Report: Ashley Proctor wins the Danum Trophy


Ashley Proctor wins the 2013 Don Valley Wheelers promotion, the Danum Trophy

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Julie Rodman reports …

Known as a hard roadmans event, Martin Maltby of Don Valley Wheelers decided to reinstate the race on a new course and carry on the tradition with rolling roads, steep descents, nice climb to split the bunch up, plus throw in a couple of villages and a sharp ninety degree left turn to have the ingredients for a great event.

The course was rolled out of the headquarters for 10 laps of the undulating course and it wasn’t long before we had a breakaway rider gaining 15 seconds on the peloton. By the end of lap two, two riders had broken away Ashley Proctor (Bike Box and Chris Fothergill (Clay Cross RT) and these were to build a gap slowly to 1.03 by the end of lap four.

The main bunch was happy to leave them out there to suffer on their own, but these two worked well together. The peloton got them back to 25 seconds at one point before they were joined by James Baille (Langsett Cycles) and Gareth McInnes (Energy cycles).

This was to be the decisive move as the four worked in unison over the South Yorkshire rolling countryside. Two riders tried to bridge the gap, Rob Watkinson of the promoting club and Andrew Shaw (Out Of The Saddle racing team).

With the race being run with the help of the North East NEG outriders, the riders could descend in safety around the course and have ample cover. As we started the seventh lap, other groups of riders got together to form a break of ten off the main bunch but this was brought back. It wasn’t until the final two laps that the attacks came to go for the placings from 7th onwards.

The breakaway riders had by this time gained a gap of 2:45 with the chasers a further 1:30 behind. A crowd had gathered in the village of Sprotborough and the residents came out to cheer the riders on. They weren’t disappointed as the event was won in style by Ashley Proctor gaining him his first class licence points, followed by James Baille, from Gareth McInnes and Chris Fothergill. Rob Watkinson led in the two chasers with Andrew Shaw taking a well deserved 6th place.

Simon Walmsley, Dirtwheels was to take the sprint for the minor placings from Alex Orrell Turner VSCyckes and Richard Moore Squadra RT. An excellent Don Valley production on a new course, even the rain stayed off, well marshalled and well protected by the motorbike outriders. They are now planning next year Roll on 2014.

1. Ashley Proctor. Bike Box 2:32.02
2. James Bailles. Langsett cycles
3. Gareth McInnes. Energy Cycles
4. Chris Fothergill. Clay Cross RT
5. Rob Watkinson. Doncaster Wheelers RC @ 2.10
6. Andrew Shaw. Out of the Saddle RT
7. Simon Walmsley. Dirtwheels RT
8. Alex Orrell Turner. VS Cycles
9. Richard Moore. Squadra RT
10. Tom Bracegirdle Biketreks
11. Andrew Sedgewick Langsett Cycles
12. Harry Shackleton. Team Elite – Paul Bethell Electrical.
13. Steven Fidler. Dave Hindle RT
14. Glen Turnbull. Patron RT
15. Ben Harvey. Rutland CC


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