Report/Result: Notts & Derby CX League 9


Jonathan Harper and Annie Last winners in round 9 (organised by Zepnet) of the Notts & Derby Cyclo-Cross League

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Report/Result: Notts & Derby CX League 9

This weekend saw the SRAM NDCXL brave the elements at Darley Moor near Ashbourne, courtesy of organisers Zepnat. Although flat, the course became progressively tougher as the rain continued throughout the day, adding to the muddy conditions experienced by the racers.

League leader Jonathan Harper (Mansfield Road Club) took an early lead in the Senior Men’s race, one which he held to the end, despite second place Lee Shunburne (Fossa) chasing hard throughout the race. Shunburne’s Fossa team mate Andrew Naylor took third.

“It was a tough race in the heavy wind and rain which always seems the case at the Darley circuit – but one I really enjoyed,” said Harper.

“They were definitely classic cross conditions. My aim was to get out in front early on and just hold a strong pace and take my own lines on the course. I’m aiming to win the league again overall and, at present, I am in a strong place to do so but even at this stage things can change.”

Shunburne commented “It was wet, filthy and cold and I loved it! Between me, Jono and Andy Naylor we must have 70 years’ worth of racing in our legs. The three of us got away from the start with Ben Eedy and the gaps just slowly grew.

“I haven’t looked too closely at the league table but I’ve only beaten Jono at the first round of the season and since then he’s done me by a place each week, so unless something catastrophic happens and I also pick up maximum points for the last races, he’ll take it again – and deservedly so.”

In the Junior Men’s race, Nottingham Clarion’s Kieren Howarth made light work of the conditions to take victory, riding through the majority of the Senior field to do so.

Olympian Annie Last took the win in the Women’s race in decisive fashion, putting over a minute into her rivals after just the first lap. Kate George (Empella) took second, with Nutcracker’s Sarah Lomas in third. First Vet woman was Empella’s Tracey Fletcher.

The Veteran Men’s race saw Fossa’s Matt Crouch battling it out with Peak Road Club’s Dan Cook and NFTO Race Club’s George Richardson. Crouch’s consistent pace saw him take the eventual win, with Cook taking second, 18 seconds ahead of Richardson.

Hargroves -Ridley RT’s Steve Davies took the win in the V50s

In the U16 Boy’s race, Lichfield City CC’s Marcus Holmes took the victory, despite Nottingham Clarion’s Finn Mansfield chasing hard throughout the race. Holmes held a consistent gap throughout most of the race, ultimately beating Mansfield by 8 seconds. Sherwood Pines’ Oliver Snodden took third.

The U14 Boys race saw a Derby Mercury 1-2, with Jack Husselbee winning, ahead of club mate Ben Chilton. Nottingham Clarion’s Alfie Lofthouse took third.

The Girls U16 race was won by Derby Mercury’s Alice Warbrick, with Beth Stevens and Heanor Clarion’s Fran Chatto rounding out the top three.

In the Girls U14 race, Nottingham Clarion’s Lotta Mansfield claimed victory, almost a minute ahead of Derby Mercury’s Alice Crane. Heanor Clarion’s Ella Rastall was third.

The U12 Boys race saw the familiar duo of Chistopher Hilbert (Pines Cycles – Felt – Enve) and Zepnat’s Sam Gould battling things out at the front, with Gilbert proving the victor. Third place was claimed by Bourne Wheelers’ Alex Galpin.

The Girls U12 saw another familiar rider at the sharp end of things with Derby Mercury’s Jessica Tiffney once again taking the glory. The Mercury rider made light work of the conditions to finish a lap ahead of her chasers, second and third placed Grace Fishleigh (Bolsover) and Matlock’s Annabel Parker.

U9 victories were taken by Newark Castle’s Jude du Toit, and Romy Jameson (Derby Mercury)


1 Jonathan Harper Mansfield RC MSen
2 Lee Shunburne Fossa Racing MSen
3 Andrew Naylor Fossa Racing MSen
4 Ben Eedy Team empella MSen
5 Kieran Howarth Nottingham Clarion CC MJun
6 Alex Whiting Bolsover & District CC MSen
7 James Furniss Zepnat RT-Lazer helmets MSen
8 Kieren Brown Bolsover & District CC MJun
9 Alan Duncan Sherwood Pines CRT MSen
10 Matthew Marriott Army MSen
11 Paul Mannion Ashbourne Cycling MSen
12 Sean Davenport University of Sheff CC MSen
13 Andrew Vaughan Matlock CC MSen
14 Ian Critchley Lichfield City CC MSen
15 Matthew James Rossendale RC MSen
16 Nathan Smith Windmill Wheelers CC MSen
17 Lawrence Green MSen
18 Simon Hinchliffe Lyme RC MSen
19 Samuel Marriott Bolsover & District CC MJun
20 Annie Last Civ cycling uk FSen
21 Phil Dixon Madison MSen
22 Richard Kirkham RAMCC MSen
23 Daniel Preece Bolsover & District CC MSen
24 Luke Hind Bolsover & District CC MJun
25 Kate George Empella FSen
26 David Steed Bolsover & District CC MSen
27 Alastair Parker Long Eaton Cycles MU23
28 Sam Chatwin Unattached MSen
29 Sarah Lomas Nutcracker Racing FU23
30 Tracey Fletcher Team Empella CX FV
31 Bruce Johnston Uni of Sheffield CC MU23
32 Phil Stevenson Unattached MSen
33 Lee Marshall Unattached MSen
34 Mike McCartan Chapeau Peoples BC MSen
35 Jonathan Radford Unattached MSen
36 Tiffany Fletcher Team Empella CX FU23
37 Nina Critchley LCCC FSen
38 Jonathan Burch Unattached MSen
39 Sarah Naylor Fossa Racing FSen
40 Jane Roberts Pines Cycles Felt – Enve FV
41 Karen Partington Bolsover & District CC FSen
42 Abi Waterfall Matlock CC FSen
43 Lindsay Nell Team Jewson-M.I.R FV
44 Caroline Mansfield Nottingham Clarion CC FV
45 Hilary Johnson Team Empella CX FV
46 Rebecca Laurel Cycle Derby CC FJun
47 Clem Bird Nottingham Clarion CC FJun
48 Joanne Barnett Unattached FSen
49 Julie Parker Matlock CC FV
50 Oliver Dakin Bolsover & District CC MJun

1 Matthew Crouch Fossa Racing MV40
2 Dan Cook Peak Road Club MV45
3 George Richardson NFTO Race Club MV40
4 Jason Marriott Bolsover & District CC MV40
5 John Darroch Unattached MV40
6 Steven Davies Hargroves Cy-Ridley RT MV55
7 Steven Bloor Ashbourne Cycling MV40
8 Andrew Wainwright Bolsover & District CC MV45
9 Richard Edge Nottingham Clarion CC MV40
10 Neil Mansfield Nottingham Clarion CC MV45
11 Michael Leaney Bolsover & District CC MV45
12 Matt Ingram Matlock CC MV45
13 Steve Simpson Manchester Whs Club MV40
14 Jonathan Marshall Zepnat RT-Lazer helmets MV45
15 Timothy Berry Long Eaton Cycles MV40
16 Peter Steed Bolsover & District CC MV40
17 John Gibson Wigan Wheelers CC MV45
18 Gary Strickland VC Long Eaton MV45
19 Peter Busby Team Jewson-MI Racing MV50
20 Graeme Scott TFN Triathlon Club MV45
21 Karl Webster Matlock CC MV45
22 John Buchan Lichfield City CC MV45
23 Peter Turner Derby Mercury RC MV55
24 Rob Watson Wills Wheels CC MV50
25 Andy Ward Leicester Forest CC MV45
26 William Speake Derby Mercury RC MV40
27 Chris Watts Matlock CC MV55
28 Julian Gould Zepnat MV45
29 Neil Taylor Coalville Whls CC MV50
30 David Hunt Ashfield RC MV40
31 Ian Drake Ashfield RC MV45
32 Dominic Watts VeloViewer MV45
33 Richard Lewis Kenilworth Wheelers CC MV50
34 Phil Galpin Bourne WHS MV40
35 Nick Chilton Derby Mercury RC MV45
36 Ian King VC Long Eaton MV45
37 Martin Stocks Matlock CC MV55
38 Matt North 4 Life Triathlon Club MV40
39 Peter Hoy Matlock CC MV40
40 Hugo Reynolds Bolsover & District CC MV40
41 Michael McDermott Heanor Clarion CC MV60
42 John Wright VC Long Eaton MV50
43 James Sutherland Bolsover & District CC MV55
44 Simon Hale Heanor Clarion CC MV45
45 Richard Shenton-McQueen Beeston Cycling Club MV50
46 Christian Nightingale Unattached MV40
47 Paul Turner Leicester Forest CC MV50
48 Brian Swindell Derby Mercury RC MV55
49 Andrew Prince VC Long Eaton MV50
50 Richard Reeve Beeston Cycling Club MV40
51 Steven Welch Welland Valley CC MV40
52 Andrew Tilford Unattached MV45
53 Paul Dalton Matlock CC MV55
54 Christopher Hunt Nottingham Clarion CC MV50
55 John Hind Bolsover & District CC MV50
56 Carl McDonagh Zepnat RT-Lazer helmets MV60
57 Benjamin Appleby Arrow Cycles MV40
58 Paul Chapman Bolsover & District CC MV40
59 Wayne Henderson Leicester Forest CC MV50
60 David Smith Unattached MV40
61 David Barber Derby Mercury RC MV50
62 Ian Fairy Ashfield RC MV45
63 Gary Ditheridge Unattached MV55
64 Ian Gregson Nottingham Clarion CC MV50
65 Jimmy Stone BHV MV45
66 Gary Little Ashfield RC MV60
67 Nicholas Pine Matlock CC MV40
68 Ian Beckingham 4 Life Triathlon Club MV50
69 Stephen Mannion Derby Mercury RC MV40
70 Graham Whiting Bolsover & District CC MV65
71 Barrie Mitchell Team Jewson-MI Racing MV65
72 Richard Oakes Beeston Cycling Club MV55
73 Ian Bradley Heanor Clarion CC MV45
74 Matt Hardy Hethersett Velo Club MV45
75 Nicholas Weatherall Heanor Clarion CC MV40
76 Malcolm Busfield Unattached MV45
77 Adam Huelss VC Long Eaton MV50
78 Darius Wania Derby Mercury RC MV40
79 Russell Green Team Jewson-MI Racing MV50
80 Russ Forsdick Ashfield RC MV50
81 Stephen Hall Lyme RC MV50
82 Michael Simpson Ashfield RC MV50
83 Andy Burns Unattached MV40
84 Martin Young Bolsover & District CC MV45
85 Christopher Thacker Ashfield RC MV55
86 Stuart Walters Kettering CC MV70
87 John Pearson Beeston Cycling Club MV40
88 John Leeming VC Long Eaton MV65
89 Alan Parsons Bolsover & District CC MV50
90 Brian Gale Team Jewson-MI Racing MV55
91 Michael Ives Team Jewson-MI Racing MV70
92 Tim Kniveton Matlock CC MV60
93 Frank Paterson Ashfield RC MV50
94 Tony Clay 4 Life Triathlon Club MV50
95 Fraser Jarvis VC Long Eaton MV50



1 Marcus Holmes Lichfield City CC MU16
2 Finn Mansfield Nottingham Clarion CC MU16
3 Oliver Snodden Sherwood Pines MU16
4 Peter Avery Nottingham Clarion CC MU16
5 John Webster Matlock CC MU16
6 Louis Evans Heanor Clarion CC MU16
7 Will Beech Nottingham Clarion CC MU16
8 Jack Husselbee Derby Mercury RC MU14
10 Aaron Chambers-Smith Bolsover & District CC MU16
11 Jonah Drake Ashfield RC MU16
12 Alfie Lofthouse Nottingham Clarion CC MU14
13 Taylor Marshall Belper BC MU16
14 James Luscombe Derby Mercury RC MU16
15 Lewis Edge Nottingham Clarion CC MU14
16 Jack Speake Derby Mercury RC MU16
17 Michael Newall Cycle Derby CC MU14
18 Edward Warbrick Derby Mercury RC MU14
19 Oliver Bradley Heanor Clarion CC MU16
20 Harry Large Matlock CC MU14
21 Finlay Preece Bolsover & District CC MU14
22 Lotta Mansfield Nottingham Clarion CC FU14
23 Samuel Hall Lyme RC MU14
24 Alice Crane Derby Mercury RC FU14
25 Oliver Cole Nottingham Clarion CC MU14
26 Isaac Russell Derby Mercury RC MU16
27 Ella Rastall Heanor Clarion CC FU14
28 Codie Strickland VC Long Eaton FU14
29 Matthew Luscombe Derby Mercury RC MU14
30 Alice Warbrick Derby Mercury RC FU16
31 Marianna Kuszynsky Matlock CC FU14
32 Matthew Nicholson Matlock CC MU14
33 Lucy Buckley Cycle Derby CC FU14
34 Beth Stevens Unattached FU16
35 Frances Chatto Heanor Clarion CC FU16
36 Max Saunby Derby Mercury RC MU16

Under 12
1 Christopher Hilbert Pines Cycles – Felt – Enve MU12
2 Sam Gould Matlock CC MU12
3 Alex Galpin Bourne Whlrs MU12
4 William Longden Matlock CC MU12
5 Fred Shenton-McQueen Beeston RC MU12
6 Benjamin Kerry Nottingham Clarion CC MU12
7 Alexander Gordon Matlock CC MU12
8 Jack Pearson Beeston RC MU12
9 Luke Kininmonth Derby Mercury RC MU12
10 Ross Hooley Lyme RC MU12
11 Jack Lofthouse Nottingham Clarion CC MU12
12 Ethan Rastall Heanor Clarion CC MU12
13 William Hunt Heanor Clarion CC MU12
14 Jessica Tiffney Derby Mercury RC FU12
15 Josh Jackson Lyme RC MU12
16 Ben Mellor Matlock CC MU12
17 Ben Marsh Heanor Clarion CC MU12
18 George Amor-Hughes Derby Mercury RC MU12
19 Dylan Richardson Bolsover & District CC MU12
20 Douglas Main Derby Mercury RC MU12
21 Dan Galpin Bourne Whlrs MU12
22 Grace Fishleigh Bolsover & District CC FU12
23 Annabel Parker Matlock CC FU12
24 Thomas Dixon Lyme RC MU12
25 Sonny Jamieson Derby Mercury RC MU12
26 Thomas Prince Cycle Derby CC MU12
27 Sebastian Varley Derby Mercury RC MU12
28 Finley Hill Matlock CC MU12
29 Holly Bailey Heanor Clarion CC FU12
30 Owen Prince Cycle Derby CC MU12
31 Anthony Cook Nottingham Clarion CC MU12
32 Grace Longden Matlock CC FU12
33 Kai Buckley Cycle Derby CC MU12
34 Jacob Millward Derby Mercury RC MU12
35 Isaac Millward Derby Mercury RC MU12
36 Tom Logan Matlock CC MU12
37 Lewis Holmes Unattached MU12
38 Evie Steed Bolsover & District CC FU12
39 Lara Husselbee Derby Mercury RC FU12
40 Elliot Poplar Unattached MU12
41 James Silvester Derby Mercury RC MU12
42 Toby Elliott Derby Mercury RC MU12
43 Oliver Lyons Cycle Derby CC MU12
44 Lola Wania Derby Mercury RC FU12
45 Ellis Fletcher Bolsover & District CC MU12
46 Samuel Thomas Derby Mercury RC MU12
47 Stefan Murgia Matlock CC MU12
48 Niamh Campbell Williams Unattached FU12
49 Henry Barker-Pine Heanor Clarion CC MU12
50 Lucy Kuszywski Matlock CC FU12
51 Daisy Nicholson Matlock CC FU12
52 Evangeline Kininmonth Derby Mercury RC FU12
53 Lola Jamieson Derby Mercury RC FU12
54 Caitlyn Beardsmore Nottingham Clarion CC FU12
55 George Parker Matlock CC MU12
56 Zac Leaning Unattached MU12

Under 9
1 Jude Du Toit Newark Castle CC MU9
2 Jacob Steed Bolsover & District CC MU9
3 Charlie Colevon-Shields Lichfield CC MU9
4 Dillon Preece Bolsover & District CC MU9
5 Charles Ross Matlock CC MU9
6 Oliver Roberts Derby Mercury RC MU9
7 George Cooper Bolsover & District CC MU9
8 Thomas Woolf Matlock CC MU9
9 William Brown Bolsover & District CC MU9
10 Oliver Crane Derby Mercury RC MU9
11 Dylan Air Cycle Derby MU9
12 Hayden Fletcher Unattached MU9
13 Thomas Wray Beeston CC MU9
14 Oliver Brown MU9
15 Caspar Reynolds Bolsover & District CC MU9
16 Thomas Silvester Derby Mercury RC MU9
17 Max Mannion Derby Mercury RC MU9
18 Oliver Hodgkinson Matlock CC MU9
19 Romy Jameson Derby Mercury RC FU9
20 Thomas Kaul Unattached MU9
21 Edward Lyons Cycle Derby MU9
22 Pasco Reynolds Bolsover & District CC MU9
23 Jet Du Toit Newark Castle CC MU9
24 Rocco Schumacher Lyme RC MU9
25 Jago Reynolds Bolsover & District CC MU9
26 Suzie Air Cycle Derby FU9

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