Results – London League Round 2

Michael Butler of Hargroves Cycles – Ridley RT winner of round 2 of the London Cyclo-Cross League on Sunday at Redbridge (NE London)

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Results – London League Round 2

Senior Men
1 Michael Butler Hargroves Cycles – Ridley RT
2 Jonathan Dennis
3 Christopher Ansell Team Corridori
4 Josh Wakeling BowlPhish BONTRAGER Racing
5 Craig Joy Adalta Cycling Club
6 Will Taylor Southdowns Bikes – Casco
7 James Madgwick Hackney GT
8 Jack Finch PMR@Toachim House
9 James Flury PMR@Toachim House
10 Harry Franklin In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT
11 Russell Short London Dynamo
12 William Warre Cycle Lab
13 Benedict Spurrier ViCiOUS VELO
14 Dan Braid Team Corridori
15 Federico Bernasconi Hackney GT
16 Steve Hambling BowlPhish BONTRAGER Racing
17 Wilfred Sinclair Pearson Cycling Club
18 Glen Whittington Southborough & District Whls
19 Luke Kennard Mountain Trax RT
20 George Finch PMR@Toachim House
21 Shane Pope Crawley Wheelers
22 Christopher Hyde Wigmore CC
23 Thomas Burnett VC Londres
24 George Kirkin Imperial Racing Team
25 Dean Hart Maldon & District CC
26 William Dunk
27 Ryan Machin Crawley Wheelers
28 Benjamin Maggs CC London
29 Richard Mathie
30 Neil Dunn Pretorius Bikes
31 Barry Hyde Kingston Wheelers CC
32 John Pears Crawley Wheelers
33 Rob Drake Dulwich Paragon CC
34 Spencer Wood Adalta Cycling Club
35 Thomas Neville Sutton Cycling Club
36 Justin King Crawley Wheelers
37 David Smith VC Londres
38 Christopher Morrison Pearson Cycling Club
39 Daniel Bell
40 Ian Jones Crawley Wheelers
41 Drew Barritt Crawley Wheelers
42 James Cheeseman Crawley Wheelers
43 Paul Simmonds Brixton Cycles Club
44 David Webb Pearson Cycling Club
45 Benjamin Arroyo Guerrero Dulwich Paragon CC
46 Krisztian Borbely
47 Isaac Wright Preston Park Youth CC

Veteran Men 40-49
1 Andrew Taylor C and N Cycles RT
2 Robert Purcell Neon-Velo Cycling Team
3 Stephen Gibson 4T+ Velo Club
4 Bill Bell Bigfoot CC
5 Richard Freshwater
6 Roger Fowkes
7 Stuart Nisbett Crawley Wheelers
8 Ed Fraser PB Cycle Coaching Racing Team
9 Frazer Clifford Pivot Boompods Racing
10 Russell Jones Hackney GT
11 Mark Smith Crawley Wheelers
12 Stuart McGhee Evans Cycles Race Team
13 Andrew Watson-Smith Pretorius Bikes
14 John Lemonius Singular Cycles
15 Donald Wiley Mosquito Bikes
16 Charles Evans Crawley Wheelers
17 Simon Stockley Addiscombe CC
18 Rupert Robinson Crawley Wheelers
19 Andrew Powers Rollapaluza CC
20 Alex Amey ViCiOUS VELO
21 Jeremy Parsons
22 Stuart McCorkell Pearson Cycling Club
23 Duncan Rimmer Morden Cycle Racing Club
24 Adam Ford Eastbourne Rovers CC
25 Emmeric Hurault
26 Stuart Kinnon GS Invicta/ELO/Herberts Cycles
27 Garry Christopher Crawley Wheelers
28 Simon Lythgoe Addiscombe CC
29 Paul Hewitt
30 Tony Vickers Pearson Cycling Club
31 Aaron Dewhurst
32 Ashley Coups
33 Phil Kirby VC Londres
34 Guy Middleton Pearce Cycles RT
35 Stephen Peate Bigfoot CC
36 Jason Snell
37 James Robertson Welwyn Wheelers CC
38 Jonathan Horsman VC Londres
39 Paul Neville Sutton Cycling Club
40 David Bishop Wigmore CC
41 Lee Rae-Byford Crawley Wheelers
42 Astrid Wingler London Phoenix CC
43 Darren Haynes Crawley Wheelers
44 Andrew Carpenter Sutton Cycling Club
45 Stacey Manwill Crawley Wheelers
46 Daniel Fagg Brighton Mitre CC
47 Stephen Brown Team Darenth
48 Danny Watts Crawley Wheelers
49 Jeremy Shotter
50 Sebastien Donjon Crawley Wheelers
51 Joe Richardson
52 Mark Cooper Sigma
53 James Orr One Pro Cycling
54 Chris Abbott Rollapaluza CC
55 Oliver Phillips Brighton Mitre CC
56 Edward Bright VC Londres
57 Matthew Levett Brixton Cycles Club
58 Paul Norman Brighton Mitre CC



Veteran Men 50+
1 Douglas Fox Crawley Wheelers
2 Nick Welsh GS Invicta/ELO/Herberts Cycles
3 Richard Collins Imperial Racing Team
4 Adrian Lyons GS Invicta/ELO/Herberts Cycles
5 Simon Scarsbrook C and N Cycles RT
6 Andrew Seltzer In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT
7 Nigel Langridge Crawley Wheelers
8 Andrew Pollintine Dulwich Paragon CC
9 Kevin Perkins Seeds Cycling Club
10 Roger Flury ViCiOUS VELO
11 Stephen Blackmore Seeds Cycling Club
12 Mark Jary VC Londres
13 Adam Platts VC Londres
14 Graham Berridge Pearson Cycling Club
15 Charles Codrington Dulwich Paragon CC
16 Peter Lawrence Club Grappa
17 Harvey Pope Medway VC
18 Richard Lewey Crystal Palace Triathletes
19 David Steele Hackney GT
20 Marcus Edwards Kingston Phoenix RC
21 Simon Suter Addiscombe CC
22 Haydn Whitmore Crystal Palace Triathletes
23 Anthony Bartlett Team Corridori
24 Julian Wall Cyclefit RT
25 Peter Sommerville
26 Andrew Murray Norwood Paragon CC
27 Steven Wood Pearson Cycling Club
28 Mark Hindley Herne Hill Youth CC
29 Paul Green Yello Velo CC
30 John Beggs Adalta Cycling Club
31 Paul Daniel Medway VC
32 John Oldman

1 Claire Beaumont ViCiOUS VELO
2 Emma Lewis Adalta Cycling Club
3 Clare Ross Brixton Cycles Club
4 Bethan Hodge Dulwich Paragon CC
5 Adeline Moreau
6 Joanne McRae Look Mum No Hands!
7 Tricia Freeland BowlPhish BONTRAGER Racing
8 Jo-Anne Perry PMR@Toachim House
9 Monika Zamojska Velociposse
10 Abigail Armstrong Hackney GT
11 Connie Crawford
12 Julia Hawksworth Southborough & District Whls
13 Claire Richardson Zappi’s Racing Team
14 Elizabeth Orr
15 Sarah Nisbett a3crg

Junior Men
1 William Warre Cycle Lab
2 George Finch PMR@Toachim House
3 Christopher Hyde Wigmore CC
4 Thomas Burnett VC Londres
5 Thomas Neville Sutton Cycling Club
6 Isaac Wright Preston Park Youth CC

U16 Boys
1 Titouan Barthelemy Herne Hill Youth CC
2 Noah Charlton BowlPhish BONTRAGER Racing
3 Kamran Amin VC Jubilee
4 Hayden Cassidy VC Londres
5 Edward Davies Herne Hill Youth CC
6 Kishan Bakrania Team Darenth
7 Harry Horsman VC Londres
8 Luke Levett Herne Hill Youth CC
9 George Metcalfe Team Darenth
10 Toby Perry Club Grappa
11 Christian Bright Sutton Cycling Club
12 Albie Manwill Crawley Wheelers
13 Samuel Painter

U16 Girls
1 Rosie Ford Eastbourne Rovers CC

U14 Boys
1 Joe Kiely Welwyn Wheelers CC
2 Jamie Walker Sutton Cycling Club
3 Joseph Blackmore Herne Hill Youth CC
4 Jack Lear Bedgebury Forest CC
5 Luke Ashwood Sutton Cycling Club
6 Joseph Martin Preston Park Youth CC
7 Daniel Kirby Sutton Cycling Club
8 James Marsland Barking & Dagenham CC
9 Oliver Wollaston VC Londres
10 Thomas Metcalfe Team Darenth
11 Patrick Ridge Sutton Cycling Club
12 Bill Demuth VC Jubilee
13 Samuel McGhee Sutton Cycling Club
14 Frankie Snell
15 Luke Hazell Team Darenth
16 Thomas Knowler Team Darenth
17 Zack Wall
18 Hugo Clague Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
19 Thomas Davies Sutton Cycling Club
20 Stanley Platts VC Londres

U14 Girls
1 Ella Baker Team Darenth

Under 12s
1 Caelan Miller Barking & Dagenham CC
2 Ferdie Parson
3 Alex Harvey
4 George Fawkes
5 Shrish Bakrania
6 Ben Bisson
7 Jules Reuter Herne Hill Youth CC
8 Patrick Lears
9 Albert Peate Bigfoot Go-Ride
10 Luke Goodwill Preston Park Youth CC
11 Yani Djelil
12 Harry Owen
13 Piers Higginson
14 Elliot Moreve Hillingdon Slipstreamers
15 Mason Johnson-stering
16 Elliot Smith
17 Raphael Boulton VC Londres
18 Sam Pateman
19 Jodie Fox Sutton Cycling Club

Under 10s
1 Alfie Amey Team Darenth
2 Oscar Amey T.N.T.
3 Peter Carpenter Sutton Cycling Club
4 George Harvey
5 Luke Gibson
6 Clement Reuter
7 Lucy Wollaston
8 Tulsi Bakrania
9 Esme Wiloyy
10 Finlay Donjou
11 Samuel Finch PMR@Toachim House
12 Jude Mcgreevy
13 Joe Carpenter
14 Ewan McGhee
15 Max Smith
16 Jenson King
17 Kerys Baker Team Darenth
18 Jostin King
19 Bailey Lithgoe
20 Sammy Djelil Team Darenth
21 Harry Middleton

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