Report/Results: Surrey League road race Dunsfold


19 year old Peter Hitt, who rides for local team VC Meudon, got his season off to a cracking start with a win in the main Surrey League road race at Dunsfold on Saturday.

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Surrey League road race Dunsfold

Hitt, who had already punctured in the morning 3rd category race, entered the main race at the last minute. Raring to go, he broke away from the peloton within a few kilometres of the start with two other riders who between them formed a lead of around a minute.

Midway through the race one of the three breakaway riders dropped back leaving Hitt and Stuart Bettis of Southdowns Bikes to hold off a chasing pack of eight riders for the remaining 30 miles.

Both riders buried themselves and held on to their slim lead with Hitt leaving enough in the tank to kick up the final hill and out-sprint Bettis to the finish line.

Peter Hitt Dunsfold Surrey League2
Stuart Bettis leads Peter Hitt down the hill

Peter Hitt Dunsfold Surrey League

Hitt snatches the victory from Bettis with Michael Coyle almost closing the gap in the final mile

Provisional results 2/3 race:

1 Peter Hitt VC Meudon
2 Stuart Bettis Southdowns Bikes Cycling Club
3 Michael Coyle Brighton Mitre CC
4 Simon Coles Norwood Paragon CC
5 Nick Abraham
6 Peter Allan
7 Iain Palmer Twickenham CC
8 Ian Robins Brighton Mitre CC
9 Leszek Wuziak Twickenham CC
10 Richard Unwin VC Meudon
11 Craig Wilson VC Meudon
12 Alex Tinsley Twickenham CC
13 James Local London Dynamo
14 Liam Yates Catford CC Equipe/Banks
15 Graham Crow Twickenham CC
16 Glyn Ostler Blazing Saddles Cycles
17 Daniel Thut London Dynamo
18 Ewan Tuohy Catford CC Equipe/Banks
19 James Freeman Dulwich Paragon CC
20 Andrew Carter Portsmouth North End CC
21 Paul Helyer Blazing Saddles Cycles
22 Gavin Starling Brighton Mitre CC
23 James Cooper Rock N Road Cycles
24 Gavin Ryan London Dynamo
25 Nathan Hereward VC Meudon
26 Andrew Brown Dulwich Paragon CC
27 Matthew Hammond Dulwich Paragon CC
28 Charles Batho Dulwich Paragon CC
29 Graham Austin VC Meudon
30 Steven Nicholson Blazing Saddles Cycles
31 Robert Quin Brighton Mitre CC
32 Stuart Spies London Dynamo
33 Andrew Redding I-Team Cyclists’ Club
34 Matthew Bone I-Team Cyclists’ Club
35 Philip Glowinski VC Londres
36 Chris King Catford CC Equipe/Banks
37 Jamie Francis London Dynamo
38 Paul Barnard Southdowns Bikes Cycling Club
39 Richard Jerome Team Dassi
40 Matthew Farren Brighton Mitre CC
41 Tom Lane Blazing Saddles Cycles
42 Ian Paine London Dynamo
43 Luke Farren Brighton Mitre CC
44 Duncan Mawhinney Blazing Saddles Cycles
45 Clinton Casteller I-Team Cyclists’ Club

Provisional results 3rd cat race:

1 Lee Comerford London Dynamo
2 John Dewey Dorking Cycling Club
3 Gavin Francis London Dynamo
4 Pat Wright Kingston Whls CC
5 Christopher O’Hearn Dulwich Paragon CC
6 T-Y Hsia Kingston Whls CC
7 Ray Wilson London Dynamo
8 Paul Drake Maison Du Velo
9 Edward Francis Kingston Whls CC
10 Andrew Thomas Dulwich Paragon CC
11 Jack Evans In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT
12 Alan Yule Crawley Wheelers
13 Russell Short London Dynamo
14 Paul Moore Kingston Whls CC
15 Will Davidson VC Meudon
16 Martin Rowark Crawley Wheelers
17 James Davies London Dynamo
18 Pierce Cook-Anderson Kingston Whls CC
19 Oliver Cliff VC Londres
20 Owen Elson Velosport Racing Team
21 Ian Phillips Army Cycling Union
22 Valentino Fontana Gemini BC
23 Andrew Snowball VC Londres
24 Nigel Langridge Crawley Wheelers
25 Mark Williams Kingston Whls CC
26 Damien Lodge Imperial Racing Team
27 James Graham VC Meudon
28 Jed Williamson Brighton Mitre CC
29 Ashley Russell London Dynamo
30 Timothy Harkness Maison Du Velo
31 Simon Parker Crawley Wheelers
32 Michael Gates Kingston Whls CC
33 Viktor Kazinec Dulwich Paragon CC
34 Robert Nall London Dynamo
35 Craig McLean Nuun-Sigma Sport-London Race T…
36 Seamus Kelly Kingston Whls CC

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