Product News – Velotastic launch Rikulau Bicycles in UK


Product News – Velotastic CC are delighted to launch Rikulau Bicycles in the UK - Reynolds 931, 953 (to order)  and 853 steel frames

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Product News – Velotastic launch Rikulau Bicycles in UK

Why Rikulau?
At Velotastic, we like to stock items that are not available at your local bike shop and we are also big fans of steel bikes. Choosing to import Rikulau just felt the natural decision. Rikulau have a good reputation in South East Asia for building a quality product at a sensible price.

They were also the first company to manufacture a frame from Reynolds 931. We are initially stocking 931 and 853 frames with the 953 available to order. The frames come complete with Easton forks and an FSA headset. As well as selling framesets, we are planning on selling some custom one off builds which we are really looking forward too says Paul Gregory from Velotastic

The bikes available in the UK are…


Rikulau 853 Mondrian
Rikulau’s 853 frame offers something different to the norm. Aimed at riders who like to combine a spirited ride with all day comfort, the 853 harks back to the time when steel was king. The frame comes complete with matching Easton EA70 carbon forks and an FSA headset. £649

Mondrian Composition…
Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) – a Dutch painter and was one of the principal characters in an art movement called De Stijl (“the Style” in Dutch) also known as Neoplasticism. Neoplastiscm seeks to ignore the natural forms and colours of objects, and finds their expression in an abstractive composition that uses predominantly primary colours in square, rectangle and straight lines.

Rikulau 931
Made from seamless stainless steel tubing and with a medium sized frame weighing in at around 1530 grammes, the 931 is a real mile eater. Like the 853, the frame offers a balance between comfort and a sporting ride. Ideal for sportive and club riders who want something a little different to carbon. The frame comes complete with an Easton EC90 full carbon fork and FSA headset. £1299


Rikulau 953
Made from Reynolds flagship 953 stainless steel tubing, the 953 is designed for the rider who wants to go for an all-day ride. Available in a choice of custom colours, the 953 frameset comes complete with Easton EC-90 forks and an FSA headset. £1,799 delivery approx. 3 weeks.

For complete speccing and geometry go to:

And to order go to:

About Rikulau the company.
“In 2006, a team of bicycle lovers who shared a common dream of creating an “unusual” brand started Rikulau. In seven years, Rikulau’s new tubing material, artistically & culturally-rich frame graphics, and custom services have appealed to many riders across the globe and we are now delighted to be in the UK” – Rikulau Bicycles

“At Rikulau, we want the beauty of the Taiwanese bicycle visualised, and our ethos is to have a distinguishing bicycle brand that represents the perfect fusion of arts and craftsmanship”.

Origins of the Rikulau.
This is what the Taiwanese Rukai people say about the mysterious Rikulau… the legendary sacred animal of the Rukai people (a Taiwanese aboriginal tribe). Rikulau is the name of a clouded leopard in their language. 700 years ago, a group of Rukai ancestors followed the footprints of a Rikulau to find a forever land for their children. They left the east coast, and went up the stream into the deepest forests of the mountainous ranges of southern Taiwan. And finally, they settled at the foothills of Da-Wu mountain where the footprints of the Rikulau stopped.

Rikulau is the biggest feline animal on the island of Taiwan. It moves like the wind in the deepest forests of the mountainous island. It is the best climber among all wild cats. It is the fairy that bridges the dreams between people and the nature. It is the incarnation of agility, speed and style.



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