2013 Major Road Race Calendar


A listing of the Major road events in 2013 including British classics, World Tour events, and British & international championships and National Series events.

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Note: This is work in progress… Click here to add corrections or have new major events added to list. 


0000_BlueBox Sunday, 10: Perfs Pedal Classic

0000_BlueBox  Sunday 24: Clayton Velo Spring Classic, Lancs              


0000_LightBlueBox  3-10 Paris – Nice FRA (WorldTour)                                                                                                    

0000_BlueBox   Saturday, 2nd: 52nd Eddie Soens Memorial  (Liverpool)

0000_BlueBox   Sunday, 3rd: 41st Severn Bridge Road Race  (Nat B) 105 km              

0000_BlueBox  Sat, 9th: The Roy Thame Cup & Spring Chicken Road Races                

0000_BlueBox  Sunday, 10th: 31st Jock Wadley Memorial Road Race (Nat B)           

0000_LightBlueBox   6-12 Tirreno – Adriatico ITA (WorldTour)

0000_BlueBox  Sunday, 17: Atlas Roadford Classic 86 miles (Hatherleigh) (Nat A)  
0000_LightBlueBox  Sunday, 17: Milano – Sanremo ITA (WorldTour)
0000_BlueBox  Sunday, 17: Peter Young Memorial Spring Road Race (88 miles) (Nat B) Surrey
0000_BlueBox  Sunday, 17th: Evesham Vale Road Race (Nat B) 100km            

0000_BlueBox  Sunday, 24th: Wally Gimber Trophy, Kent. 11am, 120k. Dulwich Paragon CC 

0000_LightBlueBox  18-24 Volta Ciclista a Catalunya Spain (WorldTour)

0000_LightBlueBox  Friday, 22: E3 Harelbeke BEL (WorldTour)

0000_LightBlueBox  Sunday, 24: Gent – Wevelgem BEL (WorldTour)
0000_YellowBox  Sunday, 24: Cadence Road Race Abergavenny (Junior RR Series)
0000_BlueBox  Sunday, 24: Ballantyne Mem Trophy, (Nat B) 63 miles, North East                 
0000_BlueBox   Sunday, 24: Wally Gimber Trophy RR (Nat B) (88 miles) Kent               

0000_BlueBox  Saturday, 30th: Maureen Bain Memorial Road Race (Nat B) 128km     

0000_BlueBox  Sunday, 31st: Peter Chisman Memorial Road Race 80 miles (North East) Nat B    

0000_LightBlueBox   Sunday, 31: Tour of Flanders BEL (WorldTour)

0000_LightBlueBox1-6. Vuelta Ciclista al Pais Vasco Spain (WorldTour)

0000_LightBlueBox  Sunday, 7 Paris – Roubaix FRA (WorldTour)

0000_PinkBox  Sat/Mon 6 – 7: Tour of Perth, Scotland (Women’s Nat Series)
0000_YellowBox  Sat/Sun 6 – 7: Junior Tour of the Mendips Bristol (Junior RR Series)

0000_LightBlueBox Sunday, 14: Amstel Gold Race NED (WorldTour)
0000_PinkBox   Sunday, 14: Dave Peck Memorial Ladies Race (Women’s Team Series)
0000_BlueBox  Sat/Sun, 13/14: SERRL GP Stage Race (Kent) 200km 3 stages  Nat B
0000_PurpleBox  Sunday 14th: LVRC  Bioracer Sevale Stallard RR   (Event 1)   Malvern

0000_LightBlueBox  Wednesday, 17 Flèche Wallonne BEL (WorldTour)

0000_LightBlueBox  Sunday, 21: Liège – Bastogne – Liège BEL (WorldTour)
0000_YellowBox  Sunday 21: Hog Hill GP Redbridge (Junior RR Series)
0000_YellowBox  Sunday 21: Hog Hill GP Redbridge (Youth Circuit Series)
0000_BlueBox  Sunday, 21: Les Ingman Memorial Trophy (Nat B) (82 miles) Surrey   

0000_LightBlueBox  Sunday 21st: CiCLE Classic, UCI 1.2 (Rutland Melton) 

0000_LightBlueBox  23-28.04.2013 Tour de Romandie SUI (WorldTour)

0000_RedBox  Sat/Sun 27 – 28: Tour of the Reservoir 2 Day Edmundbyers (Premier Calendar)

0000_PinkBox  Sunday 28: Cheshire Classic Weaverham (Women’s Nat Series)
0000_YellowBox   Sunday 28: Loughborough University Junior Road Race Harby (Junior RR Series)
0000_BlueBox  Sunday, 28: Davie Campbell Memorial Road Race (82 miles/131km)
0000_BlackBox Sunday 28th Onimpex Classic RR, Great Budworth, Cheshire (TLI)



0000_YellowBox  IOM Junior Tour North West (Junior RR Series)
0000_YellowBox  IOM Youth Tour North West (Youth Circuit Series)

0000_PinkBox  4-6: (Sat/Mon) Bedford Women’s International Stage Race (Women’s Team Series)
0000_BlueBox 4-5 (Sat/Sun) Totnes Vire 2-day Stage Race (Nat B), (132 miles in total)   
0000_BlueBox Sat/Sun 4/5th: Nigel Measom 2-day 135 miles/215km (3 stages) E/Midlands)   

0000_LightBlueBox4-26 Giro d’Italia ITA (WorldTour)

0000_YellowBox  Saturday, 11: Wolverhampton Wheelers CC Sundorne Centre (Youth Circuit Series)

0000_RedBox   Sunday, 12: The University of Lincoln GP (Premier Calendar)

0000_GreenBox  Tuesday 14: Tour Series Round 1
0000_GreenBox  Thursday  16: Tour Series Round 2

0000_BlackBox  Saturday, 18th: National Criterium Champs, Marsh Tracks, Rhyl, North Wales (TLI)

0000_BlueBox Sunday, 19th: Regional Road Race Championships                                                 

0000_GreenBox  Tuesday, May 21: Tour Series Round 3
0000_GreenBox  Thursday, May 24: Tour Series Round 4 Aberystwyth

0000_YellowBox Sat/Mon 25 – 27: North West Youth Tour (Youth Circuit Series)

0000_GreyBox  Saturday 25th: National 10 mile time trial Championship details 

0000_PurpleBox  Sunday 26th: LVRC Bioracer  Newbury RR   (#2)   Hungerford (Stallard Series)

0000_GreenBox  Tuesday, 28: Tour Series Round 5
0000_GreenBox  Thursday, 30: Tour Series Round 6 – Colchester


0000_GreenBox   Tuesday,  4: Tour Series Round 7
0000_GreenBox   Thursday, 6: Tour Series Round 8


0000_GreenBox  Tuesday, 11: Tour Series Round 9
0000_GreenBox   Thursday, 13: Tour Series Round 10

0000_PinkBox  Sunday, 2: Banbury Star Road Race (Women’s Team Series)

0000_BlueBox  Sunday, 2nd: Neil Gardner Memorial Road Race 96 miles/154 kilometres   

0000_LightBlueBox  2-9 Critérium du Dauphiné FRA (WorldTour)
0000_LightBlueBox  8-16 Tour de Suisse SUI (WorldTour)

0000_BlueBox  Saturday: June 8: IG London Nocturne
0000_YellowBox  Saturday 8 June: Team Milton Keynes Circuit Races MK Bowl (Youth Circuit Series)

0000_GreyBox   Sunday 9th: National 25 mile time trial Championship Details
0000_PinkBox  Sunday 9: Hillingdon Women’s GP Hillingdon (Women’s Nat Series)
0000_PurpleBox   Sunday 9th: LVRC  Bashall Eaves RR   (#3)  Clitheroe  (Bioracer Stallard Series)

0000_PurpleBox  Sat & Sun 15/16th: LVRC Circuit Race Championships A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H Hillingdon

0000_PinkBox   Sat/Sun 15 -16: CDNW Surf and Turf 2 Day Clitheroe (Women’s Nat Series)
0000_YellowBox  Sunday 16: Bike line Tom Simpson Junior Road Race Doncaster (Junior RR Series)
0000_BlueBox  Sunday, 16th: “Circuit of the Fens” National ‘A’, 200km +/- Elite/1/2    

0000_GreyBox  Saturday, 22nd: National 50 mile time trial Championship Details
0000_YellowBox   Saturday, 22: Hillingdon Slipstreamers Circuit Races (Youth Circuit Series)

0000_RedBox  Thursday 20th, British Time Trial Championships, Glasgow

0000_RedBox  Sunday: 23: British Road Race Championships (Glasgow)

0000_YellowBox  Saturday 29: CC Giro Circuit Races Curborough (Youth Circuit Series)

0000_BlueBox  Friday 28: Leazes Circuit Race, Newcastle

0000_RedBox  Sunday 30: Beaumont Trophy Stamfordham P (Premier Calendar)
0000_PinkBox  Sunday 30: Curlew Cup Stamfordham (Women’s Nat Series)
0000_PurpleBox   Sunday 30th: LVRC Brendan Chiu Memorial RR   (#4)  Bridgnorth  (Bioracer Stallard Series)

0000_LightBlueBox  29 June – 21 July Tour de France FRA (WorldTour)


0000_RedBox   Wednesday 3: Otley GP Otley (Elite Circuit Series)
0000_PinkBox  Wednesday 3: Otley GP – Womens Race (Women’s Nat Series)

0000_RedBox   Friday, 5: Stockton Festival of Cycling Stockton on Tees Stockton (Elite Circuit Series)
0000_PinkBox Saturday, 6: Oakley Village Road Races (Women’s Team Series)
0000_RedBox  Sunday, 7: Stockton Festival of Cycling Stockton on Tees Stockton (Premier Calendar)

0000_PurpleBox  Saturday 6th LVRC: A/B/C/D/ Road Race Championship Leighton Buzzard
0000_PurpleBox  Sunday 7th: LVRC E/F/G/H Road Race Championship Moreton Morrell

0000_RedBox  Friday 12: Wales Open Criterium Abergavenny (Elite Circuit Series)

0000_RedBox  Sunday 14: Grand Prix of Wales Abergavenny (Premier Calendar)
0000_YellowBox   Sunday 14: Hatherleigh Junior Road Race Exeter (Junior RR Series)
0000_GreyBox  Sunday 14th: National 100 mile time trial Championship Details 

0000_RedBox   Wednesday 17: Colne GP Colne (Elite Circuit Series)

0000_PinkBox   Sat/Sun 13 – 14: Essex Giro 2 Day Essex (Women’s Nat Series)

0000_RedBox   Friday 19: Beverley Town Centre Races Beverley (Elite Circuit Series)

0000_GreyBox  Saturday 20th National 24 Hour mile time trial Championship
0000_YellowBox  Sunday 21: Bath RC Junior Road Race Milton Keynes (Junior RR Series)

0000_PinkBox  Wednesday 24: Sheffield GP Women’s Race (Women’s Nat Series)
0000_RedBox   Wednesday 24:Sheffield GP Sheffield (Elite Circuit Series)

0000_LightBlueBox  27 Clasica Ciclista San Sebastian ESP (WorldTour)
0000_LightBlueBox  27-3 August Tour de Pologne POL (WorldTour)

0000_RedBox  Sunday 28: Ryedale GP Ampleforth (Premier Calendar)
0000_PinkBox   Sunday 28: Ryedale GP Women’s Race Ampleforth (Women’s Nat Series)

0000_LightBlueBox  Sunday 4 Ride London Classic (UCI 1.1)
0000_YellowBox  Sunday 4: Susies Youth Circuit Races Thruxton (Youth Circuit Series)
0000_PurpleBox   Sunday 4th: LVRC  A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H Handicap  Championship   Cranfield

0000_GreyBox  Sunday, 11th: National 12 Hour mile time trial Championship Details 
0000_LightBlueBox 12-18 Eneco Tour (WorldTour)

0000_LightBlueBox  24-Aug- 15 Sept Vuelta a España ESP (WorldTour)

0000_LightBlueBox  25 Vattenfall Cyclassics GER (WorldTour)

0000_YellowBox   Sat – Mon 24 – 26: Junior Tour of Wales 3-Day South Wales (Junior RR Series)

0000_YellowBox  Sat-Mon: 24-26 – Mildenhall Cycling Rally,  Mildenhall College of Technology, www.mildenhallrally.org.uk 

0000_GreyBox  31 August/1 September: CTT Time Trial Circuit Championships (South DC)

0000_YellowBox   Sunday 1: Scarborough Festival of Cycling Yorkshire (Youth Circuit Series)
0000_LightBlueBox  Sunday, 1: GP Ouest France – Plouay FRA (WorldTour)
0000_BlueBox  Sunday, 1: Jef Schils Memorial Road Race 2013 (Nat A), 92 miles, Essex

0000_PurpleBox Sunday 8th: LVRC Region 2 East Coast RR (Event 5) Burton Fleming (Onimpex Bioracer Stallard Series)

0000_LightBlueBox13 Sept Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec CAN (WorldTour)
0000_BlackBox  Sunday 13th National Championship RR, Audlem, Cheshire  (TLI) 

0000_LightBlueBox15 Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal CAN (WorldTour)

0000_LightBlueBox Sunday 15th- 22nd: Tour of Britain (10th Anniversary (UCI event)

0000_PurpleBox  Sunday 22nd: LVRC Region 7 St Ives CC RR (# 6) Huntingdon (Onimpex Bioracer Stallard Series)

0000_PurpleBox  Sunday 29th: LVRC   A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H Time Trial   Championship Napton (Warwickshire)

0000_LightBlueBox   6 Tour of Lombardia ITA (WorldTour)
0000_LightBlueBox  9-13 Tour of Hangzhou CHN (WorldTour)
0000_LightBlueBox  16-20 Tour of Beijing CHN (WorldTour)

0000_GreyBox  Sunday, 27th: British Hill Climb Championship Details 



0000_RedBox: Premier Calendar or Elite Series or Championship

0000_GreenBox: Tour Series 2013

0000_GreyBox: Major Time Trials

0000_PinkBox Women’s Road Racing

0000_BlueBox: National B, A or other major mens road race

0000_LightBlueBox: UCI World Tour or British UCI

0000_YellowBox: National Series: Women, Junior or Youth

0000_PurpleBox: LVRC Road Events

0000_BlackBox: TLI Major Events

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