News: Mildenhall CC Annual Awards


Twist in the tale of Mildenhall Cycling Club’s Annual Prize Presentation

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News: Mildenhall CC Annual Awards

There was a twist in the tale of Mildenhall Cycling Club’s Annual Prize Presentation recently held in the West Row Village Hall.

As Chairman Mark Burchett displayed the trophies for the presentations by Club President Peter Bentley, he made a discovery that the most coveted award, the Super Champion trophy for 2015 had been won by himself! Club member Marc Bowers who has the unenviable task of collating all of the results and working out who has won what, threw the chairman off the scent stating another member had won that competition. He even enlisted the help of that member, David Robb, in the ruse to keep it from the Chairman, who had really won.

The joke was not lost on Mr Burchett, although he was embarrassed with the tables turned on him when the President made the presentation to him.

It is a season long competition based on members’ performances in a variety of club events consisting of a Rough Ride, a two-lap Circuit Time Trial, Grass Track, Road Race, Hill Climb, Off-Road Championship, Cyclo-Cross, Club Night attendance and Club Run attendance (October to March) and Club Worker (decided by members’ votes).

Like Club stalwart Dave Bowers, who has been the winner of the Super Champion competition in four out of the last five years and runner –up with Jean Poole in 2015, it really does go to show that you do not have to be a competitive rider to win it.

The Chairman said afterwards “I really did have to look at the prestigious Sawbridge Rose Bowl trophy twice when I saw my name engraved as the 2015 winner and not that of David Robb. Although I do take part in several club events it hadn’t even crossed my mind that I had done anywhere near enough to be in contention, let alone win it!”

While the 53-year-old may have won his first ever trophy, the Mantle family will be needing a bigger mantle-piece! Firstly, 13-year-old Colin won the Under 18 version of the Super Champion competition, well ahead of Francis and Alexander Robb, respectively; as well as the Under 18 Off-Road Championship, Under 18 Cyclo-Cross Championship and the Under 18 Track Championship! While on the road, he won the Carrington Cup with a speed of 17.22mph for a ten-mile time-trail and the Dave Morley Cup with an average of 16.78mph.

Mum, Diane, was the Ladies Off-Road Champion for 2015, although Dad Matthew could only manage runner-up in the Senior equivalent after a season long tussle with Pete Clements. Matthew however, was the clear winner in the Club’s Senior Cyclo-Cross Championship.

There was also a surprise for Diane as she was presented with the Committee’s Award. She had been nominated for the award for her outstanding achievement in off- road events during the year.

Following the Awards, Aimee and Millie Flack presented the President’s wife Jean Bentley with a bouquet of flowers. Over 60 members and friends attended the Annual Awards with the catering organised by Julie Wright and Viv Bowers, with help from other members.



Full Awards

Senior Super Championship
1 Mark Burchett
2 Dave Bowers / Jean Poole

Under 18 Super Championship
1 Colin Mantle
2 Francis Robb
3 Alexander Robb

Senior Off-Road Championship
1 Pete Clements
2 Matthew Mantle
3 David Robb

Ladies Off-Road Championship
1 Diane Mantle
2 Jean Poole
3 Judith Robb

Under 18 Off-Road Championship
1 Colin Mantle
2 Francis Robb
3 Joslin Carter

Senior Cyclo-Cross Championship
1 Matthew Mantle
2 Marcus Taylor
3 David Robb

Under 18 Cyclo-Cross Championship
1 Colin Mantle
2 Alexander Robb
3 Francis Robb

Hill Climb Championship
1 Zak Towler
2 Pete Clements / Marc Bowers

Senior Track Championship
1 Pete Clements
2 Zak Towler
3 David Robb

Under 18 Track Championship
1 Colin Mantle
2 Alexander Robb
3 Francis Robb

10 Mile Time-Trial Champion
1 Pete Clements 24m 33s
25 Mile Time-Trial Champion
1 Richard Carrington 59m 53s

Carrington Cup
1 Colin Mantle 17.22 mph

Dave Morley Cup
1 Colin Mantle 16.78 mph
2 Jack Tuffs

Committee’s Award – for outstanding achievement
Diane Mantle



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