Results: London & SE Cyclo Cross League


Andrew Taylor & Darren Barclay among the winners at round 7 of the London and South East Cyclo Cross League at Plumpton College, Ditchling

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1 Andrew Taylor Jedi Cycle Sport
2 Jack Finch Pmr@Toachim House
3 Michael Butler Activ
4 Jules Birks Vc Londres
5 Matt Holmes Arctic Sram
6 Chris Herring East London Velo
7 Stuart Spies London Dynamo
8 Dan Drake Vc Deal
9 Rob Purcell Neon-Velo
10 Philip Deacon Kingston Wheelers Cc
11 James Connell Brixton Cycles
12 Glen Whittington Bikescience
13 Alex Pettett Cadence
14 Chris Mcgovern Team Novo Nordisk
15 Ben Spurrier Vicious Velo
16 James Waddington Dulwich Paragon Cc
17 Juan Rodilla Blazing Saddles
18 Oliver Lee Unattached
19 Dan Braid Corridori
20 Vojtech Blazejowski Brixton Cycles
21 Russell Short London Dynamo
22 Paul Sheers Unattached
23 Henry Beaumont Corridori
24 Stuart Lynn Dulwich Paragon Cc
25 Aaron Beard Chevaliers Cc
26 Jason Burkinshaw Blazing Saddles
27 Phil Hersey Eagle Rc
28 Kris Fowler The Tri Store
29 Antony Salmon Team Zuffle Raciing
30 Andrey Padiy Rollapaluza
31 Mark Simmonds Unattached V
32 Brindley Taylor Crawley Wheelers
33 Adam Grayson Unattached
34 John Pears Crawley Wheelers
35 Steve Brown Unattached
36 Howard Stedwick Lf655
37 Barry Harvey Blazing Saddles V
38 Michael Mclatchie Activ
39 Richard Farkas Lippo
40 D Barritt Crawley Wheelers
41 James Drain Gemini Bc
42 Anthony Barker Crawley Wheelers
43 Rich May Rollapaluza Cc
44 James Clarkson Team Zuffle Raciing
45 Steven Hunt Unattached
46 Sam Winter The Tri Store
47 Alex Girdler Team Zuffle Raciing
48 Ryan Hill Unattached
49 Damien Morris Unattached
50 Phillip Glowinski Vc Londres
51 Chris Catchpole The People’s Bicycle Club
52 Nick Miles Unattached
53 Micheal Lane Rollapaluza Cc

Women/Veterans/Junior Men
1 Darren Barclay Arctic Sram V
2 Kevin Knox Vicious Velo V
3 James Flury Vicious Velo J
4 James Stephens Hackney Gt V
5 Mark Smith Crawley Wheelers V
6 George Higgs Crawley Wheelers V
7 Douglas Fox Crawley Wheelers V+
8 Adrian Lyons Gs Invicta V
9 Stuart Nisbett Crawley Wheelers V
10 Andrew Powers Rollapaluza Cc V
11 Simon Scarsbrook Mosquito Bikes V
12 Oliver Priddle Eastbourne Rovers Cc J
13 Joseph Sutton Pmr@Toachim House J
14 Andy Seltzer In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp Rt V
15 Stuart Lockyear London Phoenix V+
16 Nigel Langridge Crawley Wheelers V
17 Mark Amicucci-Brown Evans Cycles Rt V
18 Joshua Outram Thanet Rc J
19 John Cordner Eastbourne Rovers Cc V
20 Simon Tottle Festival V+
21 Frazer Clifford Pivot Boombo V
22 Max Reuter Unattached V
23 Aian Yule Crawley Wheelers V
24 Glenn Hord Team Darenth V+
25 David Hamilton Hammers Port V+
26 Stuart Mcghee Evans Cycles Rt V
27 James Wallis Unattached V
28 Ant Grey Crawley Wheelers V
29 Paul Hudson Sprockets V
30 John Lemonius Unattached V
31 Rupert Robinson Crawley Wheelers V
32 Max Welson Sutton Cc/De Ver J
33 Brian Ashwood Sutton Cycling Club V
34 Brendan Moylan Unattached V
35 Paul Buckley Wigmore Cycles V
36 Rob Ledger Southborough Whelers V
37 Stuart Mccorkell Pearson Cc V
38 Luke Penney Unattached S
39 Louise Mahe Mule Bar Girls – Sigma Sport W
40 David Bishop Wigmore Cc V
41 Dave Blackman Sutton Cycling Club V+
42 Stephen Burgess Lewes Wanderers Cc V+
43 Jonny Cheatle Vc Londres V
44 Jason Woods Unattached V
45 Paul Hora-Hopeus Handsling V
47 Alice Miller Look Mum No Hands W
48 Andrew Scarsbrook Vc Etoile V+
49 Paul Banner Kingston Wheelers Cc V+
50 Lee Rae-Byford Crawley Wheelers V
51 Stephen Brown Team Darenth V
52 Peter Douglas Finsbury Park Cc V+
53 Andy Bristow Westway V+
54 Andy Murray Norwood Paragon Cc V+
55 Richard Frost Lewes Wanderers Cc V
56 Phillip Wallace-Tarry Crawley Wheelers V+
57 Holly Macmahon Team Darenth W
58 Andy Eatan Eastbourne Rovers Cc V+
59 Ian Craig Vc Etoile V+
60 Charlotte Haywood Unattached W
61 Brian Scarboro Gemini Bc V
62 Alan Newman Brighton Mitre V
63 Steve Wood Pearson Cycles V+
64 Seb Donjon Crawley Wheelers V
65 Julian Mcgovern Sutton Cycling Club V+
66 Gavin Cook Sutton Cc/De Ver V
67 Mark Leedham Addiscombe Cc V+
68 Tom Paine Vc Jubilee J

1 Daniel Tulett Hargroves Cycles Ma 26:00
2 Toby Martin Team Darenth Ma
3 Tom Easley Crawley Wheelers Ma
4 Martin Blackman Sutton Cc/De Ver Ma
5 Ben Tulett Hargroves Cycles Mb
6 Luke Mitchie Team Darenth Mb
7 George Finch Pmr@Toachim House
8 Freddie Argent Herne Hill Youth Cc
9 Boru Pratt Mccullogh Vc Londres
10 Noah Charlton Vc Deal Mb
11 Matthew Mcgovern Sutton Cycling Club
12 Toby Cook Sutton Cycling Club
13 Titouan Barthelemy Hhycc Mb
14 Thomas Ives Sutton Cycling Club Mb
15 Jacob Vaughan Team Corridori
16 George Sloan Vc Jubilee Mb
17 Arlo Ludewick Vc Londres Mb
18 Freddie Davy Redhill Cc Mb
19 Isaac Wright Preston Park Youth Cc
20 Alfie Parkinson Herne Hill Youth Cc
21 Emily Ashwood Sutton Cycling Club Fb
22 Patrick Faint Team Darenth
23 Thomas Neville Sutton Cycling Club
24 Amy Smith Vc Jubilee Fa
25 Oliver Rodgers Vc Jubilee Mb
26 Dominic Cook Sutton Cycling Club Mb
27 Bethany Lewis Palmer Park Velo Fb
28 Max Hindley Herne Hill Youth Cc
29 George Sales Redhill Cc Mb
30 Finlay Jenner Vc Londres Mb
31 Jamal Zahiri Vc Jubilee Mb
32 Leo Hayter Vc Londres Mb
33 Amelia Coombes Herne Hill Youth Cc Fb

Under 12
1st Sion Margrave Team Darenth Mc
2nd Gabe Banner Hillingdon Slipstreamers Mc
3rd Jamie Walker Sutton Cc/De Ver Mc
4th Elliot Philpott Vc Jubilee Mc
5th Joseph Blackmore Herne Hill Youth Cc Mc
6th Max Lawson Herne Hill Youth Cc Mc
7th Luke Ashwood Sutton Cycling Club Mc
8th Henry Cordner Eastbourne Rovers Cc Mc
9th Dan Kirby Sutton Cycling Club Mc
10th Archie Sloan Vc Jubilee Mc
11th Rahul Fortescue Talwar Preston Park Youth Cc Mc
12th Sam Mcghee Sutton Cycling Club Mc
13th Megan Macmahan Team Darenth Fc
14th Charlotte Mcgreevy Team Darenth Fc
15th Joseph Martin Preston Park Youth Cc Mc
16th Caleb Brown Team Darenth Mc
17th Dru Dennis Herne Hill Youth Cc Mc
18th Lewis Glaysher Sutton Cycling Club Mc
19th Freddy Newman Preston Park Youth Cc Mc
20th Thomas Davies Sutton Cycling Club Mc
21st Seth Ludewick Herne Hill Youth Cc Mc
22nd Alice Davies Sutton Cc/De Ver Fc
23rd Bertie Badham Sutton Cycling Club Mc
24th Louis Dobbin Unattached Mb
25th Reubon Brown Unattached Mc
26th James Yule Preston Park Youth Cc Mc

Under 10
1st Milo Summers Herne Hill Youth Cc Md
2nd Cameron Still Sutton Cycling Club Md
3rd Alex Harvey Vc Jubilee Md
4th Ferdie Parson Vc Jubilee Md
5th Alex Glaysher Sutton Cycling Club Md
6th Daniel Lloyd San Fairy Ann Cc Md
7th Gill Gordner Eastbourne Rovers Cc Md
8th Eli Charlton Vc Deal Md
9th Ben Flatan Charlotteville Md
10th Mason Johnson-Steyning Team Darenth Md
11th Fynn Buxton Vc Jubilee Md
12th Nell Ludewick Herne Hill Youth Cc Fd
13th Mylo Cordner Pedal Power Me
14th Will Flatan Charlotteville Me
15th Rupert Willatgahuma Herne Hill Youth Cc Me
16th Felix Ledger Southborough Whelers Md
17th George Harvey Vc Jibillee Me
18th Bobby Dougay Preston Park Youth Cc Me
19th Peter Carpenter Sutton Cc Me
20th Carys Lloyd San Fairy Ann Cc Fe
21st Jude Mcgreevy Team Darenth Me
22nd Finlay Doujon Crawley Wheelers Me
23rd Adam Cook Sutton Cc/De Ver Me
24th Max Holmes Artic Sram Me
25th Toby Brown Unattached Md


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