Report: Bottrill Smashes Course record in Nev Crane Memorial 25


Sunday morning Matthew Bottrill ( traveled to Lincolnshire to take part Nev Crane Memorial 25 mile time trial, a classic british event held in the small town of Donington-Near Sleaford.

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A line up of 100 riders would take part in the event and with an early start, the temperature and wind were just right. The riders would travel from the town of Donington and take in the villages of Osbournby -Quarrington before finishing back in Donington.


The race got underway and the standard had been set high, with a course record of 51:17, held by Bottrill. The course was no dragstrip, just single lanes, hard road surface and some undulating section which meant it was going to be a tough day on the road.

Lee Tunnicliffe of High Wycombe CC set the standard with 53:35. This was too good for the riders of the caliber of multi time trial medalist and former international rider Julian Ramsbottom (Scunthorpe Poly 53:58) and Former Junior time trial Champion Brett Harwood, (Terry Wright Cycles) 55:28.

With the most of the riders underway, it was time for Matthew Bottrill to take the the start ramp. A pre-race discussion with team helper Pete Lavine & they had joked before the start of doing a 49 minute ride(30mph!). The cloud lifted, the heat rose and Bottrill powered down the starting area. The roar and noise coming from the Giant Trinity SL advanced time trial bike with Smart Enve wheels was deafening, always a good indication that the speed is high!

Into the block head wind, the speed was around 28mph. It was looking like a new record was going to be out of reach! But, on the return leg, with a tail wind and Bottrill finding his legs, the numbers from the power-meter started to rise. Hitting speeds of 36mph, Bottrill stopped the clock in a time of 50:04 slicing a minute 13 secs of his old record!

Summing up his ride”, he said “I felt good today, and to be honest I’ve backed off the training loads and I’m just enjoying riding my bike at the minute. Hence I felt fresh today. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the event today, Sleaford wheeler’s and Doug Hall, put on a great promotion on and I feel very proud to have taken the title”


1st Matt Bottrill 50:04
2nd Lee Tunnicliffe High Wycombe CC 53:35:00
3rd Julian Ramsbottom Scunthorpe Polytechnic CC 53:58:00
4th Kristian Woolf Prestige VC 54:38:00
5th Brett Harwood Terry Wright Cycles RC 55:25:00
6th Jim Boyle Cherry Valley RT 55:28
7th Wendy Houvenaghel Bike Chain Ricci Ltd 55:36:00
8th Ian Houvenaghel One and all Cycling 55:43:00
9th Martin Reynolds Cambridge CC 56:20:00
10th Richard Robinson Scunthorpe Polytechnic CC 56:24:00
11th Ian Dalton Cherry Valley RT 56:32:00
12th Patrick Lince Flex-Tech Ettridge Cycles RT 56:39:00
13th George Thompson Sleaford Wheelers CC 57:09:00
14th Adrian Marshall Boston Whs 57:19:00
15th Ian Pike Fenland Road Club 57:24:00
16th Richard Hamblin Sleaford Wheelers CC 57:38:00
17th Neil Palmer Spalding CC 57:58:00
18th Andy Smith North Notts Olympic CC 58:08:00
Eq Sean Hunt Lincoln Wh CC 58:08:00
20th Alan Tunnicliffe Clay Cross RT 58:52:00
21st Simon Cooper Nottingham Clarion CC 59:33:00
22nd Martin Atkinson Kingscliffe Flyers 59:50:00
23rd Michael Lamb Kiveton Park CC 01:00:15
24th Paul Brownless Trent Valley Road Club 01:00:31
25th Andrew Gurney Spalding CC 01/01/2000
26th Martin Hedley Witham Wheelers 01/01/2003
27th Graham Briggs Flex-Tech Ettridge Cycles RT 01/01/2011
28th Henry Thompson Sleaford Wheelers CC 01/01/2025
29th Philip Morgan Kiveton Park CC 01/01/1932
30th Peter Watson Witham Wheelers 01/01/1956
31st John Farmer Witham Wheelers 01:02:27
32nd Ryan Thomas Alford Wheelers 1:02:36
33rd William Harrison Witham Wheelers 01:02:39
34th Ian Fensom Fenland Road Club 01:02:41
35th Richard Yates Witham Wheelers 01:03:16
36th Adrian Woolf Kingscliffe Flyers 01:03:18
37th Andrew Howett Sleaford Wheelers CC 01:03:30
38th John Beere Witham Wheelers 01:04:12
39th Neil Coles Boston Whs 01:04:16
Eq Michael Hepsley Sleaford Wheelers CC 01:04:16
41st John Odell Nottingham Clarion CC 01:04:20
42nd Nick Millward Sleaford Wheelers CC 01:04:40
43rd Carl Wilkinson Alford Wheelers 01:04:50
44th Paul Eveleigh Lincoln Wh CC 01:04:59
Eq Graham McAndrew Witham Wheelers 01:04:59
46th Harry Bellars Spalding CC 01:05:09
47th Derek Chamberlain Spalding CC 01:05:13
48th Simon Wright Spalding CC 01:05:21
49th Brendon Thomas Alford Wheelers 01:05:33
50th Stuart McKellar Sleaford Wheelers CC 01:06:02
51st John Needham Alford Wheelers 01:06:10
52nd Dave Ashley Sleaford Wheelers CC 01:06:11
53rd Karen Brooks Lincoln Wh CC 01:06:19
54th Lara Thornhill Witham Wheelers 01:06:22
55th Jennifer McAndrew Witham Wheelers 01:06:25
Eq Darren Smith Boston Whs 01:06:25
57th Paul Fairey Witham Wheelers 01:06:28
58th Paul Croft VTTA (Yorkshire) 01:06:36
59th Robert Waterhouse Rotherham Wheelers 01:06:43
60th Michael Stegeman Kingscliffe Flyers 01:06:49
61st David Herd Witham Wheelers 01:06:58
62nd Tom Webster Spalding CC 01:07:04
63rd Jim Davey London Fire Brigade CC 01:07:30
64th Alan Yost Alford Wheelers 01:07:43
65th Martin Lister Witham Wheelers 01:07:56
66th Peter Holland Lincoln Wh CC 01:08:08
67th Rod Weston Sleaford Wheelers CC 01:09:06
68th Simon Price RAF CA 01:11:12
Eq Peter Flint Boston Whs 01:11:12
70th Barry Drew Spalding CC 01:11:29
71st Treena Johnson VTTA (Yorkshire) 01:12:17
72nd Chris Close Sleaford Wheelers CC 01:13:42
73rd Stuart Waumsley Alford Wheelers 01:19:05

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