Results: UCLANsport Circuit Races


Steve Abbott & Peter Gaskell winners at week 15 of the UCLANsport Crits at Preston  

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1 Steve Abbott Team Wallis
2 Rob Adlard Velo29-Blackhawk
3 Tom Bracegirdle BikeTreks RA
4 Julian Pearson Team Wallis
5 James Claydon Bill Nickson Cycles
6 Jordan Rigby Team Wallis
7 Oliver Payton Cycle Sport Pendle
8 Dennis Lane Clayton Velo
9 James Dunlop Biketreks RA
10 Ashley Clitheroe Cycle Sport Pendle
11 Scot Bullivant Rock & Road Cycles
12 Martin Woffindin Cycle Sport Pendle
13 Mark McGavock Southport CC
14 Austin Aldred Bella Insella
15 Jerrod Hartley Horwich

1 Peter Gaskell TES
2 Connor French Cycle Sport Pendle
3 Adam Hartley Velocity WD-40
4 Dean Fargher Beacon Wheelers
5 Martin Lefley Bella Insella
6 Graham McMurray Cleveleys Road Club
7 Timothy Jones CSP
8 Neil Welsh Cycle Sport Pendle
9 Joe Westwood Cycle Sport Pendle
10 Adam Giddins PM
11 Will Erskine PM
12 Alan Bax Ribble Valley
13 Jack Cooper Red Rose
14 Robert Richardson BikeTreks Racing Academy
15 Neil Hamilton Cleveleys Road Club

Category A
1 Tom Figgins Bolton Hot Wheels
2 Harris Redgrove Sports City Velo
3 Bailey Payne Cycle Sport Pendle
4 Bill Cooper Red Rose Olympic
5 Christopher Pickles PM
6 Louis Halleron-Place Cycle Sport Pendle
7 Leah Peploe Tri Team Wigan
8 Sophie Myers Tri Team Wigan
9 Daniel Hulmes Bolton Hot Wheels
10 Josh Chapman Tri Team Wigan
11 Harry Field Red Rose Olympic
12 Sarah Gregson Ribble Valley Juniors

Category B
1 Alistair Leivers Blackpool Youth Cycling Asociation
2 Nathan Hawthorne Eastlands Velo
3 Lewis Hartley Eastlands Velo
4 Halley Woods Eastlands Velo
5 Taylor Goodram Bolton Hot Wheels
6 Anna Hulme Liverpool Mercury
7 Shay Easy Eastlands Velo
8 Andrew Hathaway Bolton Hot Wheels
9 James Noonan Preston Wheelers
10 Becky Gregson Ribble Valley Juniors

Category C
1. Isaac Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels
2 Tristan Pilling Middleton CC
3 Addam Hathaway Bolton Hot Wheels
4 Maisy Vasic Cycle Sport Pendle
5 Jocasta Minton Bolton Hot Wheels
6 Adam Hulme Liverpool Mercury
7 Carys Field Ribble Valley Juniors
8 Shannon Hawthorne Cycle Sport Pendle

Category D
1 Benjamin Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels
2 Barnaby Walkingshaw Beacon Wheelers
3 Connor Clarkson Cycle Sport Pendle
4 Harry Noonan Preston Wheelers

Category E
1 Deetry Jarrett Blackpool Youth Cycling Asociation
2 William Gregson Ribble Valley Juniors
3 Trayden Jarrett Blackpool Youth Cycling Asociation
4 Imogen Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels
5 Saul Ashton BYCA
6 Jake Holland Red Rose Olympic


RST Cycle Clothing & Trigon Bikes

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