07.1
43rd Christopher Hyde Wigmore CC 05:16.2
44th Ethan Godden Wigmore CC 05:16.9
45th Nick Howlett Wigmore CC 05:45.4
46th John Percival 34 Nomads Gem Hygiene 05:50.0
47th Philip Harris San Fairy Ann CC 06:40.0
48th Adam Grassby Wigmore CC 07:00.7


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