Report – World Masters Final Day


The final day of Masters action at the 2014 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships saw seven titles awarded as Britain tops the medal table

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Report – World Masters Final Day

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2014 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships – Day 8
October 4-11, 2014 | 430 riders from 33 countries | SATURDAY, OCT 11


The final day of Masters action at the 2014 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships saw seven titles awarded as well as the prestigious Cossavella Trophy in memory of former organiser Brian Cossavella. It was the culmination of eight days of racing with 430 riders from 33 nations around the world.

The day saw British riders winning three titles, the USA two and one each for Denmark and Argentina plus an Aussie winning the event’s trophy race, the Brian Cossavella Memorial. After a week long battle with the USA, the top nation was Britain with 28 Golds to the 23 of the USA. Denmark and Australia were next with 6 and France 5. In all, 22 nations came away with one or more medals.

Day eight of the competition saw the Women’s Sprint take place with four titles up for grabs.

Womens Sprint 35 – 39 Years
There were six starters in this category with the fastest being Carolien Van Herrikhuyzen of the Netherlands who proceeded to the finals for Gold and Silver with ease where she came up against British rider Madeline Moore of VC St Raphael who had also had no trouble winning all the way through the competition.

The question was which one of them was going be the fastest when it came to match sprinting and that was soon answered as Moore despatched the Dutch rider two nil in the final for the Gold medal. The battle for Bronze was similarly fought for with Hamilton (USA) having just too much power for the Aussie Rebecca Wheadon.

Womens Sprint 40 – 44 Years
This age category also had six starters and leading the way were two Australians, fastest qualifier Jessica Laws ahead of teammate Janelle Smith. Having qualified fastest and second fastest meant they avoided meeting in the rounds of the competition but it didn’t mean the route to the final was anything but easy, especially for Janelle Smith.

The rider from Tasmania (Australia) won her first semi final match against eventual Gold medallist Walton by less than half a wheel and then in the next match, where again it was a photo finish win for Smith, the Aussie was relegated for entering the sprinter’s lane when there was not room to do so.

That meant a decider in her semi final and in that Smith went from over a lap out and when Walton came over the top down the home straight, the Aussie had nothing left in the tank to hold off the American.

The other Aussie, Laws, meanwhile had no such trouble getting to the final for Gold against Walton but that was as good as it got for Laws. Walton was just too quick and despatched the Aussie two nil.


In the Bronze medal final, the Tasmanian Janelle Smith had to fight every inch of the way to the line to get that bronze in her battle with Adriana Perino (Argentina) but it was certainly well deserved and with experience, she will only improve and the title is certainly within her reach.

Womens Sprint 45 – 49 Years
A new worlds best was set in the qualifying round where Gea Johnson of the USA was quickest of the seven starters making her a clear favourite for the Gold medal to be decided later in the day. Johnson cruised her semi final but the other one between Julie Cooper and Debbie Capewell (below) went to three matches with Cooper going through to the final for Gold whilst Debbie Capewell would ride off for Bronze.


In those finals, Johnson, simply had too much speed for Cooper who tried everything including keeping the American up the track with a little shoulder to shoulder argy bargy but Johnson wasn’t going to be denied. The bronze medal ride off between Capewell and Maria Herrera (Guatemala) was all Capewell who won two rides to nil.

Womens Sprint 50 Plus
There were eleven starters in this event for the over 50s where Janni Bormann of Denmark was fastest in qualifying, setting a new world best for the 50-54 age group and laying down the gauntlet to her rivals. She beat the Aussie Deborah Coulls two matches to nil to set up a meeting with another Aussie, Julie Barnett in the final for Gold, who had also breezed through her semi finals.

The Danish rider though was simply too quick for anyone and won the Gold with two rides whilst in the battle for the bronze, Deborah Coulls certainly had the fight in her for the battle but the American Annabell Holland had the speed and power to take the Bronze in two rides.


There were two Pursuit events on day 8, both for the oldest categories in the competition. In the Mens Pursuit 70 – 74, there were nine starters from which Points race champion Geoff Wiles backed up well from his racing the day before to record the fastest time of 2.39.217 for the 2000 metres.

The former British Madison Champion from 1971came up against John Larsen of Denmark who had qualified over eight seconds slower making the popular Wiles the overwhelming favourite. Replacing his 531 steel bunch race bike and replacing that with a carbon bike from Roland Crayford, Geoff did his status as favourite proud by starting quickly and soon having his rival in sight. He went on to win by 9 seconds. British rider Peter Jenn won the Bronze.


Mens Pursuit 75 Plus
Seven riders from four countries lined up for the race against the watch and multi World champion already in 2014, James Kloss of the USA set a New World Masters Best Time (75-79 Years) of 2.49.770 to go fastest in qualifying.

The first final onto the track was the Bronze medal ride off between Gordon Johnston and Raymond Pelle and there was absolutely nothing between them right through the contest. As the guns went off to signal them crossing their line, the margin of victory was 0.46 for Johnston.

The Gold and Silver final was equally close for most of the race as Alan Rowe led for much of the match until Kloss edged ahead in the final quarter of the race. It wasn’t over though as Alan Rowe came back on the final lap stopping Kloss from having a clean sweep of the medals in the category and as a bonus, Rowe also added a new Worlds best time to the record books in his name.


L-R: James Kloss, Alan Rowe and Gordon Johnston

M40/44 Points
There were twenty three entries for this event including the winner of the Scratch race the night before, John McClelland and like that race, it soon got going and up to race speed. So much so, riders were soon taking a lap in a race split into groups and attackers. With the riders spread out so much, confusion reigned as to who had a lap and who didn’t.

In the end, five riders had got the lap and the 20 points given for it and it was these five who were fighting out the medals. The top of the table saw riders separated by the odd point here and there and the final sprint was going to be crucial. Of the medal contenders a lap up, Diego Rozie was second and those points gave him the win over French rider Redondo who had led prior to that sprint. Jayson Austin meanwhile, who was third in the dash to the line, got himself enough points to move him from fourth and onto the podium with a Bronze medal.

Cossavella Final
This annual event to close the championships was fast with the ten miles covered in under 20 minutes and at times, quite brutal as all such races should be! Breaks came and went and the relentless pace quickly saw riders dropping out reducing the full field to under twenty. Lap by lap, riders were taking a turn at the front to keep the pace high but not high enough as Aussie Jayson Austin hit out with six to go.


He quickly got a gap and a chase soon brought the gap down and he swung up. So did the peloton though so Austin simply opened the taps again on the black line and pulled the gap back out in his favour.

There was a lot of talking going on behind him but no-one was willing to do all the donkey work to bring him back and so the Aussie stayed clear of a charging peloton from which Scotland’s Martin Lonie showed yet again what good form he’s had this week with several medals and now a podium in this trophy race. Third was Rolando Horacio Ahumada of Argentina.


Brian Cossavella Memorial Scratch Race

Final – 10 Miles / 16 Kms (64 Laps)

1st Jayson Austin AUS
2nd Martin Lonie GBR
3rd Rolando Horacio Ahumada ARG
4th Julien Muselet FRA
5th John McClelland GBR
6th Martin Ruepp SUI
7th Andy Stuart GBR
8th Daniel Casper USA
9th Alex Arancibia AUS
10th Jeromy Cottell USA
11th Colin Parkinson GBR

@ 1 Lap
12th Alain Bornet FRA
13th Jason Streather GBR
14th Jason Roberts GBR
15th Paul Whatmough GBR

dnf Sam Alison AUS
dnf Hugo Alfredo Auge ARG
dnf Sergio Adrian Chucoff ARG
dnf Christian Ellis GBR
dnf Richard Hughes GBR
dnf Alessandro Picco ITA
dnf Diego Rozie ARG
dnf German Cassani ARG
Race Time: 19:51

Womens Sprint 35 – 39 Years

200m Qualifying Time Trial
1. Carolien Van Herrikhuyzen NED 12.186
2. Madeline Moore GBR 12.441
3. Linsey Hamilton USA 12.571
4. Rebecca Wheadon AUS 12.714
5. Julie Dominguez GBR 13.358
6. Victoria Hood GBR 14.257

Round 1 Result
1. Carolien Van Herrikhuyzen NED 13.876
2. Victoria Hood GBR

1. Madeline Moore GBR 12.918
2. Julie Dominguez GBR

1. Linsey Hamilton USA 13.145
2. Rebecca Wheadon AUS

1. Rebecca Wheadon AUS 13.575
2. Julie Dominguez GBR
3. Victoria Hood GBR

Semi Finals Result

1 Carolien Van Herrikhuyzen NED 13.122 13.138
2. Rebecca Wheadon AUS

1. Madeline Moore GBR 12.668 12.736
2. Linsey Hamilton USA

For 1st & 2nd Place
1. Madeline Moore GBR 12.877 12.67
2. Carolien Van Herrikhuyzen NED

For 3rd & 4th Place
3. Linsey Hamilton USA 13.287 13.168
4. Rebecca Wheadon AUS

Womens Sprint 40 – 44 Years

200m Qualifying Time Trial
1. Jessica Laws AUS 12.225
2. Janelle Smith AUS 12.342
3. Dana Walton USA 12.387
4. Adriana Perino ARG 12.727
5. Erin Criglington NZL 12.902
6. Kellie Hards AUS 13.873

Round 1 Result
1. Jessica Laws AUS 13.662
2. Kellie Hards AUS

1. Janelle Smith AUS 13.463
2. Erin Criglington NZL

1. Dana Walton USA 13.228
2. Adriana Perino ARG

Round 1 Repechage Result
1. Adriana Perino ARG 13.321
2. Erin Criglington NZL
3. Kellie Hards AUS

Semi Finals

1. Jessica Laws AUS 12.695 13.049
2. Adriana Perino ARG

1. Dana Walton USA 12.184 12.884
2. Janelle Smith AUS 12.586

For 1st & 2nd Place
1. Dana Walton USA 13.062 12.930
2. Jessica Laws AUS

For 3rd & 4th Place
1. Janelle Smith AUS 13.069 12.788
2. Adriana Perino ARG

Womens Sprint 45 – 49 Years

200m Qualifying Time Trial
1st Gea Johnson USA 11.811 ***
2nd Julie Cooper GBR 12.907
3rd Debbie Capewell GBR 12.954
4th Jeanette Baxter GBR 14.062
5th Sharee Faulkner AUS 14.203
6th Edvige Pettinato ITA 14.305
7th Maria Herrera GUA 14.407

*** New World Masters Best Time

Round 1

1. Gea Johnson USA 14.209
2. Maria Herrera GUA

1. Julie Cooper GBR 14.234
2. Edvige Pettinato ITA

1. Debbie Capewell GBR 14.376
2. Jeanette Baxter GBR
3. Sharee Faulkner AUS

Round 1 Repechage Result
1. Maria Herrera GUA 15.054
2. Jeanette Baxter GBR
3. Edvige Pettinato ITA
4. Sharee Faulkner AUS

Semi Finals
1. Gea Johnson USA 15.260 15.085 2:0
2. Maria Herrera GUA

1. Julie Cooper GBR 13.225 13.154 2:1
2. Debbie Capewell GBR 13.625

For 1st & 2nd Place
1. Gea Johnson USA 12.831 12.078
2. Julie Cooper GBR

For 3rd & 4th Place
3. Debbie Capewell GBR 13.999 14.347
4. Maria Herrera GUA

Womens Sprint 50 Plus Years

1. Janni Bormann* DEN 12.310 ***
2. Julie Barnett* AUS 13.193
3. Annabell Holland* USA 13.398
4. Orla Hendron* IRL 13.547
5. Deborah Coulls* AUS 13.829
6. Makiko Hamada* JPN 13.835
7. Elizabeth Heller** USA 13.902
8. Suzanne Duncan-Gilbert* GBR 13.906
9. Brenda Tate** GBR 13.925
10. Myrtle Hagedorn* RSA 14.008
11. Gwynneth Rixon*** GBR 15.504

*** New World Masters Best Time (50-54 Years)

Round 1
1. Janni Bormann* DEN 14.495
2. Gwynneth Rixon*** GBR

1. Julie Barnett* AUS 13.295
2. Myrtle Hagedorn* RSA
3. Elizabeth Heller** USA

1. Annabell Holland* USA 14.530
2. Makiko Hamada* JPN
3. Brenda Tate** GBR

1. Deborah Coulls* AUS 13.986
2. Orla Hendron* IRL
3. Suzanne Duncan-Gilbert* GBR

Round 1 Repechage
1st Makiko Hamada* JPN 14.673
2nd Gwynneth Rixon*** GBR
3rd Elizabeth Heller** USA
dns Suzanne Duncan-Gilbert* GBR

1st Myrtle Hagedorn* RSA 14.280
2nd Orla Hendron* IRL
dnf Brenda Tate** GBR

Round 2
1st Janni Bormann* DEN 13.063
2nd Myrtle Hagedorn* RSA

1st Julie Barnett* AUS 14.088
2nd Makiko Hamada* JPN

1st Annabell Holland* USA 14.143
2nd Deborah Coulls* AUS

Round 2 Repechage
1. Deborah Coulls* AUS 14.602
2. Myrtle Hagedorn* RSA
3. Makiko Hamada* JPN

Semi Finals Result

1. Janni Bormann* DEN 13.947 14.124
2. Deborah Coulls* AUS

1. Julie Barnett* AUS 13.272 13.261
2. Annabell Holland* USA

For 1st & 2nd Place
1. Janni Bormann* DEN 12.793 12.733
2. Julie Barnett* AUS

For 3rd & 4th Place
3. Annabell Holland* USA 14.48 13.99
4. Deborah Coulls* AUS

Mens Pursuit 70 – 74 Years

Qualification – 2000m (8 Laps)
1. Geoff Wiles GBR 2.39.217
2. John Larsen DEN 2.48.878
3. Peter Robertson GBR 2.49.250
4. Peter Jenn GBR 2.51.400
5. John Mason GBR 2.51.818
6. Peter Smith GBR 2.55.217
7. Roger Langlois FRA 2.58.649
8. Barry Ferguson GBR 2.59.907
9. Brian Moat GBR 2.59.973

For 1st & 2nd Place
1. Geoff Wiles GBR 2.39.305
2. John Larsen DEN 2.48.592

For 3rd & 4th Place
3. Peter Jenn GBR 2.50.807
4. Peter Robertson GBR 2.50.825

Mens Pursuit 75 Plus Years


1. Alan Rowe GBR
2. James Kloss USA
3. Gordon Johnston GBR

Qualification – 2000m (8 Laps)
1. James Kloss USA 2.49.770 ***
2. Alan Rowe GBR 2.51.057
3. Gordon Johnston GBR 2.53.717
4. Raymond Pelle FRA 2.54.281
5. Derrick Woodings GBR 3.04.801
6. Rod Wagner AUS 3.05.953
7. Neil Orrell GBR 3.34.665
New World Masters Best Time (75-79 Years)

Men 40 – 44 Years Points Race
Final – 20 Km (80 Laps)
1. Diego Rozie ARG +20 35pts
2. Bruno Redondo FRA +20 34pts
3. Jayson Austin AUS +20 32pts
4. Martin Ruepp SUI +20 31pts
5. Jason Roberts GBR +20 21pts
6. John McClelland GBR 10pts
7. Matthew Glanville AUS 6pts
8. Alain Bornet FRA 6pts
9. Peter John Wheeler RSA 2pts
10. Nikalas Cook GBR
11. Richard Hughes GBR
12 Graeme Lackford GBR
13. Frederic Martin FRA -20
14. John Russell GBR -20pts
15. Jerome Gueret FRA -20pts
16. Alessandro Picco ITA -20pts
17. Sergio A Chucoff ARG -20pts
18. Thierry Forler FRA -20pts
19. Richard McArdle AUS -20pts
20. Jason Streather GBR -20pts
21. Gerry Bowditch GBR -40pts

dnf Christian Ellis GBR
dnf Hugo Alfredo Auge ARG

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