Results – Tameside Circuit Races


Simon Mayfield of Sowerby Brothers CRT and Joseph Dobson of Manchester Bicycle Club winners at the circuit races on Tuesday at Tameside (Greater Manchester)

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Results – Tameside Circuit Races

1 Simon Mayfield Sowerby Brothers CRT
2 Adam Darbyshire The Nab Racing
3 Matt Hallam The Nab Racing
4 Ben Whitehead East Lancashire RC
5 Ryan Manders Cyclefit RT
6 Chris Emsley AllterrainRC
7 Tarn Fynn University Of Manchester CC
8 Paul Wilkinson North Cheshire Clarion
9 Gary Bury Chorlton Velo
10 Tom Lowe Lancaster University Cycling Club
11 Matthew Cosgrove Polocini Test Team
12 Simon Deplitch Team Chronomaster
13 Daniel Worrall Mossley CRT
14 Simon Pymm Holmfirth Cycling Club
15 Jonathan Stanlake Private Member
16 Kevin McNeill Manchester Wheelers Club
17 Archie Stewart Mossley CRT
18 Rob Wilkinson Private Member
19 Morgan lloyd Cyclefit RT
20 James Little Holmfirth Cycling Club
21 Charlotte Alston Sportcity Velo
22 Pat Holborn Manchester Wheelers Club

Category 4
1 Joseph Dobson Manchester Bicycle Club
2 David Taylor Manchester Wheelers Club
3 Andrew Paterson Manchester Wheelers Club
4 David Uttley HD Revolutions (HDR)
5 Ian Lawton THR Racing
6 Colin Birchall HD Revolutions (HDR)
7 Brendan Devlin 3RT
8 Sam Ling Manchester Wheelers Club
9 Karl McLelland Manchester Wheelers Club
10 Harvey Salt Wills Wheels Cycling Club
11 Tom Allen Achieve
12 Andrew Farley Manchester Wheelers Club
13 Owen Morris Holmfirth Cycling Club
14 Rowen Ratcliffe Holmfirth Cycling Club
15 Katie Toft Mossley CRT


Cat C
1 Aidan Lawrence Eastlands Velo C
2 Lachlan Hacker North Cheshire Clarion C
3 Thomas Lord Eastlands Velo C
4 Brandon Donovan Eastlands Velo C
5 Ross Hooley Lyme RC C
6 Thomas Davidson Mossley CRT C
7 Joseph Knott Mossley CRT C

Boys A
1 Isaac Appleby Sportcity Velo A
2 Karl Richter Mossley CRT A

Cat B
1 Joe Burns Eastlands Velo B
2 Thomas Bates Mossley CRT B
3 Junior Jackson Mossley CRT B
4 Robert Donaldson Mossley CRT B
5 Cameron Bates Mossley CRT B

Girls B
1 Ava Oxley-Szilagyi PH-MAS VCUK Women’s Cycling Team Bg

Girls C
1 Erin Corrigan Mossley CRT Cg
Boys E
1 Michael Postlethwaite Mossley CRT E
2 Patrick Mannion Private Member E

1 Ciara Postlethwaite Mossley CRT Eg
2 Emily Reynolds Private Member Eg
Boys D
1 Euan Hacker North Cheshire Clarion D
2 James Donaldson Mossley CRT D
3 Bryn Lawrence Eastlands Velo D
4 Joshua Bailey Private Member D

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