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The London Bike Show interesting as well as disappointing for the diehard cycling enthusiast Patrick Salt who has a little ramble about cycle racing in 2013

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Patrick writes about his visit to the London Bike Show saying … it was an interesting visit, but also a bit of a disappointment. I went on Saturday. It was a small show but without the massive Madison and Pinarello stands, it would have been a bit light.

But there were plenty of small stands around, all seeming to be doing good business. It does make me wonder, is it an exhibition or a bazaar? One stand that caught my eye was the Pro-Vision stand, they were crowded and it looked like a lot of business was being done.


I spotted Steve Joughin, the owner, deep in conversation with several people, and just across the way was Phil O’Connor, the photographer. Not quite sure what he was promoting, the photos or his sportive which runs around the Hindhead area. This has a feature of the Devil’s Punchbowl, now traffic free as all the motors go through a massive tunnel under the hill.

Looks like something worth training for anyway. I just need to plan to be in the area late the week before, it’s a bit of a trek from the Midlands otherwise. And south of the dreaded M25!

The indoor races were pretty good. I must say the Saturday folding bike effort was good fun, and looking at how some riders went, suspect they were clubmen on folders, from the speed differences. All good stuff though, and the organiser should be pleased with the crowds at the elite race as well.

This was a bit thin on riders and Madison dominated so Roger Hammond had a smile, first race, first win for the new team. Shame that Raleigh who were down to ride didn’t show, perhaps they were stuck in the snow somewhere.

So, a nice day out, and now it’s time to look forward to the new season. Being at Perfs would be nice, but I won’t get to see it, something else maybe. I wonder if it is a bit too early, perhaps a couple of weeks later and there would be less of a gamble with the weather. I’ve been a few times and once it was lovely, mild, other times freezing and wet, although after last “summer” it did get us used to standing about in boots even in June.


I shall look forward to seeing some good racing this year but it’s a shame there are not a few more Premiers. But there’s always Rutland – Melton which is nearby if it can be sorted out, and working near Glasgow from the 19th June would be very nice.

Have to make sure a few clients need a visit that week. I believe there may be a big bike race on there around that time. For me some of the best events are juniors and youth ones and I try to see a few BMX and Speedway race days as well.

A complete change from the usual disciplines, different culture, the BMX days have so many races, organisation fantastic with riders starting races almost before the one before has finished. Speedway is a bit of a one-off, it can get very heated and last year I was at a match in the Birmaingham area where everything kicked off and a few exchanges of views spilled over into more than pushing and shoving, on and off the track.

A bit like Keirin used to be before the UCI sanitised it.

Enough rambling, more rubbish and speculation, as the year goes on, although one or two may be a view of things from warmer places if business plans work out!


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