Product News – The name behind the name YB Clothing


YB Custom cycle clothing has years of experience behind it from the legend that is Yanto Barker, winner of the Lincoln GP and prestigious Star Trophy

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Product News – The name behind the name YB Clothing

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2011_Yanto_BarkerOn the side of the VeloUK website is the YB Custom Clothing advert and many may not realise that the YB comes from the initials of one the country’s top professionals of the last 15 years, Yanto Barker.

Winner of the Lincoln Grand Prix and also the prestigious Star Trophy (for the Premier Calendar road series before it was renamed), Yanto has long been winning races.

A good few years ago, Yanto made a comeback wearing kit with the Le Col branding on it. That kit has continued to be refined and in 2015, his company, Le Col, is supplying his new team, One Pro Cycling, with its race clothing.

But Le Col has a sister brand in YB Custom Clothing. “The brand YB custom was designed by myself for two reasons” says Yanto. “One, I am a competitive cyclist and have always worn club or team kit throughout my career that often was fairly average in quality, fit and manufacturing”.

“I certainly believe if people are looking for better quality all round, we can certainly deliver it. Two, once we started Le Col, people asked if we could do club kit too. The answer was yes! So we did not compromise Le Col as our premium brand, I decided to start a new brand called YB Custom”.


It’s been a great success explained Yanto, adding “we have supplied 60-70 clubs now and many who re order every year and have done for years”. It is a completely separate brand to Le Col and covers all items needed from top to toe for a club looking to create a club kit that has all their branding needs.

Gloves, mitts, socks, shorts, jerseys long and short sleeve are the basic items that YB can supply. They also do jackets, gilets, overshoes (lycra and thermal) and skin suits ( long and short sleeve jerseys with or without pockets).  “As you know, we are supplying Team One Pro Cycling this year and in doing so, we needed to develop some more performance based products, like a speed suit (shorts & jersey with pockets joined together for extra aerodynamic performance” explains Yanto.

“We also have a thermal all weather jersey for really cold or wet racing days. Supplying ‘One Pro Cycling’ is a great opportunity with a UCI team to demonstrate the performance capabilities of the kit while also catering for the more entry level cyclist with the YB kit that has a relatively modest price tag to match”.

As a separate brand, YB Custom Clothing uses different logos and features to the premium brand Le Col but developments from that kit (Le Col) are then introduced to the YB Custom brand when possible. All the kit is also manufactured in Italy in the same factory.

A club can go to the website, order off the templates provided and choose the colours. Or they can contact YB directly and go for a fully bespoke option by designing their own kit completely from scratch.

“It has been running well and we have many happy customers who, as I said, have re ordered a quite a few times now” Yanto explains.


Yanto on the attack in the CiCLE Classic. That didn’t work out as he punctured but a few weeks later, Yanto won the Lincoln Grand Prix.


2009 and Yanto’s Black and Gold Le Col kit, early days for the brand which is gone to bigger and better things in 2015.

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