News – Busy weekend for the riders of Medway Velo


17 Medway Velo riders made up a field of 40 for the VC Elan Hilly Time Trial on Sunday, 23 March

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 News – Busy weekend for the riders of Medway Velo
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The event, which begins in Molash, sees riders descending then asencing Charing Hill, heading towards Ashford before turning back to Chilham to finish the 22-mile event with the climb of Molash Hill.

It was great to see all 17 club-riders who had entered the event turning up and completing the course successfully. The event, which is a Medway Velo Club Championship has always drawn a good field from the club.


Looking lean, mean and stealthy the ‘power-house’ Steve Smith was a good choice for club champion, a crown he managed to claim in 57.01 mins which also saw him 5th overall. He was closely followed home by 23-year-old Dom Campbell in 57.30 who took 7th in the overall men’s competition.

New Veterans Champion was Rob Kennison in 58.11, who was the third velo to take a top 10 spot and went home with the purse for 9th. Though with such a strong showing of the red, white and green, the club were favourites for the team prize, it was something that was never taken for granted and all of the team cheered loudly when it was announced Steve, Dom and Rob had claimed the victory.

In the ladies competition it was a Medway Velo 1-2-3 with Sally Smith first in 1.11.29. New woman’s Veteran Champ Karen Florey was next in 1.20 followed by Kay Maynard in 1.28.

The other strong performances were too numerous to mention, but every rider representing the Velo did the club proud. A mention must go to Gordon Chambers who decided to buck the trend and ride a circuit 10TT at Thruxton. In very windy condition Gordon came home in 29.11.

Overall top 10
1 Malcolm Davies 4 T+ Velo Club 00:54:14
2 Sebastian Dickson Thanet RC 00:55:00
3 Malcolm Davies VC Elan – Harry Perry Cycles 00:55:35
4 Keith Walker Wigmore CC 00:56:18
5 Steve Smith Medway Velo Club 00:57:01
6 Simon Henderson Thanet RC 00:57:22
7 Dominic Campbell Medway Velo Club 00:57:30
8 Reg Smith VeloRefined Aerosmiths 00:58:06
9 Rob Kennison Medway Velo Club 50 V 01.07.56 00:58:11
10 Nick Marsh VC Deal 52 V 01.08.17 00:58:45

Overall Women’s Compeition (& women’s club championship)
1 Sally Smith Medway Velo Club 01:11:29
2 Karen Florey Medway Velo Club 01:20:22
3 Kay Maynard Medway Velo Club 01:28:08

Medway Velo Club Championship
1 Steve Smith Medway Velo Club 00:57:01
2 Dominic Campbell Medway Velo Club 00:57:30
3 Rob Kennison Medway Velo Club 50 V 01.07.56 00:58:11
4 Ian Stephens Medway Velo Club 01:01:05
5 Rob Sapp Medway Velo Club 01:03:08
6 David Campbell Medway Velo Club 01.06.38 01:03:44
7 Alex Woolley Medway Velo Club 01:04:58
8 Andrew Collyer Medway Velo Club 01:05:33
9 Harvey Pope Medway Velo Club 01:06:16
10 Mark Barton Medway Velo Club 01:08:07
11 Paul Daniel Medway Velo Club 01:08:33
12 Geoff Graham Medway Velo Club 01:10:32
13 Nigel Wharton Medway Velo Club 01:11:32
14 Michael Florey Medway Velo Club 01:18:26
Woman Vet Club Champion – Karen Florey
Male Vets Club Champion – Rob Kennison

Road Racing
On 22 March Sally Smith and Rob Kennison travelled to the Milton Keynes Bowl to try their luck in the Crit Races staged there. First up was Sally in a 20 strong women’s race. A break of three went ahead which was chased by four, including Smith.

This left the chasers separated from the rest of the peloton for the remainder of the race. Unfortunately they did not catch them and a little race naivety in the sprint left Sally with 5 points for 7th.

Rob rode in the cat 2 race with some 45 starters. The pace for the first half of the race appeared excruciating and Rob’s race experience showed as he kept himself out of trouble as riders dropped like flies off the back of the pack.

The sprint was wound up quite some distance before the finish and Rob, who was one of a handful of veterans in the race, finished mid-pack around 15th.

Well done the the other members road racing this weekend, Sam Farely who ride the Cat 3 race at Preston Park and Adam Mumford who rode in the Cat ¾ SERRL at Brenchly.



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