Report/Results: Imperial Winter Series Hillingdon

Tony Gibb, Simon Oxenham and Antonio Guenzler winners at round 1 of 12 in the Imperial Racing Team’s Hillingdon Winter Series

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Report: Imperial Racing Team

A field of 72 lined up for the first race of the day and encouragingly most riders had competed at Hillingdon before. This was self-evident from the standard of riding, with riders familiar with the race direction if not the position of the finish.

The Neon Velo Prime after 25 minutes upped the pace noticeably resulting in a number of riders being dropped from the group. James Coleman (Cadence RT) took maximum points in the sprint and clearly considered that his work was done for the day. In the finish sprint, the cumulative effect of the drag to the top of the hill, Brian’s bends and the Bus stop straight into a rising wind stretched the whole group out; Antonio Guenzler (UCL CC) taking a well-deserved win from Riyadh Khamis (Personal bike fit) and Ellis Dudley (Ashwell CC).

The 3rd cat race was run off without incident with the Neon Velo Prime being won by Luke Souter (Banbury Star C.C.) from Andrew Wright (High Wycombe C.C.) and Chris Campbell (London Dynamo). Thereafter the group seemed content to stay together until the finish coming off the ultimate bend into a fast downhill sprint with a strong effort and first win for Simon Oxenham (V.C.10) from Jacek Reder (unattached) and Ken Buckley (A.W. Cycles). As Simon later said of the finish photo ‘that’s one for the grandchildren!’

The E/1/2/3 Race, as to be expected, was animated from the start, with Vince Halpern (Handsling), Richard Prebble (Node4-Giordana Racing) and Henry Furniss (Wyndymilla) leading the group and causing several anxious moments for some riders.

Tony Gibb (Metaltek–Scott) saw the danger and moved forward, and from this move a six-man group formed; the Prime was contested by these six with Tony Gibb taking it from Connell Yates and Vince Halpern. The remainder of the group was made up of Alan Strang (Dulwich Paragon), Phil Holloway (Southend Wheelers) and Matt Carden (Team Quest).

They worked well together throughout consolidating their lead until the last lap. Gibb proved he was in a very positive mood and with the finish looming Halpern tried to distance himself with a lone break which was unsuccessful; again the sprint for the line was very fast with Gibb holding off Strang with Halpern in 3rd and Carden showing excellent form achieving 4th place from Yates and the evergreen Holloway.

A rejuvenated Andrew Rigg (Handsling) returned showing much of his old sprinting form just beating Jozef Metelka (Zappi’s CC) for 7th place. This rounded up an excellent afternoon’s racing for the start of the series with the only incident – our First Aider – falling off the ‘circuit ambulance bike’ after the finish! for race information and race entry

Race 2 of 12 Saturday 8th December 13:00 4th’s / 14:10 E123 & 3rd’s


1st Tony Gibb Metaltek – Scott 200
2nd Alan Strang Dulwich Paragon 150
3rd Vincent Halpern Handsling racing 130
4th Matt Carden Team Quest 120
5th Conall Yates InGear Quickvit Trainsharp 110
6th Phil Holloway southend wheelers 100
7th Andres Rigg Handsling racing 90
8th Jozef Metelka Zappi’s CC 80
9th James Norris High Wycombe CC 70
10th Stuart Harvey Ultimate Fitness 60
11th Arjan Planting Dulwich Paragon 50
12th Cameron Foster club corley cycles 40
13th Sam Humpheson Look Mum No Hands! 30
14th Paul Mcgrath North Road CC 20
15th Robin Basford Wyndymilla 10
16th Rupert Beale Beeline Bikes RT
17th Daniel Tamplin Aylesbury CC
18th Neil Heffernan Inverse CyClaim RT
19th James Leach Twickenham CC
20th Duncan Rimmer Morden CRC
21st George Withers AW Cycles
22nd Tom Smith Felt-Colbornes RT
23rd Graham Crow Twickenham cc
24th Barny Willard InGear Quickvit Trainsharp RT
25th William Hunt Army Cycling Union
26th Nick Beale Beeline Bikes RT
27th Jordan Wade VC St Raphael
28th Richard Prebble Node4-Giordana Racing
29th George Kirkin Twickenham cc
30th Henry Furniss Wyndymilla
31st Paul Bennett West Drayton 3

3rd Cats
1st Simon Oxenham VC10 200

2nd Jacek Reder private member 150
3rd Ken Buckley AW Cycles 130
4th Steve Atkinson South Downs Bikes 120
5th Greg Wiltshire Kingston Wheelers 110
6th Ed Rose progression/bikelux 100
7th James Di Rico high wycombe cc 90
8th Jess Harding 80
9th Robert Tinn MDCC 70
10th Jonathan Dredge London Dynamo 60
11th Alex Toghill Twickenham CC 50
12th Alex Osborne HWCC 40
13th Brian Hennessey Redhill CC 30
14th Gavin Francis London Dynamo 20
15th Richard Rose Bikelux Progression 10
16th Neil Wass TMG Horizon RT
17th Edmond Irwin london fire brigade CC
18th Susan Freeburn In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT
19th Andrew Wright High Wycombe
20th Luke Souter Banbury Star CC
21st Melisa Brand Pretorius Bikes
22nd Andrew Strong private member
23rd Daniel Stevens
24th Andrew Harvey Kingston Wheelers
25th Greg Barber Charlottevillecc
26th Jason Painton Rides on air
27th Andy Fowkes Thames Velo
28th Chris Campbell London Dynamo
29th John-Paul Brophy
30th Mark O’Brien Archer RC
31st Simon Parton Kingston Wheelers
32nd Wayne Thomas G.S. HENLEY
33rd Jake Norman WyndyMilla

4th Cats

1 Antonio Guenzler UCL CC
2 Riyadh Khamis Personal bike fit
3 Ellis Dudley Ashwell CC
4 Daniel Hills Imperial College Cycling Club
5 James Walsby Catford CC
6 Ross Hallard Private Member
7 Kenny Ross Willesden Cycling Club
8 James Bower Private Member
9 Bob Hobson VC10
10 Ian O’sullivan Kingston Wheelers
11 Charlie Biggers Zappi’s CC
12 Damien Lodge Private Member
13 Graham Austin East St
14 Zachary Bredemear Dulwich Paragon CC
15 Alex Tinsley Twickenham CC
16 Luke Samuel OUCC
17 Giles Porter Private Member
18 Samuel Evans Dulwich Paragon CC
19 Scott Shepherd London Dynamo
20 David Morgan Charlotteville CC
21 Ewan Tuohy Catford Cycling Club
22 Alan Nixon Amersham RCC
23 Matthew Evans London Dynamo
24 Tim Wormleighton Kingston Wheelers CC
25 Ed Everett Private member
26 Martin Williams Sky Velo
27 Ryan Hasler Private Member
28 Mike Joseph Twickenham CC
29 Huw Jones Coffee#1
30 Josh Day Imperial College
32 Edward Cox Private member
33 Chris Stone Redhill CC
36 Kevin Jones Twickenham CC
37 Morgan Hill-Murphy London Dynamo
38 Jason Swell
39 Daren Austin Twickenham CC
40 Ron Walls London Dynamo
41 Sioni Summers Imperial College London
42 Andrew Woodstock High Wycombe CC
43 Shane Townsend Westerley CC
44 Tim Childs Weskesley CC
45 Matt Convery Sky Velo
46 Stephen Rush Twickenham CC
47 Ian McNally Westerley CC
48 Aaron Olszewski Kingston Wheelers
49 Malcolm Binns High Wycombe CC
50 Tim Osborne High Wycombe CC
51 Alexander Donaldson London Dynamo
52 Patrick Drury Kingston Wheelers CC
53 Philip Han Private Member
54 James Bird Private Member
55 James Coleman Cadence RT
56 Frank Kilsby Private Member
57 Daniel Goldsmith Twickenham CC
58 Paul Morrissey High Wycombe CC
59 Rob Jonas Rapha Condor Cycle Club
60 Andrew Rollason Sky Velo


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