Report/Results: LVRC Darley Moor (April 9)


Mike Twelves and Phil Rose winners at the LVRC circuit races at Darley Moor on April 9

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Report/Results: LVRC Darley Moor (April 9)
(thanks Jim Golden)


Race 1 in the morning, 1 hour plus 5 laps for E F G H and I category riders enjoyed pretty good conditions. Cool but bright with a slight breeze from the south. With the circuit almost dry from the start, this lent itself to full-on racing with not too much worry about braking on the bends. Running in a clockwise direction for a change the breeze meant a cross-headwind up the long finishing straight with a helpful tailwind through the chicanes.

Almost from the gun (and the race was in fact started with a gun and dropping the Union flag) Phil Rose from Team Wheel Guru bit the bullet and broke away. With a small but perfectly formed bunch of 21 riders behind that pretty much how the race ran. Phil’s lead duelled between 12 seconds to 40 seconds.

As the bunch lined out the lead went down – when the bunched sat-up they gave it away again. Phil ploughed on. The bunch weren’t giving an inch to anyone else. A superb demonstration of pacing, composure and powerful riding gave Phil the win as Malc Fraser lead in the bunch to take second.


Race 2 in the afternoon, 1 hour 15 mins plus 5 laps for A B C and D category riders was blessed with a dry circuit bar a few small puddles. The breeze from the south had picked up and with more cloud about it was beginning to cool down into more typical Darley weather. The bunch of 42 sped away from the gun.

Numerous attempts to break away from the fast moving bunch were enacted through the race by riders such as Rob Watkinson. Phil Giles, Sam Bills and Mike Twelves. The collective bunch were having none of it until 4 riders prised themselves off the front down the back straight and around 35 minutes into the race.

By the time they had exited Darley’s famous 180 degree hairpin bend Mike Twelves, Rob Watkinson, Gary Scott and Paul Wain working together and had a small gap. That was that as far as the bunch were concerned and despite brave efforts by Sam Bills and a few others the gap was set between 25 and 40 seconds for the most of the remainder of the race.

Then with 4 laps to go the heavens opened with hail and this seemed to spark something within the 4 man break. Suddenly Mike Twelves and Rob Watkinson had a small gap on Gary Scott and Paul Wain. Fighting hard to the line it was Mike Twelves who took the win from Rob Watkinson up the long strength-sapping finishing straight. Gary Scott to third from Paul Wain.


1.Mike Twelves C

2.Rob Watkinson A

3.Gary Scott B


1.Rob Watkinson

2.Phil Giles

3.Chris Elkins


1.Gary Scott

2.Paul Wain

3.Dave Joyce


1.Mike Twelves

2.Adrian Adgar

3.Martin Harney


1.Rob Ingle

2.Mick Perrin

3.Pete Turner

Primes 1. Stewart Wilson 2.Guy Brackley 3. Rob Watkinson Most Aggressive Rider Watkinson


1.Phil Rose E

2.Dave Gretton G

3.Malc Fraser F


1.Phil Rose

2.Joey Williams

3.Chris Edwards


1.Malc Fraser

2.Martin Hackley

3.Rob Matheson


1.Dave Gretton

2.John Leach

3.Hugh Canning


1.Tony Woodcock

2.Derrick Woodings

Primes 1 & 2 and Aggressive rider Phil Rose






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