Report/Results: Elveden Road Races # 2


Double Olympic and World Champion Laura Trott OBE, did not fail to impress in her appearances in the Elveden Road Races

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Mark Burchett (Mildenhall CC) on behalf of LCCRL

In the women’s race, where she lined up alongside her sister Emma who rides for the Dutch Women’s Pro team Boels-Dolmans, she produced a technically perfect ride that was captivating to watch.

Having stayed in the leading bunch for the first lap before she made her move, she then spent the rest of the ten-race out on her own. At a metronomic rate she produced near identical lap times averaging 9 minutes 22 seconds on the smooth tarmac roads of Lord Iveagh’s Elveden Estate.

Only on the last lap did she, not surprisingly, afford herself the luxury of slowing down marginally, before finishing 5 minutes 8 seconds ahead of Siobhan McNamara (DID)

The Wiggle Honda rider said “I regretted going so early as it was hard out there on your own, there was a massive head wind in places.”

“I had hoped Emma would have come with me, but none of the other girls in that leading group were used to working together and there was no way she was going to do it on her own”

While McNamara won the bunch sprint for second place, Emma Trott came in at the back of that group to finish in seventh place.

The Trott sisters then competed in the main senior event for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Category riders and although it was no walk in the park for them they were both in contention for much of the 30 mile race. Sadly heavy rain and strengthening winds from the second lap onwards made it hard going for everyone.

Several riders attempted to break away, but none succeeded so it came down to terrific bunch sprint with just six seconds separating the top seven finishers. Joishua Green (Glendene CC) just got it on the line ahead of Tom Neale (Spalding CC) and Jonathan Shuster (Team Corley Cycles), who were all given the same time!

Although the weather took its toll on Emma, Laura Trott finished in 26th place, just one minute 37 seconds behind Green, but then she had already cruised to victory in the 32 mile Women’s race!

It was very refreshing that in between both of these races, the darling of the GB National track squad, happily signed autographs and posed for pictures. This is an area, unlike top professionals in other sports she revealed “I really enjoy dealing with people and its important that I don’t disappoint them”

Whereas Victoria Pendleton MBE, a Golden Life Member of Mildenhall Cycling Club, was her role model as she developed in the sport, she readily accepts that the mantle has passed to her but she remains very grounded and in touch with everyday cyclists, which can only help cycling become even more popular.

In the Youth A race (Under 16’s) Tom Yiancou ( held his nerve to win the 15-rider sprint for the line, ahead of Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club team-mates Lewis Bully and Callum O’Hara. Just three seconds separated the next 12 riders, after their seven laps of the three and half mile circuit.

While in the Youth B race over the shorter distance of five laps, Timothy Torrie (Chelmer CC) had a far more comfortable victory, finishing 2 minutes 39 seconds ahead of his closest rival, Matthew Ellis (Spalding CC).

The first race of the day was for the 4th Category riders with Ross Fawcett (Ipswich BC) and Gavin Barron (Iceni Velo) working well together to forge themselves a lead ahead of the bunch. As they approached the finishing line, Fawcett made his move with 200 yards to go and Barron was unable to respond losing out by five seconds.

Afterwards organiser Ken Jolliffe said “I feel tired but elated that the day went so well. In the Women’s race Laura showed just what a class act she is”

The events at Elveden are going from strength to strength and for the third in the five event series, they had a record entry of 326, which included 64 youth riders.

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1 Laura Trott OBE Wiggle Honda 13:01:22
2 Siobhan McNamara DID 13:06:30
3 Laura Massey Abergavenny 13:06:30
4 Hayley Jones Node 4 Giordana Womens Team 13:06:31
5 Emily Nelson Halesowen A & CC 13:06:33
6 Alexie Shaw Les Filles Racing Team 13:06:33
7 Emma Trott Boels-Dolmans 13:06:38
8 Keira McVitty Team Zenith/ 13:07:25
9 Helen Ralston Les Filles Racing Team 13:07:27
10 Tanya Griffiths Ipswich BC 13:07:27

4th Cats
1 Ross Fawcett Ipswich BC 10:50:52
2 Gavin Barron Iceni Velo 10:50:57
3 Paul Groombridge Iceni Velo 10:51:11
4 Willem de Boer Cambridge CC 10:51:11
5 David Lambourn High Wycombe Cycling Club 10:51:12
6 Bjorn Krylander Cambridge CC 10:51:12
7 James Hockridge Colchester Rovers CC 10:51:12
8 Daniel Carr Boston Whls CC 10:51:12
9 Jamie Leung Manchester Whlrs Club 10:51:13
10 Basil Adamo London Phoenix CC 10:51:14

2/3/4th Cats
1 Joishua Green Glendene CC 16:50:13
2 Tom Neale Spalding CC 16:50:13
3 Jonathan Shuster Team Corley Cycles 16:50:13
4 Martin Ruepp Iceni Velo 16:50:14
5 Felix Barker St Ives CC 16:50:16
6 Lloyd Chapman Glendene CC 16:50:18
7 Chris Bartlett Metaltek 16:50:19
8 George Wood Maldon & District CC 16:51:09
9 Anthony Morris Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) 16:51:11
10 Mark Botteley Bourne Whls CC 16:51:13

Youth A (under 16)
1 Tom Yiancou 14:55:08
2 Lewis Bulley Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 14:55:09
3 Callum O’Hara Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 14:55:09
4 William Mapus-Smith West Suffolk Wheelers & Triathl 14:55:09
5 Frank Longstaff Colchester Rovers CC 14:55:09
6 Marcus Burnett Team Corley 14:55:09
7 Mitchell Powell Team Terminator 14:55:09
8 James Jackson Colchester Rovers CC 14:55:10
9 William Hughes Ipswich BC 14:55:10
10 Matthew Clements Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 14:55:10

Youth B (Under 14)
1 Timothy Torrie Chelmer CC 14:56:55
2 Matthew Ellis Spalding CC 14:59:34
3 William Raymond Welwyn Whls CC 14:59:34
4 Dougal Toms Iceni Velo 14:59:35
5 Zak Coleman Great Yarmouth CC 14:59:35
6 Thomas Durkin Welwyn Whls CC 15:00:53
7 Alexander Tarlton Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club 15:00:53
8 Matthew Baker Gt Yarmouth CC 15:01:01
9 Aaron Bateman Bourne Whls CC 15:01:05
10 Toby Miles Welwyn Whls CC 15:01:19


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