Results: North West Cyclo-Cross League


Giles Drake continues his domination of the North West Cyclo-Cross league at the Red Rose Olympic Cross held at Cockerham Quarry on Sunday

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1 Giles Drake Herbalife-Leisure Lakes S
2 Matthew Lawton Macclesfield Wheelers S
3 Dan Wells Cubebikes UK S
4 Alex Jones 4 Star Racing S
5 Thomas Figgins Bolton Hot Wheels CC J
6 Adam Newall Horwich CC – 4 Season Cycles S
7 Kristian Spreckley Private Member S
8 John Holmes Private Member S
9 Anthony Morris Private Member S
10 Brian Rigby St Helens CRC/D.Sparrow Plumbing & Heating Services S
11 Alex McNicol Velo Club Moulin S
12 Steve Bone Horwich CC – 4 Season Cycles S
13 Paul Davies High Peak Cycles RT S
14 James Bailey Congleton CC S
15 Andrew Nixon Horwich CC – 4 Season Cycles U23
16 Bryn Davies Private Member J
17 Paul Rowley Manchester Wheelers S
18 Jack Speirs Horwich CC – 4 Season Cycles S
19 Mark Collinson Clitheroe BC S
20 Andrew Butler Lune RCC S
21 Steven Freear V40
22 Denis Mason Horwich CC – 4 Season Cycles S
23 Mathew Livesey Private Member S
24 Steven Simpson Private Member S
25 Christopher Bodenham Horwich CC – 4 Season Cycles S
26 Peter Ware St Helens CRC/D.Sparrow Plumbing & Heating Services S

1 Roy Davies Team-Elite/Paul Bethell Electrical V40
2 Steffan Chandler Horwich CC – 4 Season Cycles V40
3 Tony Sowden Private Member V45
4 Ian Ashworth Cycle Sport Pendle V40
5 Colin Davies Private Member V45
6 Steven Wood Mossley CRT V45
7 Andy Porter Horwich CC – 4 Season Cycles V40
8 Pat Rowland Private Member V45
9 David Headon Horwich CC – 4 Season Cycles V45
10 Mark Rowson Macclesfield Wheelers V45
11 Stephen Hilton The Endurance Store V40
12 Neil Evans Manchester Whlrs Club V45
13 Carl Nelson Here Come The Belgians V45
14 Craig Tabiner Port Sunlight Wheelers V40
15 Tony Hood Ribble Valley CRC V40
16 Stewart Dwyer St Helens CRC/D.Sparrow Plumbing & Heating Services V50
17 Andrew Unsworth Blackpool Youth Cycle Association V40
18 Steve Wilson Barrow Central Wheelers V50
19 Rebecca Preece Contessa Scott Syncros WU23
20 Phillip Braybrooke Manchester Whlrs Club V50
21 Mark Livingston Ashurst Bike Club V45
22 Mark Barker Manchester Triathlon Club V45
23 Derek Schofield Rossendale RC V60
24 Paul Sparrow Cleveleys RC V45
25 Gus French Here Come The Belgians V55
26 Graham Kennerley Lancaster CC V55
27 Richard Watts Rossendale RC V45
28 Darren Ball Private Member V40
29 Andrew Barlow KVRC V50
30 Jan Shearsmith Manchester Whlrs Club V50
31 Peter Murray TES V45
32 Charles Gray Manchester Whlrs Club V45
33 Christopher Wilson Ashurst Bike Club V45
34 Alan Cook Wills Wheels Cycling Club V50
35 Ray Blow Cyclesport International RT V45
36 Ian Mcdermott Manchester Whlrs Club V50
37 Brian Clayton Private Member V60
38 Carolyn Speirs Horwich CC – 4 Season Cycles WV55
39 Howard Nicholson V60
40 Michael Oshea Rossendale RC V50
41 Mary White Horwich CC – 4 Season Cycles WV60
42 Paul O’Halloran Private Member V45
43 Mike Browne North Cheshire Clarion V55
44 Michael Gregson Ribble Valley Juniors V50
45 Peter Leadbeater Liverpool Century V45
46 Caroline Humphreys Red Rose Olympic WJ
47 Alan Shuttleworth Altrincham RC V65
48 Michael James Private Member V55
49 David Halman Altrincham RC V65
50 Ros Clarke Private Member WV45
51 Matthew Field Ribble Valley Juniors V40
52 Sarah Gregson Ribble Valley Juniors WJ
53 Robert Duckworth Bury Clarion Cycling Club V65
54 Paul Warrener Rossendale RC V45

1 Joseph Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels U16B
2 Theo Hartley Bolton Hot Wheels U16B
3 Nathan Hawthorn Cycle Sport Pendle U14B
4 Kim Baptista Mid Lancs BMX U14G
5 Dexter Sparrow BYCA U14B
6 Thomas Wood Mossley CRT U14B
7 Charlie Paige Clitheroe Bike Club U14B
8 Georgia Savory Cycle Sport Pendle U14G
9 Andrew Hathaway Bolton Hot Wheels U16B
10 James Henderson Red Rose Olympic U14B
11 Becky Gregson BYCA/RVJ U16G

1 Tyler Koch Bolton Hot Wheels U12B
2 Matthew Baptista Mid Lancs BMX U12B
3 Ben Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels U12B
4 George Ball Furness Future Flyers U12B
5 Alfie Savage Salt Ayre Cog Set U12B
6 Robert Rowson Macclesfield Wheelers U12B
7 Eve Barrow Salt Ayre Cog Set U12G
8 Max Boardman Salt Ayre Cog Set U12B
9 Addam Hathaway Bolton Hot Wheels U12B
10 Andrew Lemm Ribble Valley Juniors U12B
11 Jocasta Minton Bolton Hot Wheels U12G
12 Tilly Percy Salt Ayre Cog Set U12G
13 Chris Barlow Salt Ayre Cog Set U12B
14 Shannon Hawthorn Cycle Sport Pendle U12G
15 Melissa Boylin Bolton Hot Wheels U12G
16 Iestyn Keir Bolton Hot Wheels U12B
17 Carys Field Ribble Valley Juniors U12G
18 William Gregson BYCA U12B

1 Ethan Cuerden Bolton Hot Wheels U10B
2 Deetry Jarrett Blackpool Youth CA U10B
3 Daniel Porter Bolton Hot Wheels U10B
4 Ethan Grimshaw Bolton Hot Wheels U10B
5 Spencer Unsworth Blackpool Youth CA U10B
6 Casey Mortimer Midlands BMX U10B
7 Evelina Black Bolton Hot Wheels U10G
8 George Bates Red Rose Olympic U10B
9 Andrew Clarke Birkenhead North End CC U10B
10 Jake Holland Red Rose Olympic U8B
11 Benjamin Livesey U10B
12 Simeon Kilroy North Cheshire Clarion U10B
13 Saul Ashton Blackpool Youth CA U10B
14 Erin Corrigan Bolton Hot Wheels U10G
15 Imogen Peatfield Bolton Hot Wheels U8G
16 Traydon Jarrett Blackpool Youth CA U8B
17 Isobel Koch Bolton Hot Wheels U10G
18 Dan Eastham Red Rose Olympic U10B
19 Jack Livesey U8B
20 Ephrahim Ashworth Cycle Sport Pendle U8B
21 Grace Porter U8G
22 Millie Baptista U8G
23 Arwen Minton Bolton Hot Wheels U10B

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