Report: Twickenham CC Cyclo-Cross 2012


Graham Robins with a report & pictures from round 9 of the Central League on Sunday 16th December at the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit

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REPORT & PHOTOS: Graham Robins

Matthew Webber (Hackney GT) led from start to finish in strong ride to see him claim victory and a sunny but chilly Hillingdon Cycle track. His overall winning margin was almost a minute over second placed senior rider Sylvain Garde (Addiscombe CC). In between these two was first Veteran rider Sean Williams (Wightlink/Offshore).


From the start of the long tarmac run out, a small group of five riders began to form on the front and it was these five that were to maintain position on the road. As the first lap was completed Matthew had a lead over Sylvain of 28secs, with Sean close by. The next group contained Matt Holmes and Dennis Lisbygd ( but they had started to lose ground the leaders and also carving through the pack was Darren Barclay.

With Matthew controlling his race, Dennis was 5secs back with Sean, Sylvain and Matt Holmes in a race together. Coming through the field was American rider Andrea Smith (ladies first racing) on a flying visit in the country on route to next weekend’s World Cup race in Namur in Belgium; she was soon mixing it with the senior men and even enjoyed the chance to change her bike on each lap.

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With a lap to go, Matthew led Sean by 25secs with Sylvain a further 14 secs behind back and these places remained to the finish. With the race being combined Matthew won the senior race with Sylvain finishing third on the road but second senior with Dennis third. Sean took second overall and first vet almost seven minutes clear of Roy Chamberlain.


Provisional Results

1. Matthew Webber Hackney GT 1hr 04mins 47secs
2. Sylvain Garde Addiscombe CC 1hr 05mins 43secs
3. Dennis Lisbygd 1hr 06mins 11secs
4. Matt Holmes
5. Darren Barclay

1. Sean Williams Wightlink/Offshore 1hr 05mins 18secs
2. Roy Chamberlain Corley Cycles 1hr 12mins 14secs
3. Nick Welsh GS Invicta 1hr 14mins 38secs
4. Stuart Lockyear
5. Paul Mace

In the women’s race Sarah Woods was having a tussle with Melissa Brand throughout the race until she found a way past with two laps to go. So Andrea took the win ahead of Melissa and Sarah third and taking the first Veteran.


1. Andrea Smith ladies first racing 1hr 06mins 24secs
2. Melissa Brand Pretorius Bikes
3. Sarah Woods Wightlink/Offshore 1st Vet
4. Christina White 2nd Vet
5. Annette Bell
6. Solvig Findlay 3rd Vet

The first junior was Jason Pitt AW Cycles and first junior girl was Sasha Quarrington Team Zappi’s.

The youth race was all sorted within the first lap when Luke Morgan opened out a lead from Buanna Ball leaving the rest in his wake and winning comfortably by 50secs. Henry Dawson was third and nearly 2mins adrift.

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Youth Under 16
1. Luke Morgan 35mins 14secs
2. Buanna Ball @50secs
3. Henry Dawson @1min 8secs
4. Charles Page @1min 18secs
5. George Jary @ 2mins 55secs

Youth Under 14
1. Cai Davies
2. Zak Coleman
3. William Raymond

1. Steve Parker
2. Max Gioger
3. Caroline Smith
4. Ulrika Kuoppa
5. Molly Cooper

The morning started with races for under 10’s and under 12’s. Anna Wadsworth (PPV) pulled away early on and won by 1min 4secs from Alex Russell and Alex Wetherill both Team Milton Keynes in the under 10’s. Ben Tulett (Hargroves Cycles) was gridded at the back not being a Central rider and he stormed to front with a few hundred meters of the start and was never challenged all race. The race for second was not to easy as Jay Allen and Angus Hawkins (PPV) along with Thomas Timberlake were very well matched. Jay found some space and set about putting some distance over the other two. Angus on the other hand found the conditions harder work and he slipped back.

Under 10’s
1. Anna Wadsworth PPV 12mins 21secs
2. Alex Russell Team Milton Keynes @1min 04secs
3. Alex Wetherill Team Milton Keynes @ 2mins 09secs

Under 12’s
1. Ben Tulett Hargroves Cycles 17mins 20secs
2. Jay Allen PPV @49secs
3. Thomas Timberlake @1min 11secs




1 Matthew Webber Hackney CC 1
2 Sean Williams Wightlink/Offshore Vet
3 Sylvain Garde Addiscombe CC
4 Dennis Lisbygd
5 Matt Holmes Arctic Sram
6 Darren Barclary Arctic Sram
7 Joe Hickerton Private
8 Neil Ellison West Drayton
9 Leo Payne CS Grupetto
10 Roy Chamberlain Corley Cycles
11 Philip Hersey Eagle RC
12 Jason Green London Dynamo
13 Nick Welsh GS Invicta Vet
14 Stuart Lockyear London Phoenix CC Vet
15 Mike Wragg Team Milton Keynes
16 Vojtech Blazejovski Brixton Cycles
17 Richard O’Reilly Hemel Hempstead CC
18 Russell Jones Hackney GT/Push 5 Vet
19 Paul Mace High Wycombe CC 6 Vet
20 Andrew Han CS Grupetto
21 Martyn Dymond Private 7 Vet
22 Kevin Ball Dulwich Paragon
23 Andrea Smith Ladies First Racing 1 Woman
24 Jon Dennis Private
25 Phil Jones Dulwich Paragon 8 Vet 45
26 Tom Underhill Hackney
27 Alex Peeke Welwyn Wheelers 9 Vet 40
28 Martin Winter Twickenham CC 10 Vet 45
29 Jorge Manso London Dynamo
30 Sean Storey Team Trisports 11 Vet 40
31 Jason Pitt AW Cycles J
32 Ian Lobley Hotchillee Vet 45
33 Joel Farrow Team Trisports
34 Edwin Burden London Phoenix
35 Issac Anstee Bedfordshire Road Club J
36 Duncan O’Reilly Didcot Phoenix CC
37 Duncan Rimmer Morden CRC
38 Anthony Bartlett Team Corridori 13 Vet 55
39 Geoff Cooper Bedfordshire Road Club 14 Vet 50
40 Simon Tottle Festival Road Club 15 Vet 45
41 Mark Anstee Bedfordshire Road Club 16 Vet 45
42 Mark Glowinski VC Londres 17 Vet 50
43 Joe Burt None 18 Vet 45
44 Howard Stredwick Private
45 Michael Clark Team Trisports 19 Vet 45
46 Mark Jary VC Londres 20 Vet 45
47 Andrew Nippard Pearson CC
48 Melissa Brand Pretorius Bikes 2 Woman
49 Dave Spragg Kingston Wheelers 21 Vet 40
50 Graham Frogley Bicester Millenium CC 22 Vet 40
51 John Lemonius Private 23 Vet 40
52 Sarah Woods Wightlink/Offshore Woman
53 Ian Grist Dyson Cycles
54 David Taylor La Fuga Sigma Sport
55 Andy Halliday West Drayton MBC 24 Vet 40
56 Steve Charles Charlotteville CC 25 Vet 40
57 Joshua Mitchell Bicester Millenium CC 3 J
58 Simon Hudson Didcot Phoenix 26 Vet 40
59 Damien Robertson London Phoenix
60 Will Jenkins Spirit RT
61 Christina White Milton Keynes 4 Woman
62 Geoff Booker Oxonian CC 27 Vet 60
63 Andrew Newman London Phoenix
64 Gavin Mitchell Twickenham CC
65 Cristos Pagidas Twickenham CC
66 Bart Wallbank Hackney CC 4 J
67 Steve Wood Pearson CC 28 Vet 50
68 Andrew Postings Archer RC 29 Vet 45
69 Carl Keen Leighton Buzzard RC 30 Vet 50
70 Phil Brown London Phoenix CC 31 Vet 60
71 Paul Mew Charlotteville CC
72 Tony Shortland Team Trisports 32 Vet 45
73 Philip Raymond Welwyn Wheelers 33 Vet 45
74 Julian Thrasher Leighton Buzzard RCC
75 David Belcher Sotonia CC
76 Keith Perry Team Trisports 34 Vet 50
77 Lee Dobson City of London CC 35 Vet 40
78 Annette Bell Ritte Cyclelab 5 Woman
79 Daniel Clemens VC10 36 Vet 45
80 Solvig Findlay Twickenham CC 6 Woman
81 Sacha Quarrington Zappis 5 J
82 Robert Briggs Didcot Phoenix 37 Vet 55
83 Sam Dorkings Didcot Phoenix CC
84 David Neuman Westerley CC
85 Stuart Walters Kettering CC 38 Vet 60
86 William Morris A5 Rangers CC 39 Vet 40
87 Tony Hudson Imperial College CC
88 Andrew Scarsbrook Private 40 Vet 50
89 Paul Burgoine Finchley CC 41 Vet 50
90 Leslie Auchterlonie Archer RC 7 Woman
91 Lauren Randall Icknield Road Club 8 Woman
92 Brenda Boswood Davis Team Trisports 9 Woman

Twickenham U14 & U16 Youth race result
1 Luke Morgan Welwyn Wheelers
2 Buauna Ball Team Milton Keynes
3 Henry Dawson Prestige VC
4 Charles Page Hillingdon Slipstreamers
5 George Jary VC Londres
6 Conall Brown Hemel Hempstead CC
7 Cai Davies Welwyn Wheelers
8 Zak Coleman Inverse RT
9 William Raymond Welwyn Wheelers
10 Thomas Durkin Welwyn Wheelers
11 Michael Parry Welwyn Wheelers
12 Kieran Woods Charlotteville CC
13 Lauren Murphy Team Milton Keynes
14 Ieuan WoodsCharlotteville CC
15 William Annells Didcot Phoenix CC
16 Emma Pitt Palmer Park Velo
17 Jacob Freesham Team Milton Keynes
18 Jan Laming Beds Road Club U16
19 Simon Edgington Twickenham CC
20 Thomas Zygo Team Milton Keynes
21 Niall Dawkins Hillingdon Slipstreamers
22 Kareen Akinnibi Hemel Hempstead CC
23 Ben Wetherill Team Milton Keynes
24 Kathryn Anderson Welwyn Wheelers
25 Sophia Chastell Welwyn Wheelers
26 Uzair Zulfqar Icknield RC

1 Ben Tulett Hargroves Cycles
2 Jay Allen Palmer Park Velo
3 Thomas Timberlake Dyson Dunstable
4 Angus Hawkins Palmer Park Velo
5 Alexi Edwards Welwyn Wheelers
6 Tom Couzens Bicester Millenium CC38
7 Noah Tresham Team Milton Keynes
8 Skip Snelson Team Milton Keynes
9 Lewis Muncaster Team Milton Keynes
10 Maddie Wadsworth Palmer Park Velo
11 Rachel Thomson Private
12 Euan Macleod Palmer Park Velo
13 Imogen Chastell Welwyn Wheelers
14 Aimee Zygo Team Milton Keynes
15 Elsa Kristiansson Hillingdon Slipstreamers
16 Emily Wright Bicester Millenium CC
17 Bilal Sadiq Icknield Road Club
18 Nathan Huggins Icknield Road Club

1 Anna Wadsworth Palmer Park Velo
2 Alex Russell Team Milton Keynes
3 Alex Weatherill Team Trisports
4 Finn Hawkins Palmer Park Velo
5 Roy Chamberlain (Jun?) Team Milton Keynes
6 Harvey Tadman Hillingdon Slipstreamers
7 Thomas Wadsworth Palmer Park Velo
8 Millie Couzens Bicester Millenium CC
9 Lucas Barclay Arctic Sram
10 Ruben Snelson Team Milton Keynes
11 Ethan Spiers PM
12 Cameron Still Sutton CC
13 Sufiyar Hussain Icknield RC
14 James Brown Palmer Park Velo
15 Astrid Spragg Hillingdon Slipstreamers
16 Leeya Hussain Icknield RC
17 Oliver Frogley Bicester Millenium CC



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