Report/Result: Interclub on Whiteway Hill


Report & Result – Lewis Keightley fastest up Whiteway Hill to win the Dorset inter-club hill climb

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Inter Club Hill Climb – Weymouth Win on Whiteway, Keightley King of the Hill!

Eamonn Deane writes … Five years ago, the Dorset hill climb scene was facing redundancy, the EDCA open event had long since disappeared, club climbs were struggling to attract fields of double figures and the Bournemouth Arrow had given up altogether.

2013_Lewis Keightley_EamonnDeane

The decision to form the inter-club series was obvious but still a master stroke. The emphasis on team competition with clubs mustering their troops via website forums and social media, coupled with all riders scoring points has made this end of term “dust up” the ideal lead into the social season.

The increase in riders has brought the supporters out as well, with a great atmosphere created on the slopes, if not quite challenging the classics. CC Weymouth cannot produce an individual winner of the series but their ability to get riders out each week saw them take the team title for the fourth consecutive year.

Lewis Keightley (BJW) took the honours at the final event on Whiteway Hill, powering up the longest climb in the 4 race series in a course record 06:41. Keightley started the series riding for the non-affiliated, Primera team before switching to Bournemouth Jubilee. Despite his three victories, only on Whiteway did he score points, leaving him way down in the final standings.

Should the 22 year old, who also won on Kingston & Creech, decide to race the road “seriously” next season he could do well. The question mark hangs over his head not his legs: Does he want it enough?

Simon McLaughlin (BJW) chased his new teammate up the saturated slopes but was 17 seconds adrift in second place. Work commitments for Dr McLaughlin limit his racing opportunities but he seems to find form for the hills, winning the individual title for the third consecutive year.

Fighting his bike all the way up, Gary Dighton (PW) showed his versatility taking third, a week after riding the team pursuit at the world masters track championship. Starting just outside the village of East Lulworth, the 2.2 mile climb hugs the northern aspect of the hill overlooking the army tank ranges.

A right hander on the steepest section breaks the rhythm, before a left hander stretches up to the finish, way above the lost wartime village of Tyneham on the Jurassic coast. Fifty one riders started the final race in the series, to the envy of more than a few open events. Sign on the line, rock up & race is what people want, no doubt about it.

The series is by no means perfect, Bournemouth Jubilee need to come to the party, Bournemouth Arrow need to reclaim “their” race and all need to make the trip to Portland.

Provisional Results
1, Lewis Keightley (Bjw) 6:41:7
2, Simon Mclaughlin (Bjw) 6:58:5
3, Gary Dighton (Pw) 7:03:5
4, Bob Richardson (Bacc) 7:11:6
5, James Horton (Pw) 7:19:6
6, Gregg Parker (Ccw) 7:20:9
7, Dean Crichel (Ccw) 7:34:6
8, Darren Matthews (Ccw) 7:34:7
9, Ryan Weston (Pw) 7:35: 5
10, John Chapman (Ccw) 7:35:8
11, Steve Pink (Ccw) 7:39:2
12, Wayne Pitman (Pw) 7:41:2
13, Ben Keightley (Bjw) 7:52:3
14, Pat Dunn (Ccw) 8:01:01
15, Martin Rowland (Pw) 8:06:2
16, Paul Jones (Pw) 8:06:9
17, Tim Flynn (Pw) 8:09:05
18, Sam Wadsley (Pw) J 8:11:9
19, Reuben Moss (Ccw) 8:14:4
20, Bryce Riglar (Ccw) 8:15:2
21, Jon O’Brien (Bjw) 8:17:4
22, John Vinson (Pw) 8:18:8
23, Mark Valentine 8:20:8
24, Peter Bell (Pw) 8:32:2
25, Gordon Scott (Ch&Distwh) 8:52:9
26, Dave Gardner (Pw) 8:57:2
27, Lee Marsden (Pw) 9:05:2
28, Sarah Mortimer (Ccw) L 9:11:7
29, William Wilson (Ccw) 9:11:9
30, Andrew Preston (Ccw) 9:16:3
31, Andrew Jackson (Ccw) 9:21:6
32, Steve Trigwell (Ccw) 9:23;0
33, Jeremy Guy (Ccw) 9:36:4
34, Charmaine Walby (Ccw) L 9:44:4
35, Geoff Horseman (Wrc) 9:52:3
36, Craig Weston (Pw) 9:54:0
37, Howard Pankhurst (Pw) 9:54:1
38, Pete Grounds (Pw) 9:57:7
39, Les Pick (Pw) 10:00:6
40, Luke Dighton (Pw) J 10:01:4
41, Einar Thorsen (Pw) 10:04:4
42, Reece Marsden (Pw) 10:06:3
43, Phillip Clive (Ccw) 10:13:00
44, Steve Barrat (Ccw) 10:19:2
45, Phil Harvey (Bjw) 10:28:4
46, Brian Sands (Ccw) 10:43:0
47, Ed Wilson (Ccw) 11:02:8
48, Harry Pitman (Pw) 11:20:0
49, Richard Gould (Ccw) 11:37:1
50, Stuart Carrington 11:37:8
51, Les Jessop (Pw) 12:40:4


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