Post Race Chat – Steve Lampier


National Series leader, Steve Lampier of Raleigh GAC admits to being tired in Wiltshire GP on Sunday

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Post Race Chat – Steve Lampier


After a series of podium placings in the Prems so far, and 18th in the Tour of Yorkshire, 16th at Wilton on Sunday was a surprise. Steve speaking after the race though explained “I was tired and came out of Yorkshire in box to be honest”.

“I had Monday and Tuesday off, trained a bit Wednesday and did a time trial at the lowest watts all year. Then Thursday I chilled in London with the girlfriend for a day out.”

“Today, I was fine until 100k in and then I punctured and had to make an effort to get back and I was thinking ‘I don’t feel so good now’. So I had to play a horrible negative style of racing and I hate doing that because that’s not in my nature”.


Steve did though make the break that split on the final lap of the big circuit and did get involved in some attacks before four riders clipped off the front. “It was weird how that happened. They went on the downhill and everyone watched. They got a gap and then they were out of sight.”

Raleigh put two riders on the front but it wasn’t enough so they stopped riding and waited for the counter attack that never came. “Last time up the climb, I thought there were going to be fireworks, Bibby looked like he was shaping up to do something and didn’t. We did eventually started to hit each other and get something going but after that there was nothing, and we rolled around”.

“It was really odd”.


Steve and his Raleigh GAC team now have the Tour Series in their sights. “I first rode the Tour Series in 2010 and they were hard, but they were different back then. I rode all ten and we also had Premier Calendar on the weekends.”

“Now, you need to be doing enough of the Tour Series to get a feel of the racing but you need to be fresh going into them. So in an ideal scenario, you would have ten absolute crit hitters and then rotate Tuesdays and Thursdays based on course selection.”

“They are great races though. Getting the Sprints jersey four or five years ago helped put my name into people’s mindsets so in a weird way, I’m looking forward to them!”

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