Report & Results: North East Cyclo-Cross Rd 8


Riding away from a vitual race long chasing group, Stuart Wearmouth produced another flawless performance to take maximum league points at the Barnesbury CC promoted CXNE Round 8 at Bedlington on Sunday.

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With his second convincing display in the last two weeks, it seems that only Scott UK’s Tony Fawcett who hasn’t ridden since Round 6, will be able to challenge for the overall lead. The event was another successful promotion with 177 riders taking part in weather that was a sharp contrast to the previous week.

Hitting the front as the Senior field flew away from the start, Wearmouth set about taking 10-15 seconds a lap from his nearest rival as behind Colin Ash (Cestria CC), Alan Nixon (Blackhawk Bikes), Dean Penfold, (Newcastle University CC) and Darren Gee (Teesdale CRC) combined their efforts in a four man pursuit., leaving behind Craig Anderson (Achieve CC) and Nixon’s team mate Darren Binks.

The relentless speed of Wearmouth though still saw him pulling away and by the 5th of 9 five and a half minute laps, saw him a clear minute ahead of Nixon who decided to take matters into his own hands and chase alone. His efforts saw the group finally split up as Alder attempted to regain contact with his former ally. It was never to be and the five finished spread over a minute and a half, with only Keith Murray (Scott UK ), making up for a first lap crash, Binks the only riders not to be lapped.

Beacon Wheeler Morgan Donnelly produced a similarly impressive ride earlier in the day as he again outpaced Scott UK’s Kenny Johnson as he tore around the technical rolling course after his usual three lap warm up while lapping 60 of the 80 man field at least once. Not to be caught out as last week in a late sprint, Denby kept up his effort to the line as he had time to look around and appreciate his win.

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1 Stuart Wearmouth MTS Cyclesport Sen
2 Alan Nixon Blackhawk Bikes Sen
3 James Alder Velo29 Sen
4 Colin Ash Cestria Cycles RT Sen
5 Dean Penfold Newcastle Uni U23
6 Darren Gee Teesdale CRC Sen
7 Keith Murray Team Scott UK Sen
8 Darren Binks Blackhawk Bikes Sen
9 Tom Fowler Worcester CC Sen
10 Matthew Webb Houghton CC U23
11 Ronnie Batey M Steel Cycles RT Sen
12 Dean Ridley Derwentside CC Sen
13 Clive Upton Hambleton RC Sen
14 Richard Cowling Blackhawk Bikes Sen
15 David Stevens Houghton CC Sen
16 Tom Harcourt Blackhawk Bikes Sen
17 Matty Cooper Achieve Racing Sen
18 Mark Reed Tyneside Vags Sen
19 Jamie Pattison Blackhawk Bikes Sen
20 Stephen Walton Gosforth RC Sen
21 David Charman Blackhawk Bikes Sen
22 Craig Anderson Sen
23 Joseph James Unattached Sen
24 Benjamin Othen Barnesbury CC Sen
25 Julian Waller VC Briganti Sen
26 Dan Small Hamsterley MTB Sen
27 Jonathan Caisley NPCC Sen
28 Eddie Halstead Unattached Sen
29 Andrew Lovell Gosforth RC Sen
30 Ross Laidlaw Sen
31 Henry Aarvold Unattached Sen
32 Richard Cleathero EMC Sen
33 Matthew Wilson Sen
34 Steven Johnson Sen
35 Kevin Ball Unattached Sen
36 Phil Cook Unattached Sen
37 Lee Charlton M Steel Cycles RT Sen
38 Paul Rafferty Unattached Sen
39 Norman Grotz Sunderland Clarion Sen
40 Laurence Seviour Blackhawk Bikes Sen
41 Richard Johnston Sen

Vets,Juniors & Women
1 Morgan Donnelly Beacon Whs V40
2 Kenny Johnson Team Scott UK V40
3 Dave Hopper Cestria Cycles RT V40
4 Keith Ashbridge VC Cumbria V40
5 Brian Johnson Barnesbury CC V40
6 James Anderson Adept Precision V40
7 Elliot Davidson Cestria Cycles RT Jun
8 Michael Hardcastle RAF CC V40
9 Barry Kipling MTS Cyclesport V50
10 Tim Wilcock Tyneside Vags Jun
11 Jonathan Kelly Barnesbury CC V40
12 Ray Honour MTS Cyclesport V40
13 Nick Jones V40
14 Andy Moss Adept Precision V50
15 Alan King MTS Cyclesport V40
16 Colin Blacklock Unattached V50
17 Ben Lane GS Metro V40
18 Ralf Hodgson Marton RT Jun
19 Mark Breeze V40
20 James Fawcett Hetton Hawks Jun
21 Sean Hoban VC Cumbria V40
22 Bill Kay Hetton Hawks V40
23 Paul Lamb Boneshakerbikes V40
24 Stephen Grey Derwentside CC V40
25 Alex Foster Team Motivo Jun
26 Jon Bardgett Beacon Whs V50
27 Martin Worner Teesdale CRC V50
28 Ian Jefferson Infinity Cycles V40
29 Clifford Featherstone MTS Cyclesport V50
30 Bob Murdoch Teesdale CRC V50
31 Richard Lewis Tyneside Vags V40
32 Thomas Hordon Marton RT Jun
33 Richie Smith V40
34 Mark Mather Adept Precision V40
35 Mark Bell V40
36 Paul Whitehill Houghton CC V40
37 Chris Dobson Stockton Whs V50
38 Tony Fawcett Hetton Hawks V50
39 David Linsley Tyne & Wear Fire V40
40 Nicola Davies Beacon Whs W
41 Jonathan Allan HCTB V50
42 David Hordon Newcastle Phoenix V40
43 Nev Martin Tyne & Wear Fire V50
44 Michelle Caisley NPCC W
45 Colin Murray Unattached V40
46 Paul Robson Houghton CC V50
47 Lee Mullarkey V40
48 Joe Smith W
49 Jim King Breeze Bikes V40
50 Phil Bent Border City Whs V40
51 Jason Hurt Stockton Whs V40
52 Kevin Dowson Hetton Hawks V50
53 Bev Blakeman Derwentside CC W
54 Darren Maddison Darlington CC V40
55 David Swainson Derwentside CC V40
56 Wayne Coates Derwentside CC V50
57 Paul Holden NPCC V40
58 Mark Evans CTC V40
59 Steven Bullivant Newcastle Phoenix V40
60 Michael Todd V40
61 Stuart Gordon Stockton Whs V50
62 Karen Robertson One Life Racing W
63 Peter Stuart Abbs Hetton Hawks V40
64 Louise Hamilton Teesdale CRC W
65 Ritchie Case Tyneside Vags V40
66 Megan Hopper Derwentside CC Jun
67 Gary Lawson V50
68 Nick Armstrong Morpeth Harriers V40
69 Dave Simpson V40
70 Paul Bosomworth MTS Cyclesport V50
71 Stephen Hesler Hetton Hawks V40
72 Jeff Codling Derwentside CC V40
73 Stuart Bruce Sporting Club Gothic V40
74 David Jackson Unattached V50
75 Danny Winthorpe Tyneside Vags V50
76 Sophie Smith Jun
77 Penny Kingsland W

1 Joe Howard Marton RT U16
2 Nick Hamilton Teesdale CRC U16
3 Feargus Scherczer Derwentside CC U16
4 Jake Dobson Newcastle Phoenix U16
5 Daniel Hadnum Hetton Hawks U16
6 James Purvis U16
7 Joshua Craven Tyneside Vags U16
8 Ross Titherington U16
9 Craig Gow Tyneside Vags U16
10 Ryan James Abbs Hetton Hawks U16
11 Ben Dowson Hetton Hawks U14
12 Joseph Allan Hetton Hawks U14
13 Anna Kay Hetton Hawks U16G
14 Joe Wilson Stockton Whs U14
15 Joseph Tubby Tyneside Vags U14
16 Jessica Watts Marton RT U16G
17 Reece Hesler Hetton Hawks U16
18 Mathew Hadnum Hetton Hawks U14
19 Fiona Turnbull Tyneside Vags U14G
20 Olivia Fawcett Hetton Hawks U14G
21 Paul Errington Hetton Hawks U14
22 Charlotte Morris U16G
23 Thomas Smith U14

1 Matthew Wells Tyneside Vags U12
2 Hugo Lutz-Atkinson Marton RT U12
3 Hamish Donnelly Beacon Whs U12
4 Daniel Holmes Tyneside Vags U10
5 Harrison Lee Hetton Hawks U12
6 Michael Tait Derwentside CC U10
7 Sam Murray Team Scott UK U12
8 Adam Bent Border City whs U12
9 Charles Lewis Newcastle Phoenix U12
10 Max Lutz-Atkinson Marton RT U10
11 Luke Holden Derwentside CC U12
12 Grace Castle Newcastle Phoenix U10G
13 Owen Donaldson Derwentside CC U8
14 Thomes Maddison Darlington CC U12
15 Archie Marston One Life Racing U10
16 Faye Titherington U10G
17 Joel Hurt Stockton Whs U8
18 Maisie Hurt Stockton Whs U12G
19 Lititia Hay Hetton Hawks U10G
20 Douglas James U8
21 Campbell Donnelly Beacon Whs U8
22 Sophie Donaldson Derwentside CC U10G
23 Cody Lee Hetton Hawks U10
24 Daniel Saba Newcastle Phoenix U10
25 Amelia Cleathero Barnesbury CC U8G
26 Katie Hadnum Unattached U10G
27 Nathan Castle Newcastle Phoenix U8
28 Daniel James U8
29 William Morris U10
30 Luke Oakey U12
31 Beth Orchard Newcastle Phoenix U10G
32 Harvey Nicod Unattached U8
33 Seth Marston One Life Racing U8


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