Report/Results: Albarosa CC York Sport Circuit Races


Lots of racing at the Albarosa CC promotion at the York Sport circuit where the sun shone before the rain turned the circuit into a lake

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Albarosa Crits – by Julie Rodman

It was the first time new club on the block Albarosa CC had organised at the York Sport circuit and they did Yorkshire racing proud. We were led into a false sense of security when the sun shone for the first race of the day, it wasn’t to last and we literally had riders aquaplaning across the circuit by the ladies race second on the calender.

What this event lacked in weather it was made up for in enthusiasm.

It was fantastic to see so many wet bedraggled riders enthusiastic on the line and still having their sense of humour in tact. Today had everything, spills, punctures, riders going off course in the wet and attitude.

Elite/1/2/3 race

The rain was till tumbling down as 21 of the scheduled 23 riders took to the line. The pace, like the other races, set off at a rapid rate. The riders were strung out from the first lap and a pleasure to watch going down the back straight.

The first moves came by lap 7 out of 31, with the key instigators including Pete Barusecicus (Dirtwheels), Craig Anderson (Achieve RT), Shaun Nicholson (Black Hawk bikes) and Alex Bottomley (Wheelbase).

These four worked well together and soon gained a twenty second lead on the chasing riders. As the whistle was blown for the two primes, the riders were ready for a sprint to the line, which was won by Alex Bottomley from Craig Anderson.

The next action came with four laps to go when Daniel Webb (Team Cystic Fibrosis) made his move to break away from the main bunch. The final sprint came own to the wire with Pete Barusevicus who knows every inch of the circuit taking the win, from Craig Anderson, Alex Bottomley and Shaun Nicholson, with Danny Webb coming in for 5th place.

1. Pete Barusevicus. Dirtwheels RT
2. Craig Anderson. Achieve RT
3. Alex Bottomley. wheelbase
4. Shaun Nicholson. Blackhawks Bikes
5. Daniel Webb. Team Cystic Fibrosis
6. Matt Foston. Langdale Lightweights
7. Dave Micklewaite. 3RT
8. Matt Bulmer. Dirtwheels RT
9. Joseph White
10. Jack Rees
11. Julian Judge
12. Tom Garwell. Dirtwheels RT
13. James Anderson
14. Paul McDonald. Chevin Cycles
15. Steve Johnson. Slipstream RT

Category 4
The first race was for the 4th cats and it set off like a bullet out of a gun, no breathing space at all. The first attacks came quick and fast, with the 32 riders taking to the line it was sure to be a great race and we weren’t disappointed.

Pete Harrison (Elite CC) and Neil Harris (University of York) were to gain a 15 second gap and to hold it for thirteen laps until the whistle was blown for the prime, which was won by Daniel Boultby (Langdale Lightweights). These were to be brought back into the fold. and it was now to be a great sprint finish which was won by Matthew Clements (Crosstrax) from Peter Holdsworth (Huddersfield Star Wheelers).

1. Matthew Clements Crosstrax
2. Peter Holdsworth Huddersfield Star WHeelers
3. Daniel Boultby Langdale Lightweights
4. Daniel Brunt Out of the Saddle
5. Darrell Tattershall Waller Tickhill whs
6. Ryan FIrth BBM Revolution
7. Simon Schofield Albarosa CC
8. James York 3 RT
9. Josh Bennett Seacroft Whs
10. James Hunt Sheffrec CC

LADIES – Race 1
The ladies event started in horrendous conditions when the heavens decided to open with eighteen riders taking to the start line which was encouraging for such a bad day. With a prime up for grabs for a spa day at Harrogate Spa, it was quick from the whistle. Great attacking racing from all the ladies and it wasn’t long before two team mates, Brit Tate and Iona Sewell were off the front picking up lapped riders on their way. Iona being the luckily winner of the prime. Brit went on to take the first prize from Iona with the improving Seonaid Thompson from promoting club Albarosa CC in third.

1. Brit Tate GB Cycles
2. Iona Sewell GB Cycles
3. Seonaid Thompson Albarosa CC
4. Sarah Griffiths Manchester Whs
5. Jo Blackburn GB Cycles
6. Louise Burnie Unattached
7. Joanne Street Manchester Whs
8. Jess Taylor University CC
9. Claire Rutherford Wheelguru
10. Lindsay Atkinson Wright Albarosa CC

Category 3/4
The next event up was the 3/4 event, well this race had everything. We had a spill at the hairpin bend with 6 or 7 riders caught up in it, which caused a split in the field, then we had a couple of mechanical issues and the rain came down heavier.

It certainly led to a very vocal and emotional exchange of words from the riders as they went through the finish line. It was certainly well deserved points by all the placed riders. With great primes on offer the first two went to Dan Stocchero 3 RT and Richard Sharp Clifton CC.

It went down to a sprint finish of 11 riders for 10 places. With the cheers of the promoting clubs supporters behind him, Joe Wilkinson won on the lunge to the line from Dan Stocchero (3 RT) with Paul Caswell (Harrogate Nova) fresh off his win on Wednesday taking the third place.

1. Joe Wilkinson Albarosa CC
2. Dan Stocchero 3 RT
3. Paul Caswell Harrogate Nova
4. Joshua Cutter RST racing team
5. RIchard Sharp Clifton CC
6. Daniel Ladle BBM Revolution
7. Brett Stocks Sharrow CC
8. Stewart Gowley Team Swift
9. Jon Dexter We Love Mountains
10. Jonny Tomes Craven Energy

Category 4/Women Race 2
After a change of clothes the fourth cats were back on the start line again, ready to get another drenching and pay for the privildge. It didnt stop a cracking race unfolding, with the men and women taking to the start line. Michael Caley Clifton CC won the first prime and Ryan Firth BBM Revolution the second, the ladies primes were won by Brit Tate and Iona Sewell GB cycles.

The race was coming to a climax as most of the main field sprinted it out for the top ten, with Michael Caley taking the win from Ryan Firth and Thomas Jones. The ladies event was won by Brit Tate and Iona Sewell followed by Seonaid Thompson of Albarosa CC.

It was good to see two of the original riders on the opening of the circuit test events doing well today, Jess Taylor gaining her 3rd cat licence and Neil Harris gaining his first points for a well deserved close 6th, both riding for University of York.


1. Michael Caley Clifton CC
2. Ryan Firth BBM Revolution
3. Thomas Jones Flex Ettridge cycles
4. David Oliver
5. James Hunt Sheffrec CC
6. Neil Harris University of York
7. Richard Allan
8. Duncan Johnson
9. Jake Whitwam 3 RT
10. Michael Hargreaves Huddersfield Star Whs

1. Brit Tate GB CYcles
2. Iona Sewell GB Cycles
3. Seonaid Thompson Albarosa CC
4. Louise Burnie
5. Sarah Griffiths Manchester Whs
6. Claire Rutherford Wheel guru
7. Jo Street Manchester WHs
8. Clare Green Albarosa CC
9. Laura Stafford Manchester whs
10. Kim Walravens Manchester Whs

We had vans stuck in the mud, a collapsing gazebo, torrential rain, spills, thrills and most of all smiling faces, don’t you just love an afternoon of criterium racing on a safe circuit? Well done Jonny, Jamie, Sam and the Albarosa team on a fantastic promotion and thanks for all the volunteers who made it possible.




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