Report: Welwyn Friday Night Track League


A fast and entertaining evenings racing at the Welwyn Friday Night Track League on July 26 with a welcome revival in numbers in the Senior A group

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Youth numbers were lower than normal due to a mass migration to Assen for International Youth week. The opening Senior B race was won by newcomer Doug Cameron who added a second victory in the 10 lap Odds and Evens block Pursuit when 4 riders split the ‘evens’ group in half and won by a comfortable margin with good team work.

All four of the Senior A events were run flat out – the 10 lap Points was run at 30mph and points were hard to pick up – Mark Smith won with 10 pts and the next five riders all scored 6 points and last lap finishing order was vital to get a top four position.

The closing 10 mile was run at a frantic pace in a good quality field, breakaway attempts were rapidly closed down and the distance was completed in the fastest time for 2 years at 21 minutes dead. George Farrell making a rare appearance at his home Track League won the sprint as the top four covered by a wheel. He also won the Devil to round off a good evening

In the Youth series Jordan Mooney notched up 3 wins in Youth A while Carl Jolly won all four of the BC group events.
The expanding CDE group was dominated by the home club riders but a number of riders making their first venture into the Track League put up some encouraging performances and will be back formore next week.

Kristian Manzi increased his lead in the series with Lauren Higham lying in second place

Senior A
10 lap scr – Kristian Woolf (Prestige) Jack Plumley (Welwyn) Mark Smith (Welwyn)
10 lap Points –Mark Smith (Welwyn) Henry Farrell (Welwyn) Neil Fraser (Stevenage)
Devil – George Farrell (Welwyn) Mark Smith (Welwyn) Martin Dawkins (Team Quest)
10 mile – George Farrell (Welwyn)Andrew Hastings (Finchley RT) Kristian Woolf (Prestige)

Senior B
10 lap Scr – Douglas Coleman (CC Luton) Sam Dossett (Welwyn) Adrian Trott (Welwyn)
Devil – Anthony Morris (CC Ashwell) Tony Marriott (HertsWhs) Ben Smith (Welwyn)
10 lap Block Pursuit– Douglas Coleman (CC Luton) Anthony Morris (CC Ashwell) Ben Smith (Welwyn)

Youth A
10 lap Scr – Jordan Mooney (Welwyn) James McKay (Harringay) Charles Page (Hillingdon)
Devil – Jordan Mooney (Welwyn) Charles Page (Hillingdon) Glen Dossett (Welwyn)
8 lap Points – Jordan Mooney (Welwyn) Charles Page (Hillingdon) Bradley Clarke (Green Arrow)
8 Lap Handicap – Cai Davis(Welwyn) Bradley Clarke (Green Arrow) Josh Wilkins (Rockingham Forrest)

Youth B
5 lap Scr – Karl Jolly (Hillingdon) Michael Parry (Welwyn)(Welwyn) Lawrence Lissher (Green Arrow)
Devil – Karl Jolly (Hillingdon) Michael Parry (Welwyn) Lawrence Lisher (Green Arrow)
Points – Karl Jolly (Hillingdon) Michael Parry(Welwyn) Toby Miles (Welwyn)
6 lap Handicap – Karl Jolly (Hillingdon) Michael Parry (Welwyn) Toby Miles (Welwyn)

Youth CDE
3 lap Scr – Christian Manzi , Lauren Higham, Joe Kylie (all Welwyn)
3 lap H’Cap – Joe Kiely, Janie Dene, Michael Sumner (all Welwyn)
Devil – Christian Manzi, Joe Kylie, Lauren Higham (all Welwyn)
4 lap H’cap – Christian Manzi, Lauren Higham, Joe Kiely (all Welwyn)

Peter Waghorn


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