Tour du Loir et Cher: Stage 1


Node 4’s Daniel Barry is best placed from the British teams in 12th place in the UCI 2.2 stage race, Tour du Loir et Cher.

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In a select group battling for the win on stage 1 of the Tour du Loir et Cher, Blois to Nouan-le-Fuzelier (107 miles), Node4 Giordana’s new import from New Zealand, Daniel Barry was the only rider left from the British teams competing in the race, 12th.

Olympic champion Ed Clancy (Rapha Condor JLT), in a crash fest of a race with many at the front of the peloton, finished 32nd, 13 seconds adrift of the leaders, in a tough finish with the race split into a lot of little groups. Leader of the Kiwi ‘clan’ having raced for Node 4-Giordana in 2012, Mike Northey was 36th, 19 seconds back,

1 THOMEL Tino Team NSP – Ghost 03:59:22
2 DUPONT Timothy Ventilair – Steria @ st
3 YSSAAD Yannis CM Aubervilliers -BigMat @ st
4 ARIESEN Johim Cycling Team Jo Piels @ st
5 CARDIS Romain Vendée U @ st

12 BARRY Daniel Node 4 – Giordana Racing Team @ st
32 CLANCY Edward Rapha Condor @ 13
36 NORTHEY Michael Node 4 – Giordana Racing Team @ 19 secs
42 VARLEY Christian Node 4 – Giordana Racing Team 00:47
59 WILLIAMSON James Node 4 – Giordana Racing Team @ st
86 BUGGLE Arron Rapha Condor 01:18
104 RODGER Shem Node 4 – Giordana Racing Team @ 1.41
112 ENGLISH Felix Rapha Condor 02:29
135 HOUSE Kristian Rapha Condor @3.41
137 MCCALLUM James Rapha Condor @st
142 STEPHENSON William Rapha Condor 04:15



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