Report/Results: Apres September Sessions 4


Darren Heath, Matthew Webber, Alex Royle & Sean McAuliffe winners at round 4 of the Apres September Sessions at the historic Preston Park, Brighton

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Race report by Matthew Farren

A Royle good hiding! An early break stayed away of 3 consisting of Alex Royle, Ian Robins and Ryan Visser. Simon Alexander followed but had left it late meaning he was in for a hard day left in no mans land between the leaders and the main bunch.

He stuck it out though lapping the bunch after about 1/2 an hour and taking a well earned 4th. Sharing the workload, the 3 away lapped the field before a very strong looking Royle took off for a solo effort pulling away again.
A right Royal good hiding delta out I’d say from this talented Scot, taking the spoils and his 1st cat in style.

Behind, the battle for second was fought out in an unusually fair way both taking turns before Robins led out and stayed away for a photo finish from Ryan who took third and also his well earned 1st cat license.

Masters C+
An aggressive move early on by Kingston Wheeler’s Andy Edwards but everyone deep into the red and split the field for those who had not warmed up. He soloed away for 30 mins before being reeled in by a chasing group of three, and was finally beaten by a final lap strike from a fresh legged Sean McAuliffe of Redhill CC.

We love an aggressive rider here at Preston Park and Catford CC Equipe/Banks youngster Matthew Webber moved up to the seniors showing true class, a wise head and a clean pair of wheels to the rest of the field, winning by a good margin on his first time out after attacking repeatedly. Well done young man, That’s how you Race!

A break which stuck! Yes you heard it! A 4th break which had four away from midway, which went down to three then stayed away finishing ahead of the pack, showing that effort and perseverence does pay and certainly as you move up the categories. Darren Heath took the honours by a good margin for Charlotteville CC.


1. Darren Heath Charlottville CC
2. Andy Martin LBRCC
3. Richard Jones Abellio SFA Racing
4.Jonty Tacon Brighton Mitre
5.James Horan South Downs Bikes
6.John Pears Crawley Wheelers
7.Matthew Hare PM
8.Graeme Winstanley Brighton Mitre
9.Richard Giles PM
10.Dan Fagg Brighton Mitre
11.David Triska Farnborough & Camberley
12.James Rapinac London Dynamo
13.Damien Appleton Guernsey Velo Club
14. Dennis Keene ACV
15.Shane Hodgkins PM
DNF Martin Trickey Brighton Mitre
DNF Chris Griggs Crawley Wheelers
DNS Josh Beattie Sussex Nomads

1.Matthew Webber Catford CC Equipe/Banks
2.Mark Townsend Neon Velo
3.Jed Williamson Brighton Mitre
4.Jess Harding Neon Velo
5.John – Paul Brophy Neon Velo
6.Martin Edmonds Brighton Mitre

1.Alex Royle Banjo Cycles
2.Ian Robins Brighton Mitre
3.Ryan Visser Redhill CC
4.Simon Alexander Twenty3C/Focus
5.Mark Townsend Neon – Velo
6.Chris Wilkinson Dulwich Paragon
7.Shaun Nicholson Blackhawk
8.Rory Wilkinson Dulwich Paragon
9.Jess Harding Neon – Velo
10.Francisco Piai Brighton Mitre
11.Scot Bullivant Rock & Road Cycles
12.Stuart Hodd Hastings & St Leonards
13.Donal Linehan Newbury RC
14.Stuart Davison Erdhill CC
15.Alex Stephenson
16. John – Paul Brophy Neon – Velo
17. Carl Farrell On The Rivet VC

Vets Masters C
1.Sean McAuliffe Redhill CC
2.Andy Edwards Kingston Wheelers
3.Ian Leeding Norwood Paragon
4.Donal Linehan Newbury RC
5.James Horan South Downs Bikes
6.Daniel Fagg Brighton Mitre

1.Isaac Warrington Southdown Velo
2Harvey Algar PPYCC
3.Benji Appleton Guernsey Velo
4.Zoe Algar PPYCC

Under 16/14/12
1.Isaac Wright PPYCC
2 Joe Hill PPYCC
3.Jack Algar VO2 Development Team
4.Caitlin Peters Fareham Wheelers
5.Ben Adey PM






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