Feature Q & A – Graham Briggs


One of the strongest riders in 2015 was Graham Briggs (JLT Condor) who VeloUK quiz about what he’s up to pre-season

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Feature Q & A – Graham Briggs


1. Where has Graham spent the first part of the new year?
Graham: The first part of The new year was spent at home in the UK and then late January, I flew out to stay with Zak (Dempster) in Girona for a week. Then, after a week at home, followed by a week in Majorca with a handful of the JLT guys that didn’t go over to OZ, I then returned home for a few rest days and am currently in Tenerife training with my family for company.

2. Where or will you be racing in the coming month?
Graham Briggs: My racing kicks off with a later start this year in Croatia. I fly out on February 29th. It’s two one day races followed by a stage race. Then, I’m back and concentrating on the UK scene.

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3. With a busy period until August, do the British pros like yourself have to hold back the peak form at this time of year?
Graham Briggs: I’ve gone for a different approach this year and started the season late for me as I always find when starting early, come Peal Izumi Tour Series time, I’m fatigued – both physically and mentally. I’ve got a slight rest period planned in July to freshen up and then I’m hoping to be good to go for the Tour of Britain.

4. What is the biggest week hours wise you have done so far in 2016?
Graham Briggs: Nothing too big – 25 hours. I’m trying to keep a lid on it this year and doing good quality rides of around four hours and concentrating on good recovery which has been made easier by doing the odd week in the better weather.

5. Can you match race efforts in training without the red mist of rivals around you?
Graham Briggs: For me – I race better than I train – I’m an angry little man who always finds that extra fire in my belly during a race situation. That said, I am very disciplined with my training regime and always stick to the program. I train with power and doing specific sessions makes training easy.

6. Do you have little tips on how you get the most from yourself in training when going flat stick?
Graham Briggs: Go strava hunting – this alone got me fit!


7. Did you miss the cyclo-cross in Dec/Jan?
Graham Briggs: No, it looks a lot of hard work in the boggy terrain and a lot of hard work cleaning kit etc afterwards! Not for me after a long road season!

8. How does a professional stay dry on a wet ride – what are the little tricks keeping the rain out?
Graham Briggs: Train on the turbo. I never set off for a ride in the rain. I would rather work hard on the turbo. All the modern technologies makes turbo sessions go quicker.

9. Finally, what’s the first big goal of 2016 on the bike?
Graham Briggs: Stay fit and healthy!



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