Results: Circuit Racing in Blackpool


Results: Dean Higham & Eve Dixon among the winners at the Blackpool circuit race on Saturday

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Category 3/4
1. Dean Higham, Middleton CC
2. Andrew Martin,
3. Ryan McGillick, Mossley CRT
4. Mike Farnell,
5. Connor French, Cycle Sport Pendle
6. Adam Hartley, Velocity WD-40
7. Richard Ranson, Houghton CC
8. James Dyson, JRT
9. Anthony Windle, Dave Hinde RT
10. Ashton Payne, Hope Factory racing

1. Eve Dixon, Maxgear RT
2. Lauren Brown, Abergavenny RC
3. Claire Rutherford, Team Wheelguru


Under 16
1. Thomas Figgins, Bolton Hot Wheels
2. Harris Redgrove, Sportcity Velo
3. Adan Hall, Salt Ayre Cog Set
4. Timothy Jones, Cycle Sport Pendle
5. Joseph Baldwin, Salt Ayre Cog Set
6. Harry French, Cycle Sport Pendle
7. Bailey Payne, Cycle Sport Pendle
8. Ryan Coulton, Salt Ayre Cog Set
9. Sam Monkhouse, Salt Ayre Cog Set
10. Daniel Hulmes, Bolton Hot Wheels

Under 14
1. Alistair Leivers, Blackpool Youth Cycle Assoc
2. Daniel Gibson, Liverpool Century
3. Michael Hall, Furness Future Flyers
4. Lewis Hartley, Eastlands Velo
5. Andrew Hatherway, Bolton Hot Wheels
6. Elliot Reed, Salt Ayre Cog Set
7. Katie Helsby, Eastlands Velo first girl
8. Jack Barton, Furness Future Flyers
9. Brendan Thomason(Liverpool Century

Under 12
1. Isaac Peatfield, Bolton Hot Wheels
2. George Elliot, Liverpool Century
3. Thomas Bater, Mossley CRT
4. Adam Hatherway, Bolton Hot Wheels
5. Holly Stayner, Blackpool Youth Cycle Assoc first girl

Under 10
1. Ben Peatfield, Bolton Hot Wheels
2. James Higham, Eastland Velo
3. Lachlan Hacker, Nth Cheshire Clarion
4. Niamha Albones, Liverpool Century first girl
5. Thomas Bickerstaffe, Blackpool Youth Cycle Assoc

Under 8
1. Euan Hacker, Nth Cheshire Clarion
2. Joel Sargeant, Blackpool Youth Cycle Assoc
3. Scott Fisher, Furness Future Flyers
4. Deetray Jarrett, Blackpool Youth Cycle Assoc
5. Tom Eliot, Liverpool Century
6. Trayden Jarrett, Blackpool Youth Cycle Assoc
7. Saul Ashton, Blackpool Youth Cycle Association


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