Report/Results: 2013 British Circuit Race Championships


The 2013 British Circuit Race Champions in the iconic city of York today (Sunday) are Russell Downing and Hannah Barnes

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Preview of the racing is here

Mens Race Report


Russell Downing of NetApp-Endura, with little racing of late, showed he has lost none of his speed as he powers past Graham Briggs (Raleigh) to win the title with Ian Wilkinson (UK Youth) making his run on the right.

Rider Reactions:

Russell Downing (NetApp/Endura): “It was an amazing race and the noise was unbelievable. As Wilko said, Team UK Youth, Raleigh and Rapha were all over it. I had a little effort halfway through to open the pipes and was actually going full gas.”

“I sat back for probably five or six laps and picked Ed Clancy’s wheel and I saw him come out of the corner and blow and puff and I thought he’s knackered, so I moved up on my own, took a few risks, and then I was right in the thick of it.”

“I was third or fourth wheel out of the tight corner and got a good run out of it, behind Wilko and Cronshaw and Cronshaw went, and I had to go up the inside of him to follow Wilko and started my run just as Graham was coming up, Wilko drifted right, and I got squeezed in the middle. We were going pretty fast and the line came up pretty quick. I didn’t even get to lunge for the line as I was just getting on top of the gear.”

Ian Wilkinson (UK Youth) : We were down on numbers tonight, a couple of holiday makers not riding, so I rode a real cagey race whith Ed (Clancy) and Briggsy (Graham Briggs) having really strong teams. Mouldy, as we saw on Friday (winner at Beverley) is flying and away he went. We said before the start, everyman for himself, get down the road and see what happens.”

“On this circuit, they were chasing hard and that allowed me to sit in a bit. When he came back, I was floating round the front and the legs were not too bad but I just tied up 10 metres from the line. I could see the stripes but I just didn’t quite have enough. ”

“I’m pleased with the podium, and it’s good for UK Youth to be on there but I really wanted them stripes!”

Graham Briggs: (Raleigh) “Before the race tonight, I had a good chat with my friend Zak Dempster who said to me ‘you’ve won it once, just go into it relaxed how did you before and you’ll do good’ and that is how I approached tonight.”

“The training I have done over the last few weeks preparing for this was good and I had the legs tonight but just came from a little too far back on that second last corner where I had a bit of argy bargy with Dean (Downing) and came out of that corner fifth. I then just ran out of road at the line.”

“Cronshaw went on the back straight then Wilko, Russ and Dean and I tried to get on Rus’s wheel and there was some contact but that’s bike racing. Since Colne, the teams have come together well looking to set their sprinters up and the standard has gone up in the UK.”

“All the guys from Rapha and Raleigh committed tonight and it worked out well for me. The form has come back since May and with each race, I’m getting better and it’s about getting that confidence back to have that fight when it comes down to that last lap. I lost it a little in Beverley but tonight it was there.”


The Men’s championship was one of the best circuit races this year with attack after attack after attack but none succeeding and the result being decided in a bunch kick. Here’s how the race unfolded…


The big field gets underway. Behind them was a big screen showing the race live and behind the iconic York Minster. Graham Briggs and Ed Clancy both got good starts.


One of the top solo efforts was by Ian Bibby who held the peloton off for a good few laps before being caught.


Matt Cronshaw (IG Sigma Sport) had a good race with a solo effort off the front and was then the first to open up at the end, finishing 5th.


Mark Christian (Raleigh) and Pete Williams (IG Sigma Sport) had a little freedom but the race was so fast that breaks didn’t last long by and large.


Even Ed Clancy, favourite in a bunch kick, was off the front with Ian Wilkinson (UK Youth) and Graham Briggs (Raleigh).


Russell Downing had a dig to test the legs…. they passed with flying colours ;-)


Break of the race though was this one by the winner in Beverley Jon Mould (UK Youth) and Jack Pullar. They managed to stay clear to within sight of the finish before the bunch put an end to the escape.


Jon Mould went alone at the end but still didn’t have the speed to hold off the bunch.


The ‘trains’ then got on the front,  Rapha for Ed Clancy and Raleigh for Graham Briggs


Then Ian Bibby surprised them with a lone move but at that speed, it was difficult to hold off the bunch even on a tight circuit like York.


Bell lap and James McCallum leads the peloton with Briggs second wheel, Cronshaw ready to make his move and the Downings (Rus and Dean) and Ian Wilkinson all well place.


Post race and time to spray some champagne around.

Full Result

1. Russell Downing, Netapp-Endura
2. Graham Briggs, Raleigh
3. Ian Wilkinson, UK Youth
4. Dean Downing, Madison Genesis
5. Matt Cronshaw, IG Sigma Sport
6. Tobyn Horton, UK Youth
7. George Atkins, 100% ME
8. Tom Murray, metaltek
9. Pete Williams, IG Sigma Sport
10. Richard Hepworth, Node 4 Giordana
11. Will Bjergfelt, MG Maxifuel
12. Martin Ford, Herbalife
13. Andy Tennant, Madison Genesis
14. Adam Duggleby, Wheelbase
15. Will Fox, Metaltek
16. Liam Holohan, Madison Genesis
17. Mark Christian, Raleigh
18. Andrew Coupe, Wheelbase
19. Joe Kelly, GB Academy
20. Ed Clancy, Rapha Condor JLT

21. Lewis Craven, Wheelbase
22. Rhys Lloyd, Metaltek
23. Jacob Tipper, Biketreks
24. Steven Clarke, Wheelbase Altura
25. Jake Hales, IG Sigma Sport
26. Simon Wilson, Corley Cycles
27. Steven lawley, Bicycle WOrks
28. Alex Bottomely, Wheelbase
29. David Lines, MG MAxifuel
30. Daniel SMith, TS Racing
31. Robert Smail, Metaltek
32. Declan Bryne, MG MAxifuel
33. Will Stephenson, Rapha Condor JLT


Hannah Barnes won the Women’s title after an excellent ride. An early break formed and when it wasn’t coming back, Hannah crossed to it on her own and then won the sprint convincingly …


The look says it all, title number 22 for Hannah Barnes


Riders line up with favourites Hannah Barnes and Lucy Garner alongside each other.


Pace was on from the word go…


An early escape was going to blossom into something much more significant…


Talented Welsh youngster Amy Hill crosses to the front group adding a lot of firepower…


Lucy Garner was stranded in the bunch with Hannah Barnes just behind her.


The break of Eileen Roe (leading), Katie Archibald, Amy Hill and  Louise Borthwick surprised many by opening a gap that no-one was able to cross to …


… until Hannah Barnes did just that and then it was game over as they all committed to the break.


L-R: Amy Hill, Hannah Barnes and Eileen Roe, a real British podium with one from Wales, England and Scotland!

1. Hannah Barnes, MG Maxifuel
2. Eileen Roe, Breast Cancer Care
3. Amy Hill, Abergavenny RC
4. Katie Archibald, City of Edinburgh
5. Louise Borthwick, Edinburgh RC
6. Helen Wyman, Kona
7. Lucy Garner, Argos Shimano
8. Charline Joiner, MG Maxifuel
9. Emily Kay, Scott Contessa Epic
10. Corrine Hall, Matrix Fitness
11. Amy Roberts, Wiggle Honda
12. Emily Nelson, Halesowen
13. Ella Hopkins, Breat Cancer Care
14. Molly Weaver, Breast Cancer care
15. Hannah Walker, Matric Fitness
16. Bathany Hayward, Scott Contessa Epic
17. Iona Sewell,
18. Jo Tindley, Matrix Fitness
19. Natalie Creswick, Mulebar
20. Adela Carter, Hope Factory RT

21. Sarah Byrne, Maxgear
22. Melissa Lowther, Matrix Fitness
23. Harriet Owen, Matrix Fitness

Support Race 


Graham Morgan wins from David Mickelthwaite and Mike Miss.

Support Race
1 Graham Morgan
2 David Micklethwaite
3 Mike Moss
4 Martin Kennedy
5 Stephen Robinson
6 Matthew Mannakee
7 Joshua Cutler
8 James Dyson
9 Adrian Agar
10 Duncan Smith


Graham goes solo after having forced the five then four man move away.


Bunch sprint in the 3-4 race


The break before it split into two and the Morgan went solo



Reece Wood wins the Youth race solo


Reece and a teammate away off the front with a lap to go


The chasing group in the Youth race.


Category ‘A’ (Under 16 Boys)
1st Reece Wood
2nd Ralf Hodgson
3rd Jake Beech

Category ‘B’ (Under 14 Boys )
1st Harry Hardcastle
2nd William Turnbull
3rd Brad Dransfield ?

Category ‘A’ (Under 16 Girls )
1st Kirsty Boak

Category ‘B’ (Under 14 Girls)
1st Anna Docherty
2nd Mia Richardson
3rd Sophie Thackray

Previous Winners

2012 Lucy Garner
2011 Hannah Barnes
2010 Hannah Barnes
2009 Dani King
2008 Joanna Rowsell
2007 Lizzie Armitstead
2006 Lizzie Armitstead
2005 Amy Hunt

2012 Scott Thwaites
2011 Graham Briggs
2010 Ed Clancy
2009 Russell Downing
2008 Dean Downing
2007 James McCallum
2006 James Taylor
2005 Mark Cavendish


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