Results – Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross 1


Jack Clarkson, Chris Young and Sarah Bell winners in round 1 of the Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross League At Beverely

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Results – Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross 1

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Seniors/Juniors/Vet 40
1. Jack Clarkson, Hope Factory Racing 54-51
2. Joe Moses, Paul Milnes RT at 48sec
3. Ian Taylor, Jedi Cyclesport at 1:31
4. Nick Barnes, Zepnat RT
5. Dieter Droger, Scott UK
6. Dan Cook, Peak RC
7. Mike Young, Pedalsport CC
8. Keith Murray, Scott UK
9. Ben Hallsworth, Ilkley Cycles
10. Simon Maudsley, Team Vertex

First Veterans 40+: Ian Taylor, Jedi Cyclesport
First Junior: Chris Barnes, Zepnat RT

Vet 50/Women
1. Chris Young, Pedalsport CC 41-38
2. Pete Wilkin, Fietsen Tempo at 2:55
3. Wayne Nicholson, York Cycleworks at 3:58
4. John Galloway, Keswick Bikes
5. Andy Moss, Adept RT
6. Steve Barnes, Zepnat RT

1. Sarah Bell, Shutt VR
2. Marie Jackson, Paul Milnes RT
3. Hannah Saville, Norton Wheelers

Youth Under 16/14
1. Ben Turner, Paul Milnes RT 26-59
2. Matt Taylor, Pedalsport CC at 1-47
3. Jenson Young, Pedalsport CC at same time
4. Eddie Townsend, Pedalsport CC
5. Simeon Young, Pedalsport CC

Under 14 Boys: Jenson Young, Pedalsport
Under 14 Girls: Lucy Whearty, Pedalsport CC

Under 12
1 Bjoern Koerdt, All Terrain Cycles
2 Chris Hilbert, VC Lincoln
3 Matt Homa, Clifton CC
First Girl: Amber Hill, East Bradford CC

Under 10
1 Oliver Aiken, Holmfirth CC
2 Jake Kennedy, VC Lincoln
3 Milo Hull, East Bradford CC
First Girl: Astrid Hiley, Pedalsport CC

Under 8
1. Jacob Simpson, BDCC
2. James Homa, Clifton CC
3. Harry Fox, East Bradford CC
First Girl: Imogen Barrett, Clifton CC

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