Results: Lincolnshire Cyclo-Cross League

Richard Lister winner of Round 5 (Alford Wheelers) of the Lincolnshire League at South Ormsby Hall

RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes


1. Jake Poole Cycle Shack / Forme Coaching R
2. James Armstrong VC Lincoln
3. Matthew Ellis Spalding CC
4. Tim James Bourne Whls CC
5. Tilly Wilks VC Lincoln
6. Aaron Bateman Bourne Whls CC
7. Max Williamson Lincsquad (Lincolnshire Quadra
8. Robbie Sturdy Lincsquad (Lincolnshire Quadra
9. Isabel Dann VC Lincoln
10. Luke Fraser VC Lincoln
11. Megan Kendall Spalding CC
12. Daniel Turner VC Lincoln

Under 12
1. Jake Norton Spalding CC
2. Bradley Sprogis
3. Abigail Armstrong VC Lincoln
4. Christopher Hilbert VC Lincoln
5. Alexander Armstrong VC Lincoln
6. Bryn Richards Spalding CC
7. Cameron Neilson Spalding CC
8. Warren Eve Spalding CC
9. Ben Norton Spalding CC
10. James Broughton VC Lincoln
11. Jake Kennedy VC Lincoln
12. Ilona Hunt
13. Fynn Thursby
14. Henry Brown

1. Jordan Gell VC Lincoln
2. Samuel Bentley Spalding CC

1. Richard Lister Ellmore Factory Racing
2. Mark Cotton Ellmore Factory Racing
3. George Thompson Sleaford Whls CC/Chandlers Mit
4. Steve Lampier Team IG – Sigma Sport
5. Jonathon Wells VC Lincoln
6. Adam Ellis Spalding CC
7. Darryl Hewson Alford Whls
8. Mark Preston VC Lincoln
9. Graham Clark Time RT
10. Martin Kennedy Keepthebeat Cycling
11. Adam Cadle
12. Bartlomiej Kieres Bourne Whls CC
13. Jordan Gell VC Lincoln
14. Peter Fielding-Smith Richardsons RT/Cube
15. Ivan Oxborough VC Lincoln
16. Aaron Tuplin Alford Whls
17. Richard Hamblin Sleaford Whls CC/Chandlers Mit
18. Martin MacGregor VC Lincoln
19. Dave Allen Alford Whls
20. Martin White Boston Whls CC
21. Premek Jasnokowski
22. Craig Thursby Boston Whls CC
23. Darren Smith Boston Whls CC
24. Henry Heyes
25. Shane Norton Spalding CC
26. Stephen Potter Lindsey Road CC
27. Jimmy Armstrong VC Lincoln
28. George Hackney Lincoln Wheelers CC
29. Samuel Tuplin Cherry Valley Racing Team
30. Richard Evev
31. Glenn Palmer Alford Whls
32. Andrew Fraser VC Lincoln
33. Clayton Maltby VC Lincoln
34. Joseph Ashworth Alford Whls
35. Steven Hilbert VC Lincoln
36. Martin Cullen VC Lincoln
37. Paul Dann VC Lincoln
38. Jody Bett VC Lincoln
39. Robert Briggs Rossington Wheelers
40. Samuel Bentley Spalding CC
41. John Murray Manchester Triathlon Club
42. Alastair Baxter
43. Graham Illingworth
44. Nicholas Appleyard Lincsquad (Lincolnshire Quadra
45. James Allis
46. Mike Baldock
47. Karl Brown
48. Gary Bentley Spalding CC
49. Barry Robinson VC Lincoln
50. Benjamin Appleby Alford Whls
51 Ms Louise Day Team Jewson/Thule/Kinesis/CNP/
52. Terry Beisty Scunthorpe Polytechnic CC
53. Gareth Richards Spalding CC
54. Jane Roberts VC Lincoln
55. Nick Cooper
56. Gary Woods Alford Whls

Vet 40-49
1. Richard Lister Ellmore Factory Racing
2. Adam Ellis Spalding CC
3. Darryl Hewson Alford Whls
4. Mark Preston VC Lincoln
5. Graham Clark Time RT
6. Peter Fielding-Smith Richardsons RT/Cube
7. Martin White Boston Whls CC
8. Craig Thursby Boston Whls CC
9. Shane Norton Spalding CC
10. Jimmy Armstrong VC Lincoln

Vet 50+
1. Stephen Potter Lindsey Road CC
2. Steven Hilbert VC Lincoln
3. Robert Briggs Rossington Wheelers
4. Karl Brown
5. Gary Bentley Spalding CC
6. Barry Robinson VC Lincoln
7. Terry Beisty Scunthorpe Polytechnic CC

1 Ms Louise Day Team Jewson/Thule/Kinesis/CNP/
2. Jane Roberts VC Lincoln


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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