Result: Yorkshire Road Club Crag Vale Hill Climb


James Gullen beats Richard Handley to the top of Crag Vale win in a wet and windy Yorkshire RC’s Hill Climb on Sunday

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A cross headwind on the climb (4.8 miles – longest continuous ascent in England) especially on the open moorland above Cragg village made it a tough time trial. Later starters also had to contend with heavy showers of rain and hail and a strengthening wind.

James Gullen (Team Hope) on a bike reported to be under 6kg was just 7 seconds quicker than Richard Handley (Rapha Condor), leaving the rest of the field trailing.

These two riders were about a minute outside the course record which was set in much more favourable conditions in July. First woman, Vicky Clark, Albarosa CC with 20-45.7 was also a minute outside the women’s record, finishing in 18th place out of the 61 finishers. Helen Eborall (Born to Bike) was second woman in 21:28.1, in 26th place overall.

Tandem pairing, Lee Cairns & Gary Kondor (21:38.6) made a valiant attempt on the tandem record, but it was never on in the conditions. Both then had a solo ride, Lee finishing a creditable 19th, nearly a minute quicker this time.

1 Lee Cairns/Gary Kondor Rossington Whs/Sherwood Pines 21:38.6

1 James Gullen Team Hope Factory RT S 16:18.4
2 Richard Handley Rapha Condor JTL S 16:25.3
3 Sam Ward Dirtwheels Cycles S 18:27.9
4 Peter Greenwood Clayton Velo C 18:39.4
5 Paul Thirling Adept Precision RT S 19:02.1
6 Robert Hayes Manchester Whs S 19:14.9
7 Bhima Bowden Buxton CC S 19:27.0
8 Andy Askwith Bridlington CC A 19:48.5
9 Archie Cross Yorkshire RC S 19:49.2
10 Wilf Sargeant West Pennine RC J 19:56.7
11 Matt Gott West Pennine RC S 20:06.3
12 Eugene Cross Yorkshire RC Jv 20:07.8
13 Michael Askew Albarosa CC S 20:19.7
14 Mike Cross Yorkshire RC B 20:22.4
15 Mike Harper Albarosa CC S 20:24.5
16 Clive Upton Hambleton RC S 20:29.6
17 Aaron Tonks Ribble Valley CRC A 20:42.6
18 Vicky Clark Albarosa CC W 20:45.7
19 Lee Cairns Rossington Whs S 20:46.0
20 Dougi Hall Border City Whs B 20:59.7
21 Bill Belcher Clayton Velo B 20:59.9
22 Ted Cross Yorkshire RC J 21:14.7
23 Craig McIntosh Yorkshire RC B 21:16.7
24 Nick Calvert Adept Precision RT A 21:19.2
25 Gavin Wright Bury Clarion CC A 21:22.4
26 Helen Eborall Born to Bike Bridgtown W 21:28.1
27 Paul Targett Pendle Forest CC B 21:30.9
28 Jake Wright Sport City Velo Jv 21:40.1
29 Alastair Shed 45 RC S 21:41.6
30 Dave Grogan ABC Centreville B 21:51.3
31 Paul Brierley Huddersfield RC A 21:52.7
32 Brian Jennings Yorkshire RC B 21:53.0
33 Craig Gath York Cycleworks S 22:01.2
34 Julian Pearce Yorkshire RC S 22:05.5
35 Steven Smith Yorkshire RC A 22:23.5
36 Gary Lake East Lancs RC B 22:27.5
37 Kevan Shand West Pennine RC C 22:52.6
38 Anthony Leigh West Pennine RC S 23:07.7
39 Stuart Baines Yorkshire RC A 23:18.7
40 Kenneth Barnsley Manchester Tri Club B 23:57.9
41 Ian Castle Bridgtown Cona TTT A 24:10.7
42 Bob Yorke Ilkley CC A 24:27.3
43 Gary Kondor Sherwood Pines CRT B 24:29.6
44 Stuart Hey Ilkley CC B 24:31.3
45 Nick Holmes ABC Centreville B 24:45.5
46 Dave Robbins Yorkshire RC B 25:11.7
47 Paul Croft Yorkshire RC B 25:19.5
48 Garry Dutton West Pennine RC B 25:26.1
49 Toby Gamlen Albarosa CC S 25:26.4
50 Alice Leclercq Manchester Whs W 26:24.5
51 Claire Jessop Ilkley CC W 26:41.2
52 Andrew Newey Ribble Valley CRC S 26:51.6
53 John Cameron Bridgtown Cona CC A 27:04.3
54 Sharon Clifford Coventry RC W 27:08.6
55 Steven Szelesi East Lancs RC A 28:10.8
56 Peter Matthew East Lancs RC C 29:10.3
57 Greg Jessop Ilkley CC B 30:33.4
58 David Tinker Clayton Velo B 30:41.9
59 Howard Blakeley Wetherby Wheelers C 32:02.5
60 Matthew Szelesi East Lancs RC Jv 32:34.2
61 Sally Baines Yorkshire RC W 39:27.2




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