Report/Results: Apres Winter League 8


Round 8 of the Apres Winter League belonged to Simon Brooks (VC St Raphael) at Brighton’s Preston Park Track.

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The VC St Raphael rider Simon Brooks firstly showed tactical nous by lapping the field alongside the aggressive Matthew Hull (Abellio SFA) & Jeremy Brougham (London Dynamo).

After a short breather, it was business as usual for Brooks who went on alone to gain another lap before attacking yet again for a fine solo victory, with Hull second and Brougham securing a podium place.

The 3rd Cat race saw Dan Thut (London Dynamo) achieve a win for the second consecutive week, after escaping with Kingston Wheeler’s Pat Wright to gain a lap on the bunch. Samuel Andrew (Kingston Wheelers) nabbed the win with a sprint finish in the 4th’s for a maiden victory.

The youths U12/14/16 was a close run thing with Patrick Manning (GYCC) pipping George Mew Jensen (Lea Valley Youth CC) at the death with a gritty 3rd place for the tenacious Isaac Wright of Preston Park Youth CC. There were also wins for an impressive Jack Webb (1st Chard Wheelers) in the U10’s and Daniel Allpress of Dorking CC in the U8’s races.


1.Daniel Allpress Dorking CC

1. Jack Webb 1st Chard Wheelers
2. Gilbert Cordner Eastbourne Rovers

1. Patrick Manning GYCC
2. George Mew Jensen Lea Valley YCC
3. Isaac Wright Preston Park YCC
4. Mostyn Taylor Crocket LVYCC
5. Mathew Shepherd LVYCC
6. Ashley Evans Dorking CC
7. Ben Selfe LVYCC
8. Anna Carter LVYCC
9. Torin Henderson Southborough & DW
10. Harrison Powell LVYCC
11. Ritchie Selfe LVYCC
12. Stan Abbott Stacey Preston Park YCC
13. Louis Bilyard Lea Valley YCC

1. Samuel Andrew Kingston Wheelers
2. Roman Pawlowicz Ipswich BC
3. Niall Aitkin Dulwich Paragon
4. T-Y Hsia Kingston Wheelers
5. Brindley Taylor Crawley Wheelers
6. Luke Raistrick Sorby Hinds
7. Laurence Dodd Brighton Mitre
8. Adam Leech Cranleigh CC
9. Steve Allen Dulwich Paragon
10. Gregor Ross Private
11. Claude Autrey London Dynamo
12. Ben Bradley South Down Velo
13. Mark Bennett Kingston Wheelers
14. Nick Davis Kingston Wheelers
15. Javier Arias Gonzales Kingston Wheelers
16. Richard Fish Kingston Wheelers
17. Adam Wells Kingston Wheelers
18. Gez Reeves Crawley Wheelers
19. Rob Flinn Crawley Wheelers
20. Andrew Moore Southdowns Bikes
21. Danny Watts Crawley Wheelers
22. Antony Grey Crawley Wheelers
23. Simon Mercado Private
24. Nigel Smith Southborough & Dist
25. Chris Griggs Crawley Wheelers
26. Jason Goodright Ipswich BC
27. Stuart Greig Redhill CC
28. Alex Beyfus Sussex Nomads
29. Paul Hiscock Southborough & Dist
30. Phil Barella Kingston Wheelers
DNF Greg Amann Sorby Hinds CC
DNF Josh Beattie Sussex Nomads

1. Dan Thut London Dynamo
2. Pat Wright Kingston Wheelers
3. Joe McConnell Sorby Hinds CC
4. Nathan Hereward Kingston Wheelers
5. Jeremy Brougham London Dynamo
6. Joe Luckett Team Gwb acTiv
7. Andrew Moore Kingston Wheelers
8. Matt Reid Sussex Nomads
9. Greg Moss Dulwich Paragon
10. Alan Yule Crawley Wheelers
11. Matt Kerr Ipswich BC
12. John Cordner Eastbourne Rovers
13. Matt Hill VO2 Development
14. Laurence Jones PPYCC
15. Mark Williams Kingston Wheelers
16. Zak Corum-Haines VC Jubilee
17. Paul Moore Kingston Wheelers
18. Mark Newnham Worthing Excelsior
19. Ross Hallard Hackney CC
20. Declan Egan Kingston Wheelers
21. Konrad Siebrits Sorby Hinds CC
22. Gary Mainwaring Brighton Mitre
23. Keith Henderson Southborough
24. Trevor Deeble PB Cycle Coaching RT
25. Simon Parker Crawley Wheelers
26. Viktor Kazinec Dulwich Paragon
27. Rob Fuller Brighton Mitre
28. Dan Fagg Brighton Mitre
29. Mo Ahmed London Phoenix
DNF Sam Evans Dulwich Paragon
DNF Chris Herbert Kingston Wheelers
DQ Nile Jones iTeam CC

1. Simon Brooks VC St Raphael
2. Matthew Hull Abellio SFA Racing
3. Jeremy Brougham London Dynamo
4. Sean McAuliffe Redhill CC
5. Stuart Adair Private
6. Liam Walsh SRAM CC
7. Ross Hallard Hackney CC
8. Stephen Tribe Velosport
9. Scot Bullivant Rock & Road Cycles
10. Brian Hennessey Redhill CC
11. Nathan Hereward Kingston Wheelers
12. Dan Thut London Dynamo
13. Greg Moss Dulwich Paragon
14. Joe Luckett Team Gwb AcTiv
DNF Kieran Barber Redhill CC
DNF Sam Evans Dulwich Paragon


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