Report/Results: Apres Brighton Bank Holiday Bonanza


Spectators & competitors alike enjoyed a bumper day of racing at the Apres Bank Holiday Bonanza in fine weather at Brighton’s Preston Park Track

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The main event of the day saw veteran Mike Coyle of Brighton Mitre destroy the opposition by attacking solo with 40 mins + 5 laps to go, eventually lapping the field for an emphatic win. Paul Flynn (Pivot Boom Pods) and Ryan Visser (Redhill CC) completed the podium.

The Vet’s race also saw a lapped bunch after a three break man proved their strength and commitment with wins for Martin Smith (AW Cycles) & Keir Apperley (CC Hackney) in the respective categories and a fine second place for breakaway companion Barny Willard of In Gear.

The day also saw a win for Jen George of Dulwich Paragon in the womens race, outsprinting Bella Leach of London Phoenix & teammate Charlotte Roberge. There were also wins from bunch finishes for Carl Farrell in the 3rds and Rapha Condor CC’s Kevin Armstrong in the race for 4th category riders.

Next week sees more racing at Preston Park with the Apres September Sessions on sunday, Sept 1st.


1. Michael Coyle Brighton Mitre
2. Paul Flynn Pivot Boom Pods
3. Ryan Visser Redhill CC
4. Martin Smith AW Cycles
5. James Cooper JMJ Cycles
6. Jonathan Dredge London Dynamo
7. Matthew Butt Team ASL360
8. Roger Theron Army Cycling Union
9. Gavin Starling Brighton Mitre
10. Daniel Stephens JMJ Cycles
11. Kevin Knox Vicious Velo

Veterans (Masters C+)

1.Martin Smith AW Cycles
2. Barny Willard In Gear
3. Mark McCullagh Dulwich Paragon
4. Matthew Bubear South Down Bikes
5. Paul Butler In Gear
6. Matthew Farren Brighton Mitre
7. Gavin Starling Brighton Mitre
8. Brian Hennessey Redhill CC
9. John Phillips Brighton Mitre
10. Jason Ginn Team ASL 360
11. Robert Quin Brighton Mitre
12. Kevin Knox Vicious Velo

1. Keir Apperley CC Hackney
2. Nigel Powell VC St Raphael
3. Ian Glen Team ASL 360

3rd Cats
1.Carl Farrell PM
2. Trevor Deeble St Leonards & Hastings CC
3. Moritz Jobke PM
4. Robert Quin Brighton Mitre
5. Martin Edmonds Brighton Mitre
6. Matthew Bubear South Down Bikes
7. Rupert Robinson Crawley Wheelers
8. John Phillips Brighton Mitre
9. Josh Dunne Sussex Nomads
10. Connor Innes South Downs Bikes
11. Alan Yule Crawley Wheelers
12. Brian Hennessey Redhill CC
13. Jed Williamson PM
14. Martin Rowark Crawley Wheelers
15. Jonathan Ellsmore Charlotteville CC
16. Daniel Stephens JMJ Cycles
17. Dominic Maxwell Worthing Excelsior
18. Jason Ginn Team ASL 360
19. Eric Degolier PM
20. James Danvers Brighton Mitre
21. Peter Blencowe Imperial College
22. Viktor Kazinel Dulwich Paragon
23. Dougie Fox Crawley Wheelers

4th Cats
1. Kevin Armstrong Rapha Condor CC
2. Michael Reid PM
3. Andrew Thomas Dulwich Paragon
4. Michael Jack Dulwich Paragon
5. Jake Fielland VC Jubilee
6. Stuart Davison Redhill CC
7. Nick Smith Lewes Wanderers
8. Mark Bashford East Grinstead CC
9. Daniel Fagg Brighton Mitre
10. Zach Bredemeur Dulwich Paragon
11. Jonty Tacon Brighton Mitre
12. Josh Beattie Sussex Nomads
13. David Harries Eastbourne Rovers
14. Timothy Mantle Brighton Mitre
15. Reingr Singh San Fairy Ann CC
16. Michael Welch Farnborough & Camberley
17. Alex Beyfus Sussex Nomads
18. James Ash JMJ Cycles
19. Philip Smeeth PM
20. Mark Garmendia PM

Womens E/1/2/3/4
1. Jen George Dulwich Paragon
2. Bella Leach London Phoenix
3. Charlotte Roberge Dulwich Paragon
4. Michelle Forster London Phoenix
5. Elin Williamson Brighton Mitre
6. Gemma Hayes East Grinstead CC

Youth U12/14/16
1. Matthew Webber Catford CC
2. Boru Pratt McCullagh VC Londres
3. Olly Nixon VO2 Development Team
4. Caitlin Peters Fareham Wheelers
5. Cameron Willard In Gear
6. Joe Hill PPYCC
7. Abby Old Hillingdon SS
8. Georgina Marjoram VC Jubilee
9. James Yule PPYCC

Youth U8/10
1. Rahul Fortescue T PPYCC
2. Abby Old Hillingdon Slipstreamers
3. Yusuf Morgan Maindy Flyers
4. Arun Fortescue T PPYCC
5. Tom Beyfus Sussex Nomads
6. Rosie Beyfus Sussex Nomads


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