Report/Results: Ciclos Uno Spring Criterium Series


The third and final event in the Ciclos Uno Spring Series was held at the Redbridge Cycling Centre on Sunday 12th May and a total of seventy two riders signed on for the two age related races.

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Event 3 Sunday 12th May

Fifty one riders started the race for Categories ABCD over one hour and five laps on the lower circuit. After ten minutes of racing five riders including Bob Downs (Condor), Martin Meades and Barry Neal (Ciclos Uno), and Andrew Bates (ColourTech) escaped from the main bunch and soon gained a lead of fifteen seconds.

After a further 15 minutes of racing they were joined by Antony Wallis (Ciclos Uno). The six escapees were reduced to five after thirty minutes but they continued to increase their lead to eventually lap the field. After fifty minutes Antony Wallis escaped from the five and powered on to take the honours.

Of the remaining four Martin Meades crossed the line in second place with Bob Downs third, Andrew Bates fourth and Barry Neal fifth.

A/B/C//D Overall
1st Antony Wallis Ciclos Uno A
2nd Martin Meades Ciclos Uno B
3rd Bob Downs Condor Team D
4th Andrew Bates ColourTech B
5th Barry Neal Ciclos Uno B
6th Lee Desborough St Ives C.C. A
7th David Farrow Eagle R.C. B
8th Trevor Whittock Lea Valley C.C. C
9th Paul Bird Team Virgin Active B
10th Mick Lee Cicely FDN D
11th Dougie Fox Crawley Wheelers D
12th Nick White East London Velo A
13th Bill Hawkes Adalta C.C. B
14th Colin Jinks LVRC Private C
15th Mark Simpson ColourTech C
16th Dave Crowe ColourTech C
17th Tim Pettit Essex Roads C.C. C
18th Philip Murrell Finsbury Park C.C. A
19th Neil Dowie Shorter Rochford B
20th Steve Murrell LVRC Private A
21st Pete Elms ColourTech B
22nd Paul Freeman Alpha R.C. D
23rd Andy Miles V.C.Elan A
24th Richard Birtwhistle Sydenham Wheelers D
25th Martin Ryan Ford C.C. B
26th Steve Smith Redbridge C.C. D
27th Sean Bolton Eagle R.C. C
28th Richard Lofthouse Eagle R.C. A
29th Chris Edwards 4T+ Velo Club D
30th Paul Fairman San fairy Ann C.C. D
31st Eric Paillet North Road C.C. A
32nd Colin Smith West Kent R.C. C
33rd Stephen Piper LVRC Private C
34th Paul Daniel Medway Velo C
35th Leo Bowers LVRC Private A
36th Mark Harris Braintree Velo C
37th Steve Enright V.C.Revolution D

Primes: Lee Desborough, Antony Wallis, Nick White, Andrew Bates

Category ‘A’
1st Antony Wallis
2nd Lee Desborough
3rd Nick White

Category ‘B’
1st Martin Meades
2nd Andrew Bates
3rd Barry Neal

Category ‘C’
1st Trevor Whittock
2nd Colin Jinks
3rd Mark Simpson

Category ‘D’
1st Bob Downs
2nd Mick Lee
3rd Doug Fox

Category E/F/G/H
In the Category EFG&H (60yrs plus) race there were twenty one starters on the start line for the race over one hour plus three laps of the lower circuit.

The bunch remained together for forty minutes then Geoff Wiles (Abellio), Ralph Keeler (Wheels-in-Wheels) and Dave Brown (Private) broke clear and stayed away to finish in the same order as the previous race on 5 May with Geoff Wiles taking the honours from Ralph Keeler with Dave Brown in third place.

Categories EF&G Overall
1st Geoff Wiles Abellio-SFA F
2nd Ralph Keeler Wheels in Wheels E
3rd Dave Brown LVRC Private E
4th Pete Constable Velo Schils/Interbike E
5th Olivier MacPherson Planet Velo E
6th Phil Stone Thornton R.C. E
7th John Leitch Redhill C.C. F
8th Colin Mannakee Glendene C.C. F
9th David Smith G.S.Avanti F
10th Dave Williams Kingsnorth Int. E
11th Richard Fraczek Essex Roads C.C. E
12th Billy McNamara Clarencourt C.C. O.C.
13th Dave Whybrow Southend Wheelers G
14th Chris Glithero North Road C.C. E
15th Leigh Aldrich V.C.Elan O.C.
16th Chas Wilde Eagle R.C. H
17th Stanley Franklin Medway Velo F
18th Roy Godbeer Southend Wheelers H

Primes: Ralph Keeler, Colin Mannakee

Category ‘E’
1st Ralph Keeler
2nd Dave Brown
3rd Pete Constable

Category ‘F’
1st 73 Geoff Wiles
2nd 84 John Leitch
3rd 90 Colin Mannakee
Category ‘G’ Category ‘H’
1st Dave Whybrow 1st 74 Chas Wilde

Series results and prizes will be available at Hog Hill from Thursday 16th May and all subsequent LVRC events at Hog Hill and Dunton

Fred Little, Organiser



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