Report/Results: CXNE Rat Race Series Round 10

Adam Martin wins a muddy round 10 of the North East Cyclo-Cross series in Newcastle Upon Tyne

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The overnight rain on an already wet ground made it an epic day for Cyclo-cross. The sections which were okay to ride early on quickly became impassable with even the grippiest tyres being challenged. There was a good deal of running in the all the races.

First off the Veterans, Ladies, and Juniors had a crack at the course and it quickly turned into a quagmire. Luke Parkin took off from the start and was chased by James Anderson, and Keith Ashbridge, the middle to back of the field looked uncomfortable with the mud, water and terrain wearing the riders down. Parkin (Junior) took the win from Anderson (V40) and Ashbridge (V40).

Next up the Youth race saw a three way battle between Matthew Worton, Mark Donovan and Thomas Mein. Donovan had the running legs and the mud skills to win with Worton demonstrating his running skills into the finish to beat Mein for second place.

The U12s had a good race with some happy faces enjoying the gloopy conditions

The Senior race was won by Adam Martin who had raced at Koksijde the day before, although he did comment he did more running than the day before in the sand dunes. Morgan Donnelly’s fell running skills came in handy and secured second place.


1 Adam Martin Cestria Cycles
2 Morgan Donnelly Beacon Whs
3 Stuart Wearmouth MTS Cycle Sport
4 Steven Ward MTS Cycle Sport
5 Keith Murray Team Scott UK
6 Alan Nixon Blackhawk Bikes
7 Colin Ash Blackhawk Bikes
8 Tony Glover Derwentside CC
9 Malcolm Lewis MTS Cycle Sport
10 Kenny Haswell Cestria Cycle RT
11 Darren Gee Teesdale CRC
12 Neal Wesley Van Dessel
13 Ian Gibson M Steel Cycles
14 Jonny Fletcher M Steel Cycles
15 Andrew Burridge Swarm
16 Trevor Schofield Hambleton RC
17 Dean Penfold Unattached
18 Simon Forster Tyne & Wear Fire
19 Jon Caisley NPCC
20 Simon Davison Blackhawk Bikes
21 Andy Cosgrove Teesdale CRC
22 Adam Cooke Van Dessel
23 Adam Hogarth Tyneside Vags
24 Lee Sanderson M Steel Cycles
25 Michael Easton Start Cycles
26 Ben Ohair Barnesbury CC
27 Clive Upton Hambleton RC
28 Pete Sissons Unattached
29 Kris Wilkinson Tyne & Wear Fire
30 Tom Harcourt Blackhawk Bikes
31 Jonathan Richardson Start Cycles
32 Dave Charman Blackhawk Bikes
33 Dan Alpen Derwentside CC
34 Paul Rafferty Unattached
35 Lee Charlton M Steel Cycles
36 Chris Orchard Newcastle Pheonix

Veterans, Juniors & Women
1 Luke Parkin Hetton Hawks Jun
2 James Anderson Blackhawk Bikes V40
3 Keith Ashbridge VC Cumbria V40
4 James Edmond Ferryhill Whs Jun
5 Richard Noble Tyne & Wear Fire V40
6 Geoff Mount Blumilk V40
7 Elliot Davidson Hetton Hawks Jun
8 Ian Robson MTS Cycle Sport V50
9 Mick Aspey NPCC V40
10 Greg Tognarelli VC Cumbria V
11 Andy Moss Adept Precision RT V40
12 Ray Honour Infinity Cycles V40
13 Steve Wilson MTS Cycle Sport V50
14 Lee Emerson Infinity Cycles V40
15 Bob Murdoch Teesdale CRC V50
16 Kyle Watts Tyneside Vags Jun
17 Jon Bardgett Beacon Whs V40
18 Derek Hurton Beacon Whs V40
19 Colin James Beacon Whs V40
20 Nev Martin Infinity Cycles V50
21 Nicola Davies Beacon Whs LV
22 Bev Blakeman Infinity Cycles L
23 Ed Cooper Tyne & Wear Fire V40
24 Ritchie Case Tyne Vags V40
25 Rob Hogarth Tyne Vags V40
26 Jon Allan HCTB V50
27 Steve Smith Unattached V40
28 Aiden McDermot GS Metro V40
29 Dave Linsley Tyne & Wear Fire V40
30 Jeff Codling Derwentside CC V40
31 Tim Newton Newcastle Phoenix V40
32 John Belshaw Tyne & Wear Fire V40
33 Karen Robinson Unattached LV40
34 Phil Bent Border City Whs V40
35 Dave Mclean Hetton Hawks V60
36 Paul Bosomworth MTS Cycle Sport V50
37 Brian Craven Tyneside Vags V40
38 Pam Glover Derwentside CC L

1 Mark Donovan Beacon Whs U14
2 Matthew Worton Hetton Hawks U16
3 Thomas Mein MTS Cycle Sport U14
4 Joe Mann Derwentside CC U16
5 Joe Howard Cleveland Whs U16
6 Hamish Turnbull Tyneside Vags U14
7 Fin Robertson Hetton Hawks U16
8 Jake Dobson Newcastle Pheonix U16
9 Thomas Hordon Newcastle Pheonix U16
10 Ben Moody Achieve Cycle U14
11 Connie Hurton Beacon Whs U14G
12 Toby Tanfield Cleveland Whs U14
13 Joshua Craven Tyneside Vags U14
14 Rhianna Stoves Hetton Hawks U14G
15 Chris Aspey Barnesbury CC U14
16 Jessica Watts Tyneside Vags U14G
17 Joseph Allan Hetton Hawks U14



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