Startsheet – North Road Hardriders 24


Ashley Cox, Tejvan Pettinger, Rhys Howells three of the riders entered for the classic North Road CC Hardriders 25 this weekend

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Startsheet – North Road Hardriders 24

Course F7/25 Revised | Sunday 28th February

Event Headquarters:  Queenswood School, Shepherds Way, Brookmans Park, Hatfield, Hertfordshire. AL9 6NS.

Directions to HQ; From Potters Bar take A1000 north towards Hatfield. At Brookmans Park turn right at traffic lights into Shepherds Way, B147 (signposted Queenswood). Queenswood School is at the top of the hill. Follow signs to car park. The HQ will open at 7am with signing on from approx 7:15am Please park only in the designated car park. Please do not proceed past the cones on the access road to the pavilion, this is to be kept clear.

START on the B157 approximately half a mile to the east of the junction with the A1000 – 50 yards east of Ramsey Close at a field gate on the north side of the road. A white line marks the spot.

Proceed east to junction with Cuffley Ridgeway, B157, where turn LEFT (M). continuing on B157 to junction with Carbone Hill, a cross roads where turn LEFT (M) Proceed to Newgate where at mini RAB turn RIGHT, east, in the direction of Hammond Street (M). At 2nd RAB TURN (M) and retrace to Newgate Street mini RAB (M) to proceed STRAIGHT and immediately bear RIGHT.

In approx one mile Turn LEFT into Tylers Causeway (M). Take first RIGHT sign posted Essendon (M) Then at Cucumber Hall turn Sharp RIGHT (M) to Little Berkhampstead where turn RIGHT (M).
Proceed to Epping Green where at White Stubbs Lane turn LEFT (M). Follow White Stubbs Lane keeping RIGHT at Ashendene (M) to Pembridge Lane where turn LEFT (M). In 200 yards turn LEFT (M) to Brickendon Green.

At “T” Junction turn sharp LEFT (M). Proceed via Bayford Station to Bayford where TURN ** at junction complex keeping LEFT to circulate the junction in a clockwise direction (M) to retrace to Brickendon Green (M).

Keep STRAIGHT on Brickendon Lane to Hertford where at junction with B158 turn LEFT (M). ** Follow B158 through Essendon and Wild Hill to:- *** FINISH on B158 at a point opposite gateway on right hand side of road approx 600 yards north of junction with A1000. A white line on the gatepost marks the spot.

***** The below are course alterations that could be in effect on the morning due to roadworks. *****

** To turn RIGHT at junction (M) CARE to join Well-Row leading into Bayford Lane. At Junction with B158 (M) turn LEFT **
*** To finish at a point opposite farm gate on right hand side approx 100m past junction of B158 and Cucumber Lane



20 Jamie Stokes Islington CC V 08:20
21 Jim Armshaw Islington CC 08:21
22 Christopher Symonds North Road CC V 08:22
23 Simon Oxley Rapha Cycling Club 08:23
24 Philip Eaves London Phoenix CC 08:24
25 Paul French Bedfordshire Road CC V 08:25
26 Michael Atkinson North Road CC 08:26
27 Chris Jones Icknield RC 08:27
28 Hugo Evans North Road CC 08:28
29 James Cocker VC Venta V 08:29
30 Dominic Bray Finsbury Park CC V 08:30
31 David Price North Bucks RC V 08:31
32 Graham Ricketts Verulam CC V 08:32
33 John Field Bossard Whs V 08:33
34 Marcus Fink Regents Park Rouleurs V 08:34
35 Andrew Turnock Finsbury Park CC V 08:35
36 Nigel Wilson Hitchin Nomads CC V 08:36
37 Richard Poynter London Phoenix CC 08:37
38 George Brisco CC London V 08:38
39 Andrew Burns Southgate CC V 08:39
40 Jamie Dredge Regents Park Rouleurs 08:40
41 Andrew Ames Southgate CC 08:41
42 Joshua Vinden Hemel Hempstead CC 08:42
43 David Morgan Icknield RC V 08:43
44 Graham Irvine London Phoenix CC V 08:44
45 Andrew Digby Welwyn Whs 08:45
46 David Ravenhill Newbury RC V 08:46
47 Paul Riley Hitchin Nomads CC V 08:47
48 Daniel Diaz CC London 08:48
49 Gregory Smith Finsbury Park CC V 08:49
50 Matija Ilic Regents Park Rouleurs 08:50
51 Robert Barrett High Wycombe CC V 08:51
52 John Saysell North Road CC V 08:52
53 Martin Webb Icknield RC V 08:53
54 Angus Fisk Oxford University CC 08:54
55 Desmond Gayler Kenton RC V 08:55
56 Michael Briars Finsbury Park CC V 08:56
57 Daniel Homer London Phoenix CC V 08:57
58 Andy Cook Chippenham & Dist. Whs V 08:58
59 Harold Bradbury NFTO Race Club 08:59
60 Gary Kristensen MBE Kassei CC TeknoFuel V 09:00
61 James Leek Southgate CC 09:01
62 Jeremy Greenwood Finsbury Park CC V 09:02
63 Gareth Davies London Phoenix CC V 09:03
64 Anthony Jarrett Finsbury Park CC 09:04
65 Colin Bailey North Road CC 09:05
66 Owen Wilkins London Phoenix CC V 09:06
67 Andrew Jarratt Southgate CC 09:07
68 Tom Haines East London Velo 09:08
69 Joe Kiely Welwyn Whs J 09:09
70 Jody Conibear Hemel Hempstead CC W 09:10
71 Jamie Wimborne Watford Velo Sport J 09:11
72 Lauren Higham Welwyn Whs WJ 09:12
73 Hayley Oates Hemel Hempstead CC W 09:13
74 Jennifer Lake CC Luton W 09:14
75 Michael Parry Welwyn Whs J 09:15
76 Christine Pout Verulam CC WV 09:16
77 Oliver Stockwell Welwyn Whs J 09:17
78 Rachael Cottier London Phoenix CC W 09:18
79 Alison Hinds Welwyn Whs WV 09:19
80 Felix Barker Cambridge University CC 09:20
81 George Fox King’s Cliffe Flyers 09:21
82 Mike Jackson CC Luton V 09:22
83 Michael Parker TMG Horizon Cycling Team V 09:23
84 Phil Hersey Eagle Road Club V 09:24
85 Gray Turnock Finsbury Park CC V 09:25
86 James Fox CC Luton V 09:26
87 Philip Murrell Finsbury Park CC V 09:27
88 Paul Sexton VC Norwich 09:28
89 Frank Rawlins North Road CC V 09:29
90 Rhys Howells Richardsons – Trek RT 09:30
91 Gavin Lewis North Road CC 09:31
92 Kristian Woolf King’s Cliffe Flyers 09:32
93 Steve Torley Team Milton Keynes 09:33
94 Jon Friend Bedfordshire Road CC V 09:34
95 Sebastian Dickson Thanet RC 09:35
96 Julian Elliott Finsbury Park CC V 09:36
97 Richard Golding Equipe Velo V 09:37
98 Jobe Usher North Road CC 09:38
99 Keith Stockwell Welwyn Whs V 09:39
100 Conall Yates In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 09:40
101 Lloyd Chapman Pedal Heaven RT 09:41
102 Christian Yates East Grinstead CC V 09:42
103 Matthew Bond Kenton RC 09:43
104 Chris Tye Plomesgate CC V 09:44
105 Douglas Coleman CC Luton 09:45
106 Tim Davies Icknield RC V 09:46
107 Mark Ellis Team Milton Keynes V 09:47
108 Nick Hickman Hitchin Nomads CC V 09:48
109 Iain Boardman Dulwich Paragon CC V 09:49
110 Joe Fry Pedal Heaven RT 09:50
111 Tejvan Pettinger Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team 09:51
112 Neil Hornett PMR @ Toachim House 09:52
113 Roy Chamberlain Team Corley Cycles V 09:53
114 John Mulvey Cambridge University CC 09:54
115 Liam Maybank Twickenham CC V 09:55
116 Peter Oliver Fairly United Cycling Team V 09:56
117 Anton Blackie Rapha Cycling Club 09:57
118 Carl Ferri Cadence Performance V 09:58
119 Steffen Verbist London Phoenix CC 09:59
120 Ashley Cox CC Luton 10:00

**Please note** All under 18’s entered via Internet Entry need to bring signed consent forms when signing on.

Local Regulations:
Local Regulation No. 1 – No U turns should be made in sight of the start or finish areas while riding on the public highway.

Local Regulation No. 3 – No cars other than that of the timekeeper(s) and other event officials are to be parked in the vicinity of the start or finish points.



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