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Another win for Dillon Byrne and one for Jon Green too at week 13 of the circuit race league in Salt Ayre

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Thanks to Nev Pearson, Salt Ayre Cycling Association

It’s July and the summer rain was incessant at Salt Ayre. The girls, knowing better, stayed at home but 17 “real men” took to the start line. The small field may have helped but despite the soaking track there were no incidents although marshal Sandy Lockett had to warn of the impending arrival of a herd of horses from an adjacent field but they were thankfully diverted.

Early in the race Jon Green (Kuota) and Andrew Butler (Lune RCC) decided the conditions were too easy and took off for a long 2 up break that stayed away with Jon just getting the verdict in the sprint. Meanwhile, back in the bunch, Andy Markham (Lune RCC) also decided to lessen the odds with a solo effort for the last 3 laps to secure 3rd ahead of the bunch led home by Anthony Windle (Dave Hinde RT).

3/4/W race 40mins + 3 laps
1st Jon Green Kuota
2nd ` Andrew Butler Lune RCC
3rd Andy Markham Lune RCC
4th Anthony Windle Dave Hinde RT
5th Rob Bagot Warrington
6th Paolo Brucciani Lune RCC
7th Joe Westwood Cycle Sport Pendle
8th Ben Harrison BC PM
9th Simon Arundel Liverpool Mercury
10th Matthew Williams-Jones Sheffield Uni
11th Gary Todd Barrow Central Whls
12th Mark Children Lune RCC
13th Joe Baldwin Salt Ayre Cog Set
14th Chris Vaughan
15th Steve Wilson Barrow Central Whls
16th Jack Wilson Project De-watering
17th Adrian Hamilton Lancaster CC

E/1/2 race 1 hour + 5 laps

A race with only 10 starters should be easy to follow but with those 10 spread all round the track, some lapped, some with mechanical problems, the lap counter had to be vigilant. Dillon Byrne (Maxgear) was the clear lone winner, lapping all but 2nd and 3rd place riders. Junior rider Henry hunter (Teamwallis) and youth rider John Didsbury (Salt Ayre Cog Set) rode together in pursuit until the last 2 laps when Henry decided not to wait for the sprint and left John to finish alone. George Nolan (Clitheroe BC) recently promoted to 2nd cat after several wins in the 3/4 race, then won the sprint from a small group of survivors for 4th.

1st Dillon Byrne Maxgear
2nd Henry Hunter Teamwallis
3rd John Didsbury Salt Ayre Cog Se
4th George Nolan Clitheroe BC
5th Steve Abbott Teamwallis
6th Anthony Windle Dave Hinde RT
7th Andrew Butler Lune RCC
8th James Claydon Bill Nickson
9th Paolo Brucciani Lune RCC

Thanks to for sponsorship, Tony Sweeney for Commisairing, Graham Atkinson for cleaning the track, Kay Atkinson for running the sign-on and result desk (and being organiser for the evening whilst Nev Pearson did Assistant Commisaire) and to Biketreks RT for providing 3 willing but wet marshals.
Nev Pearson, Salt Ayre Cycling Association


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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