Report/Results: George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits Race 4


 Stuart Bettis  & Martin Rowark winners at the last race in the George Samuel Hove Park Crits Series for 2013 (Brighton)

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Dedication: From Tony Impey (father of Daryl, yellow jersey in the Tour de France): “I knew George Samuel as a caring parent who would always be there to support Bruce at a race. I also had the pleasure of George supporting my store over a number of years, I found him to have a dry sense of humour which I liked and missed that when he returned to the U.K . To have a Criterium named after him is fantastic and I’m sure he would love to be remembered like that. I wish the Samuel Family every success with this race, may it go from strength to strength”

Cat 2/3 race
The fourth and final race in the 2013 series saw the arrival of both the much-predicted British summer and the Tour de France. It would be fair to that the combination of these two factors – plus the closeness of the contenders for the overall prize in the George Samuel Memorial Crits Series – had generated much excitement amongst the cyclists and spectators gathered at Hove Park.

The current leader in the series, Jules Birk (VC Londres), was once again absent (as was another of the challengers for overall Mike Coyle (Brighton Mitre)) so with double points on offer it would be a battle royale between Phil Glowinski (VC Londres) and Stuart Bettis (Southdowns Bikes).

Immediately after the whistle went it was Bettis and Rupert Denny (Dream Cycling) who commenced hostilities by attacking off the front but they were swiftly brought back by an attentive bunch. Prime 1 saw Glowinski take full points followed by Bettis and Elliot Lipski (VC Elan). It was clear that Bettis and Glowinksi were determined to ride for the series title. Denny was one of the most aggressive riders throughout the race once again making a solo effort whilst the bunch kept an eye on things and played tactical games with each other.

Several attacks from Brighton Mitre kept things interesting but the bunch was back together for prime 2 with Glowinski taking more points from Bettis. At just over half way Ian Robbins (Brighton Mitre) put in a massive dig and looked like sneaking away with the win but Glowinski produced a fine turn of speed to reel back Robbins and take prime 3 ahead of Robbins and Bettis.

A counter move from Denny and Giorgios Crouch (VC Meudon) surprised everyone and it was not long before they had the race winning move. Bettis knew what he had to do and in a powerful display of riding bridged the gap to the two escapees. Bettis now had the upper hand and was looking certain to take the win whilst Glowinksi was back in a bunch that had settled down for the final sprint.

A determined Bettis stormed up the finishing straight to take the win from Denny and Crouch to take maximum points – the series winner would be decided on where Glowinski placed in the bunch sprint. A sneaky move from Mark Emlsey (Brighton Excelsior) saw him snatch 4th place.

A nervous crowd awaited the bunch and it was Glowinski who took the sprint giving him 5th place and it proved enough to give him the series title ahead of Bettis and Jules Birk. Glowinski was crowned overall winner of the 2013 George Samuel Memorial Series and certainly proved himself worthy champion. However, all the riders who took part must be credited with producing a series of exciting and dramatic racing and we look forward to the 2014 series!

Cat 2/3 Results
1. Stuart Bettis (Southdowns Bikes)
2. Rupert Denny (Dream Cycling)
3. Georgios Crouch (VC Meudon)
4. Mark Emsley (Brighton Excelisor)
5. Philip Glowinski (VC Londres)
6. Iain Robin (Brighton Mitre)
7. Nathen Fletcher (ASL 360)
8. Iain Cook (VC Londres)
9. Jamie Durmush (VC Elan)
10. Paul Barnard (Southdowns Bikes)
11. Gavin Starling (Brighton Mitre)
12. Robert Quin (Brigthon Mitre)
13. Brock Duncumb-Rogers (Preston Park Youth)
14. Conner Murphy (VC Jubilee)
15. Zak Corum-Haines (VC Jubilee)
16. Elliott Lipski (VC Elan)
17. George Moore (ASL 360)
18. Martin Edmonds (Brighton Mitre)
19. Ross Strindel (Sussex Nomands)
20. Tony Baker (Crawley Wheelers)
21. Mathew Leary (In-Gear)

2013 George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Overall Points Final Standings

1. Philip Glowinski (VC Londres)………..96pts
2. Stuart Bettis (Southdowns Bikes)……..89pts
3. Jules Birks (VC Londres)……………….50pts
4. Georgios Crouch (VC Meudon)……….34pts
5. Iain Cook (VC Londres)…….…………..32pts
6. Michael Coyle (Brighton Mitre)…..……27pts
6. Wayne Crombie (East London Velo)…..27pts
8. Rupert Denny (Dream Cycling)…………24pts
9. Dan Gardener (ASL 360)…………….…20pts
10. Iain Robin (Brighton Mitre)……………16pts
10. Mark Emsley (Brighton Excelisor)…….16pts
12. Paul Flynn (Brighton Mitre)……………14pts
13. Elliott Lipski (VC Elan)…………………9pts
14. Nathen Fletcher (ASL 360)………………8pts
15. Patrick Martin (Wyndymilla)……………6pts
15. James Solly (VC Londres)………………6pts
17. Barney Willard (Ingear)…………………5pts
18. Gavin Starling (Brighton Mitre)………..4pts
18. Paul Butler (Ingear)……………………..4pts
18. Jamie Durmush (VC Elan)………………4pts
21. Joe Hyatt (Brighton Mitre)………………3pts
21. Jack Evans (Brighton Mitre)……………3pts
23. Matt Hill (V02 Development Team)…….2pts
23. Mark Westrun (Strada-Sport)…………..2pts
23. Paul Barnard (Southdowns Bikes)………2pts
26. Robert Quin (Brigthon Mitre)…………….1pts

Cat 4 Race
Before the drama of the Cat 2/3 race a very motivated group of Cat 4 racers rolled up to the start line ready to take on the testing Hove Park circuit for the fourth and final time this summer.

Dan Fagg (Brighton Mitre) decided to take the race by the scruff of the neck and attacked right from the start getting a small lead and stringing out the bunch. His efforts put riders into the red zone immediately and they never recovered. Fagg was soon brought to heel however and the bunch will all together for the special prime sprints arranged for the final race.

Robin Plowman (ASL 360) took first blood and it was ASL 360 and Crawley Wheelers who stared to shake things up. Despite the fierce tempo the bunch stayed together and prime 2 saw Jake Fieldsend (VC Jubilee) rocket from the group to take the prize.

With 5 laps to go many of the riders found the unrelenting pace too much and were left grinding around the circuit whilst the bunch readied itself for a group finish.

Despite ASL 360 driving the bunch through the last 2 laps it was Martin Rowark (Crawley Wheelers ) who took the win ahead of Jed Williamson (Private) and Luke Kennard (Mountain Trax).

A great race from Cat 4 riders and summed up the determined riding that the crits have seen throughout the series.

Cat 4 Results
1. Martin Rowark (Crawley Wheelers)
2. Jed Wulliainson (Private Member)
3. Luke Kennard (Mountain Trax)
4. Alex Stephenson (Brighton Mitre)
5. Philip Wallace-Tarryrs (Crawley Wheelers)
6. Simon Dowling (Brighton Mitre)
7. Nick Smith (Lewis Wanderers)
8. Kane Moore (ASL 360)
9. Robin Plowman (ASL 360)
10. Mathew Nixon (Brighton Mitre)
11. Jake Fieldsend (VC Jubilee)
12. Rob Painter (Brighton Excelisor)
13. James McCoy (Private Member)
14. Daniel Fagg (Brighton Mitre)
15. Trevor Roberts (Brighton Mitre)
16. Joss Beattie (Sussex Nomands)
17. Tim Mantle (Brighton Mitre)
DNF – Alex Bayfus (Sussex Nomads)


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