Report: Severn Bridge Support race


On a sad day for the Severn Bridge road race, Steven Williams of Ystwyth CC won the 2013 Severn Bridge Support race near Bristol today

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Graham Robins reports: Stephen Williams (Ystwyth CC) won the support race at the Severn Bridge RR after having been on or near the front of the race for most of it. He outsprinted Jack Reed (Royal Dean Forest CC) at the top of the climb of Old Down Hill in Tockington after four very quick laps in a biting north easterly wind.


Steven Williams follows a few metres behind the MediaMoto complete with monopod from the cameraman sticking out to the win the support race. 

With only the four laps the riders decided not to hang about and first up the climb on lap one was Adam Herridge (VC St Raphael), he had a handful of seconds but at the summit he lead was pulled back. Jack Coward (Rapha Condor CC) led the bunch up the hill one lap two but this was pulled back quickly.

On lap three, two riders including Simon Davies (Abergavenny Road Club) came through Tockington with a 20secs gap but the bunch caught them as the race entered Alveston at the bell. And so it all came down to a bunch sprint between seven riders at the top of Old Down Hill.

Steven also took the prize for the first junior rider along with the overall spoils.





Provisional Result

1. Stephen WILLIAMS Ystwyth Cycling Club
2. Jack REED Royal Dean Forest CC
4. David CURTIS-WHITFIELD Avonlea Treasure RT
5. Ben DAVIS Bristol Road Club
6. Steve THOMAS Bristol Road Club
7. James LOCKER V-Sprint
8. Tom MARSHALL Velo Club Montpellier
9. Jordan BASON MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling
10. Richard BUSSELL Beacon Road Cycling Club
11. Peter BANHAM Fred Williams Cycles
12. Joe BARRY Performance Cycles
13. Joe FOX MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling
14. Sam DAVIES Abergavenny Road Club
15. Jonathon GOULD BC PM
16. Harry WALTON Cheltenham & County CC
17. Hywel SILVESTER Bike Doctor
18. Sean BOLTON Swindon Road Club
19. Ashleigh JAMES Bristol Cycling Development Squad
20. Simon DAWE Bristol Road Club
21. Lewis BEVAN EC Cycles
22. Tom BOWERING VO2 Development Team
23. Simon COLES Norwood Paragon CC
24. Noah GODMAN Severn Road Club
25. Steve GLASS
26. Jake COWARD Rapha Condor Cycling Club
28. Mathew BLACKMORE Bristol Road Club
29. Jeremy RAYNER Somer Valley CC
30. Steven GREEN Bristol South Cycling Club
31. James GRIFFIN VC Montpellier
32. Nathan ANSCOMBE Bristol Road Club
33. David GORTON Team Tor 2000
34. Ethan LEE NFTO
35. Mitch EVANS Ride 24/7
36. Michael DANIELS Somerset Road Club -Bicycle Chain
37. Rob EDGELL Performance Cycles
38. Stephane PANG Onit Sports
39. Steven WHITEHURST Cheddar Cycle Club
40. John WOOD NFTO
41. Geoff RIPLEY Bristol Road Club
42. David OSBORNE Bristol Road Club
43. Gary SHEPPARD Bath Cycling Club
44. Joseph THOMAS University of Bristol Cycling Club
45. Gordon PARK NTFO
46. Stuart BAYLIS Bristol Road Club
47. Andrew PERRY Bristol Road Club

Please Note: The E/1/2 edition of the Severn Bridge RR had to be abandoned when a rider, Junior Heffernan, was killed after we believe colliding with a vehicle.  Our condolences go the family of the rider killed. The 23-year-old from Yelverton in Devon was involved in a collision with a car on the third lap of the 10-lap race.



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