News – Haribo Beacon dominate Round 1 National Junior Series


1-2-3 for Haribo Beacon is led by Belgian classic winner James Shaw in Cadence Road Race (Wales) on Sunday

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News – Haribo Beacon dominate Round 1 National Junior Series

Haribo Beacon’s junior squad had their first major domestic event of the year today with the Cadence Road Race over 68 miles in Wales, and impressively dominated the event filling every podium spot with a 1, 2, 3 and also taking the King of the Mountains jersey.

As the opening round of the National Junior RR Series, all the UK’s major teams and riders were attracted and months of winter preparation were to be tested.

Mark Barry [Junior Squad Directeur Sportif] laid out the teams plans ahead of the race, and as ever the intention was to ride aggressively and take the racing to the competition.

Showing maturity ahead of their years our 4 junior riders rode selflessly as a team unit, and exactly as Barry had ordered in his rider briefing. After putting the pressure on the peloton in the opening kilometres, Tom Baylis was the first to attack and quickly built up a lead of almost 2 minutes, which placed pressure on the competition.

Eventually the chasing bunch caught Baylis with a round 50km to go, and immediately James Shaw counter attacked and built a solo lead which gradually increased to almost 4 minute at its peak with Baylis, Evans and Moody controlling any efforts by the peloton to catch the solo escape.

After several attempts from the peloton to forge a chase group, Joe Evans attacked and was joined by team mate Levi Moody who rode strongly together to distance the chase group by up to 2 mins. Meanwhile Tom Bayliss, who’s exceptional riding in the early stages of the race set up his team mates, managed to stay in great position amongst the chasing peloton.

The result was then inevitable as Shaw had built a healthy lead riding the final 50km on his own and comfortably took the victory, only two weeks after winning the junior Kuurne Brussels Kuurne.

His team mates Evans and Moody later finished second and third respectively. Although, perhaps the biggest achievement of the day was Tom Bayliss who, after riding a strong team role all race, managed to place secure 5th place on the day to secure a comfortable win in both the individual and team classifications.

Mark Barry {DS} commented “Today we knew we would be a marked team after James [Shaw] showed his early season form, but we have a great team who are all prepared to ride for each other so we took the racing by the scruff of the neck from km 1”.

Team work is probably the most important component within the team both with our riders and support staff. The lads followed team orders to the letter today and it’s great to see young guys taking on board everything we have been working on over the winter. Tom Baylis took the first three KOM primes, with James picking up the remaining four.


1 James Shaw HARIBO Beacon Cycling Team 1stJun
2 Joe Evans HARIBO Beacon Cycling Team 1stJun
3 Levi Moody HARIBO Beacon Cycling Team 1stJun
4 Karl Baillie Pedal Pushers 2ndJun
5 Louis Modell Catford CC Equipe/Banks 2ndJun
6 Thomas Baylis HARIBO Beacon Cycling Team 1stJun
7 Tom England Priavte Member 2ndJun
8 Joe Holt County Cycles Racing Team 2ndJun
9 Hamish Carrick Speg – Project 51 2ndJun
10 Dan Gardner Speg – Project 51 1stJun
11 Tristan Robbins BH-Solidor-Wamyouth 1stJun
12 Gwyn Lovibond Teamwallis CHH Racing Team 2ndJun
13 Lewis Stevens Strada-Sport 2ndJun
14 Luke Morgan CC Luton 2ndJun
15 Ben Williams NFTO Race Club 3rdJun
16 Sean McGovern Teamwallis CHH Racing Team 2ndJun
17 Jez McCann Catford CC Equipe/Banks 2ndJun
18 Tom Marshall Leisure Lakes 3rdJun
19 Fabian Brennan Velocity WD-40 2ndJun
20 Ralf Hodgson Marton Race Team 2ndJun
21 Struan McInnes RST Racing Team 2ndJun
22 Sean Noon Team ASL360/The Health Boutique 2ndJun
23 Leon Gledhill Teamwallis CHH Racing Team 2ndJun
24 Joey Walker RST Racing Team 2ndJun
25 Leon Mazzone Team Isle of Man / / 2ndJun
26 Duncan Heywood One and All Cycling 2ndJun
27 Scott Auld PH-MAS Cycling 2ndJun
28 Max Stedman Pedal Heaven Colbornes RT 2ndJun
29 Alexander Braybrooke Velocity WD-40 3rdJun
30 Preslav Dimitrov MJS Racing 2ndJun
31 Max Spedding PH-MAS Cycling 3rdJun
32 Stuart Balfour Spokes Racing Team 2ndJun
33 William Perrett Heanor Clarion CC 3rdJun
34 Oliver Cliff VC Londres 3rdJun
35 Sean Henderson North Devon Wheelers – South Fork 2ndJun
36 Joseph Wiltshire Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club 2ndJun
37 Callum McBrearty Nottingham Clarion CC 3rdJun
38 Elliott Reynolds Clay Cross Road Team 2ndJun
39 James Risk Weaver Valley CC 3rdJun
40 Jack Escritt Velocity WD-40 2ndJun
41 Oliver Payton PH-MAS Cycling 2ndJun
42 Aaron Handley Bike Box Alan/Whiston Velo 2ndJun
43 Oliver Moors Speg – Project 51 2ndJun
44 Joseph Sutton PMR@Toachim House 3rdJun
45 Stephen Williams NFTO Race Club 2ndJun
46 Harry Craig PH-MAS Cycling 2ndJun
47 Oscar Williamson Marsh Tracks Race Team 3rdJun
48 Cameron Woolsey Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) 2ndJun
49 George Evans Mid Shropshire Whls 3rdJun
50 Jack Rebours Jersey Cycling Association 4thJun
51 George Jary VC Londres 3rdJun
52 Alexandre Touche Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club 4thJun
53 Jimmy Kershaw Mid Shropshire Whls 3rdJun
54 Lewis Grieve Spokes Racing Team 2ndJun
55 Theo Doncaster Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) 2ndJun
56 Jordan Stronach East Scotland 3rdJun
57 Nicholas Jones County Cycles Racing Team 3rdJun
58 Jack Kennett Prestige Velo Club 3rdJun
59 Hisham Al-Ramah VC Londres 3rdJun
60 Thomas Morgan Bristol Cycling Deevlopment Squad 4thJun

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