Result: Kent CA Team Time Trial


Tim Bayley, Danny Axford & Darren Barcley win the Kent CA Team Time Trial (teams of 3) 25 mile Team Time Trial on Sunday 10th March on the Q25/12 course

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1st Club Team Artic SRAM RT
Tim Bayley, Danny Axford & Danny Barkley 54.18

2nd Club Team Thanet R.C.
Jonathan Parker, Sebastian Dickson (J) & Simon Henderson 56.58

3rd Club Team PMR@Toachim House
Ben Wimpory, Jonathan Coulson & Chris Fennell 57.13

4th Club Team 4T+ Velo
Peter Chard, Nick Malins & Chris Dibble 57.19

1st Ladies Team PMR@Toachim House
Cassie McGoldrick, Keeley Chalk & Bronwen Ewing 01:04:46

2nd Ladies Team PMR@Toachim House
Sally Smith, Gemma Carter-Collins & Jodie Hope 01:14:11

3rd Ladies Team 7oaks Tri
Penny Bulley, Catherine Linney & Sally Mortleman 01:15:53

1 Tim Bayley Arctic SRAM RT
Danny Axford Arctic SRAM RT 00:54:18
Darren Barcley arctic SRAM RT

2 Jonathan Parker Thanet RC
Sebastian Dickson (J) Thanet RC 00:56:58
Simon Henderson (Res) Thanet RC

3 Ben Wimpory PMR@Toachim House
Jonathan Coulson PMR@Toachim House 00:57:13
Chris Fennel PMR@Toachim House

4 Peter Chard 4T+ Velo
Nick Malins 4T+ Velo 00:57:19
Nick Dibble 4T+ Velo

5 Jamie Beecham VC Elan
Robert Baker VC Elan 00:57:27
Malcolm Davies VC Elan

6 Shaun Williams Abellio – SFA RT
Ian Neild Abellio – SFA RT 00:57:55
Dan Sims Abellio – SFA RT

7 Mark Foulds Adalta CC
Richard McVey Adalta CC 00:58:01
Pete Elms Adalta CC

8 Martin Brown 7oaks Tri
Neil Harris 7oaks Tri 00:58:17
Stefan Stone 7oaks Tri

9 Nick Baxter PMR@Toachim House
Alan Thynne PMR@Toachim House 00:58:22
Nick Collins PMR@Toachim House

10 Sam Bradford PMR@Toachim House
Jack Edwards PMR@Toachim House 00:58:47
David Wheeler PMR@Toachim House

11 Chris Wolton Southborough & District Wheelers
Ian Hodge Southborough & District Wheelers 00:59:35
Matt Kuwertz Southborough & District Wheelers

12 Andy Branson Ashford Wheelers
Lee Buckman Ashford Wheelers 01:02:05
Steve Clarke Ashford Wheelers

13 Martin Foord Abellio – SFA RT
Jason Gould Abellio – SFA RT 01:02:41
Ian Lloyd Abellio – SFA RT

14 Cassie McGoldrick (J) (W) PMR@Toachim House
Keeley Chalk (W) PMR@Toachim House 01:04:46
Bronwen Ewing (W) PMR@Toachim House

15 Nigel Smith Southborough & District Wheelers
David Bagge Southborough & District Wheelers 01:04:52
Simon Tully Southborough & District Wheelers

16 Rob Kennison Medway Velo
Jacob Kennison (J) Medway Velo 01:06:08
Tom Kennison Medway Velo

17 Don Houghton Thornton RC
John Laker Thornton RC 01:06:49
Michael Pumphrey Thornton RC

18 Mick Claydon Ashford Wheelers
Andy Robinson Ashford Wheelers 01:07:41
Ray Firth Ashford Wheelers

19 Anthony Bell San Fairy Ann CC
Ben Vickery San Fairy Ann CC 01:08:25
Matthew Waters San Fairy Ann CC

20 Henry Williams VC Deal
Steve Fletcher Adalta CC 01:08:48
John Burrows VC Deal

21 Bob Giles PMR@Toachim House
Chris Bax PMR@Toachim House 01:08:56
Mark Wright PMR@Toachim House

22 Robert Sissons Thanet RC
Paul Kelk Thanet RC 01:09:21
Gary Russell Thanet RC

23 Stewart King Ashford Wheelers
Chris Falcke Ashford Wheelers 01:09:31
Michael Newman Ashford Wheelers

24 Steve Maxted Rye & District Wheelers
Steve Marchant Rye & District Wheelers 01:09:42
Andrew Croft Rye & District Wheelers

25 David Millis Southborough & District Wheelers
Ian Turner Southborough & District Wheelers 01:09:58
Andrew Thomas Southborough & District Wheelers

26 Rodney Harrow Rye & District Wheelers
Chris Ashbee Rye & District Wheelers 01:11:28
Craig Ewing Rye & District Wheelers

27 Colin Robinson Thanet RC
Oliver Robinson (J) Thanet RC 01:12:53
Oliver Dickson (J) Thanet RC

28 Andrew Fearn Medway Velo
Victoria Strila (W) Medway Velo 01:13:39
Matt Fearn Medway Velo

29 Alastair Simpson San Fairy Ann CC
James Smith San Fairy Ann CC 01:14:09
Bob Hedderman San Fairy Ann CC

30 Sally Smith (W) PMR@Toachim House
Gemma Carter-Collins (W) PMR@Toachim House 01:14:11
Jodie Hope (W) PMR@Toachim House

31 Penny Bulley (W) 7oaks Tri
Catherine Linney (W) 7oaks Tri 01:15:53
Sally Mortleman (W) 7oaks Tri

32 Brian Paterson Thornton RC
Russ Mason Thornton RC 01:16:23
Richard Foster Thornton RC

33 Valerie Place (W) 7oaks Tri
Sarah Roy (W) 7oaks Tri 01:17:12
Joame Stephens-Smith (W) 7oaks Tri

34 Martyn Peal San Fairy Ann CC
Phil Burke San Fairy Ann CC 01:18:09
David Tibbit San Fairy Ann CC 1 min L/S

35 Miranda Weller (W) San Fairy Ann CC
Rosemary Tomlinson (W) San Fairy Ann CC 01:21:41
Bernadette Conefrey (W) San Fairy Ann CC

36 Claire Furze (W) Medway Velo
Rita Williams (W) Medway Velo 01:35:32
Karen Florey (W) Medway Velo

25 Mile Time Trial on the Q25/8 (Molash – Milton – Kennington – Chilham course)
Entries to: – Malcolm Strickland, 25 Coniston Drive, Aylesham, Canterbury, Kent. CT3 3HZ
Entry Fee: – £8.00


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